Brewers owner addresses fan base with letter

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mark Attanasio wrote a letter encouraging Brewer fans to stay loyal to their team.

Clearly sensitive to the effect the Ryan Braun news has taken on their fan base, the Brewers are doing everything they can from a PR perspective to make amends with Milwaukee's loyal fans.

Yesterday, Attanasio promised that every ticketed fan for August home games will receive a $10 voucher, good for food, beverages, merchandise, whatever. It's Brewer currency and a show of good will from owner Attanasio.

That decision, while considerate, wasn't transparent on the organization's stance on Braun.

On Tuesday, Attanasio penned a heartfelt letter to Brewers fans, specifically discussing their suspended slugger.

“We share your frustration and disappointment with the news of Ryan Braun's suspension and the mistakes that Ryan has made. We want you to know that we take this matter very seriously.”

“We recognize that Ryan has many steps ahead of him to regain your trust and respect. This process will take time, and the road to redemption for Ryan will not be easy. Our responsibility as an organization is to help Ryan appreciate the difficult task ahead of him and to assist in the healing process. At the same time, during this frustrating season, we want to reaffirm what the Brewers stand for as an organization.”

Attanasio elaborated about how the team was planning a “series of initiatives.” He astutely added, “We know that these initiatives are not a substitute for success on the field, and our primary mission remains to have a perennially competitive team.”

He concluded by issuing Brewers fan a promise.

“You have my pledge that we will overcome these current challenges, and we will reward the best fans in baseball with a team that truly represents our community."

It's rare that an owner feels such an obligation that he's compelled to give away free vouchers, but Attanasio's remarks should help reassure any skeptical Brewers fans that for the owners, it's not always about the money.

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