Go forward by going back to Constitution, Bill of Rights

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Friday, July 26, 2013

The political ignorance and apathy of the American people is astounding.

The almost complete failure of our public “education system” to teach our children (future citizens) the history and the fundamental principles of their country is an extreme embarrassment and an outrage.

History is certainly one of the most important topics that should be passed on to our children. If you don’t know where you came from, how can you recognize where you should be going? If you don’t know who your predecessors were, how can you possibly understand who you should or should not be?

If you have no familiarity with our Founders, or the circumstances that led to the Declaration of Independence, the writing and ratification of the Constitution, and the almost-immediate addition of the Bill of Rights, then how can you even begin to comprehend what is necessary to maintain the freedoms that were bequeathed to us?

If you have no grasp of the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded, then it is an easy proposition to lead you astray, to cloud your judgment, to paint a picture of some fictitious utopian society, and then to lead you toward that collective fantasy and away from limited government and individual liberty.

The most amazing country in the history of the world is being destroyed from within by the socialists, the collectivists, the progressives, the revisionists, by academia and, ultimately, by the compliant and complicit nonquestioning national media.



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