Waiting for the first tomato

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Janice Peterson
August 5, 2013

Welcome to my gardening blog! My name is Janice Peterson.

When I'm not gardening at my home in Janesville, I am a grounds horticulturist at Rotary Botanical Gardens. I have worked there (first as a volunteer, then on staff) for 11 years. My educational background is in microbiology and plant pathology, but it was my love of gardening and strong back that really recommended me for the job!

I named this blog Green Side Up for several reasons. The phrase comes from an old gardening joke—someone asks how to plant a plant and the smart-aleck answer is “green side up!” I like to keep gardening fun. Gardening is also pretty intuitive. It's not brain surgery, but it is a continual learning process—and it is always a work in progress!

This is the time of year when vegetable gardeners start bragging about their “firsts”—first tomato, first bean, first (and definitely not last!) zucchini. Thomas Jefferson, a fervent gardener, held a friendly competition with his neighbors over who would produce the first pea (the winner would then host a dinner that, of course, included peas). My vegetable garden got off to a slow start this year so I'm still waiting for my first large tomato and first pepper.

Have you gotten any “firsts” yet with your garden?

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