Sound Off for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On Weiner: Anthony Weiner, a/k/a Carlos Danger, is actually down in the polls a little after this latest revelation of his cyber infidelity. Don't count him out yet. He is, after all, a Democrat running in New York.

-- Some of you may wonder why Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma, would allow herself to be humiliated by her husband. Look no further than her mentor, Hillary Clinton. Hillary allowed herself to be humiliated not once but repeatedly, and now people say she should be the next president.

On Capitol protests: Scott Walker is behaving as though he has already sold the building to the Koch brothers and hasn't told the citizens of Wisconsin yet. People, wake up. Vote.

-- Why weren't these protestors singing “For He's a Jolly Good Fellow” when Doyle was governor? Walker's in. Forget about it until the next election, and leave the people that want to see the Capitol alone.

-- Former President George Bush shaved his head in support of a young girl battling cancer, and our illustrious governor arrests singers in our state Capitol. What is this world coming to?

-- I saw Sen. Cullen on TV again making a fool of himself. He runs to Illinois so he doesn't have to vote on a law, and here the law enforcement officers were doing their job, and he's critical of them.

On school spending: An article Friday states that the school district must spend its full budget to receive the same level of state support the next year. Here's a radical idea: How about instead of punishing people for being frugal and not wasting our tax money, we give them the same amount of money next year and a small bonus for spending the taxpayers' money wisely?  

On Detroit: If anybody should bail out Detroit, it should be the AFL-CIO because they're the ones that took and took from that city until there was no more. All other unions should feel free to help out their brothers, too.

-- I'm really tired of people calling this a bailout when it was actually a loan. The American people did this, not the unions. The unions helped keep good paying jobs in this country.

-- If we had never been a nation of labor unions such as was Detroit, would there ever have been a middle class?

On smokers: I was wondering why smokers feel that it's okay to throw their cigarettes out the window when they're done with them. If they think they're being adults, why don't they start acting like adults. The Earth is not one big ashtray. 

On TV: The primetime sitcoms are totally disgusting. These programs should be on after the 10 p.m. news. If this is what makes people laugh, we are in poor mental shape. Most of the reality shows should go in the trash, also.

On state workers: To those state workers who are complaining about the 1 percent raise, I would love it if I only had a job.

On PEDs: I don't understand these athletes, including Ryan Braun. They're no better than anyone else in thinking you won't get caught. You had it made and threw it all away. Maybe as punishment, they should have to tell our kids why they can't play anymore. My sons were heartbroken.

On dog rescue: I want to thank the bikers along the Peace Trail on Sunday morning about 11:30 who got together. I believe there were two from Janesville and one from Beloit that rescued my little dog Scottie, who was stuck in the culvert in mud. Thank you, and God bless you all.

On the ash borer: This is in reference to the Ash borer and how Janesville is failing.  As usual, the city council fiddles while Rome burns. We have arborists that work at Rotary Gardens. They need to consult Rotary Gardens for volunteers. There are plenty of volunteers who would be willing to help the city.

On dog shooting: Regarding the man that killed the dog, I'm totally on his side because people need to know that they cannot let their dogs run free. The dog owner needs to keep the dog in control at all times.

-- While my heart goes out to the owner of the dog, she was not in compliance with the city of Janesville leash law, which clearly states if the dog is not within the principle place of residence of the owner or possessor and not tied up, not securely penned or not securely held by chain, rope or leash, the dog is considered to be running at large. 

-- If you are going to be a dog owner you have to be responsible, and they need to be kept on a leash or in a fenced yard. I'm very sorry for your loss, but it had to be said.

On newspaper: In Sunday's Relationships section, the article on Capybara starts in the back on Page 6C and then it says turn to Page 5C, and so you have to turn back to the page in front of it to find the end of the story. Why can't you put the front of the story on one page and the back of the story on the next page?

Editor's note: Newspapers often use the backs of sections for display pages because they are easy to access and see. If stories on those pages continue, they do so inside the section, typically on the first page inside the back cover. It might seem backward to some, but we believe the benefits outweigh the negatives, and we are consistent in our approach every week.

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