Sound Off for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On good Samaritan: Many thanks to the wonderful young man who reminded me I left my purse at Schnucks grocery store in the basket going to my car. What a wonderful example he set. It made my day.

On Martin-Zimmerman case: Kathleen Parker states (Page 8A, Thursday) that Trayvon Martin “did nothing.” Breaking a man’s nose and pounding his head in the cement is not nothing; it’s aggravated assault, and it’s a felony. She closes saying most Americans don’t want citizens carrying weapons. Wrong again; that’s why it’s the law in all 50 states. Be alert.

-- America needs to wake up. They’re worrying about Martin, but in the meantime thousands of babies have been murdered in mothers’ wombs. They call it late-term abortion, but the true word is murdered. President Obama is not saying anything about that.

-- Regarding comments in Sunday’s Sound Off, Zimmerman was told to stay in the car, which he did not do. He took his gun, approached the kid. All of a sudden his life is being threatened with what, a bag of Skittles? He could have tripped and hit his head on the ground. It was a miscarriage of justice. Our country should revisit the Stand Your Ground law.

-- If George Zimmerman wants the mainstream media to leave him alone, he should change his name to Ben Ghazi. Then they’ll never mention his name again.

On drivers: Citizens of Janesville need to respect stoplights and stop signs. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen not even make an attempt to stop at stop signs lately. Our city is getting quite a reputation for this behavior, and we need police to crack down on this before somebody gets killed.

-- It happened again on South Jackson Street. Train signals were working, the train blew the whistle, and car in front of me kept on going. Where do they get their driver’s licenses?

On South Jackson Street: People of Janesville, drive down South Jackson down by the GM plant. When they put in that new blacktop, now they’ve got so many left turns, right turns you don’t know which way you’re going. Besides that, there is no business down there.

On columnist: Here’s a quote in Leonard Pitts’ article about black people” “Wake the hell up.” This is a quote from Morgan Freeman: “How do we stop racism? Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” Maybe then things will change and you can quit publishing Pitts’ articles.

-- As usual, Pitts managed to spin the facts. People who make up their own biased conclusions are dangerous. The jury spoke.

On Monroe principal: I was disappointed in the article about Janesville’s elementary interim principal at Monroe (Page 2A last Wednesday). There was no first name. I found this irresponsible and careless, and we deserve better.

On Janesville schools: Thank you, school board member Bill Sodemann for finding new ways to save the taxpayers money. Boo to Superintendent Karen Schulte for finding more ways to spend any savings as fast as she possibly can.

-- Can we have one copy of The Gazette without Karen Schulte’s picture in it, please?

 On clothing giveaway: Why are people coming here with nothing? I feel for these people, but we have our own residents who need these items. Is Wisconsin known as a giveaway state? There are no jobs here for these people. Giveaways must be kept for our own residents, not for out-of-state people who flock here to get them.

On Janesville: My hometown sure has a lot going for it—all these abandoned buildings, abandoned houses, rundown houses, people leaving the area, low-paying jobs. Great place to live, City of Parks.

On post office: Recently, I and people I know have had letters that were never delivered. I received a whole raft of packages all at once, and the packages were all ordered on different dates.

On dogs in cars: Every summer, the subject of dogs left in hot cars comes up, but idiots are still out there. Went to Sentry on Friday when it was over 80 degrees. A car had a yellow Lab in the back seat. No windows were cracked open, and the dog was panting hard. I called 911. When two males came out, I was furious but glad the deal ended happily.

On coupon savings: I realize The Gazette will be raising prices, but I just wanted you to know I saved $20 by reading my Sunday paper and getting a coupon for $20 off. So thank you.

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