This is not what Gov. Walker promised us

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When Gov. Walker took office, he pledged to not be a one-party governor. He promised to protect our natural resources and to support our education system. Our resources are threatened by the mining bill that deems harm to the environment is necessary and permitting high-capacity wells with no regard for groundwater consequences. In exchange for corporate campaign support, Walker's legislators abandoned their duty to serve public interests in favor of special interests.

 In support of education, Walker cut school funding by more than $2 billion. He offered and financed unaccountable private schools as a substitute for public education. Teachers were promised that Act 10 would reward the “best and brightest.” What public employees received was a $1 billion loss in buying power. Veteran teachers headed for retirement. Those who remained saw their take-home pay cut with no hope of even matching inflation.

 The ballot box has always been the means by which voters could express dissatisfaction with those in power. Secretive redistricting has left most Assembly and Senate districts incumbent friendly and the voter little in the way of competitive choice. Dissent is no longer viable at the ballot box nor at the “People's House.” Holding a picture of Jesus or a sign reading “Article 1, Section 4” can lead to arrest. Simply gathering at the Capitol or singing “God Bless America” provokes a profound police presence.

Government “of and for the people” cannot occur when government “by the people” is denied.



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