Sound Off for Sunday, July 14, 2013

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

On JPAC: Monday’s front-page story said many user groups have unfilled seats and shows rarely sell out. We feel it’s about time to offer a senior discount. Other communities do so; it’s time for Janesville, too.

On priest scandal: Where’s the outrage from the Catholic Church over these sex abuse victims? In the real world, pedophiles are put in jail, not passed along. Dolan can go on and on and say this isn’t true and try to have one lead a life of prayer and penance. Well, he can do this in prison because these victims had their faith, spirit and souls damaged.

-- I’m referring to the Sound Off comment last Sunday. Molestation does not occur because you’re homosexual; it’s because you’re a deviant.

On good old days: In the ’50s, Congress worked for us. We had gas wars, tattoos worn only by sailors. Police officers wore the only handguns. Babies meant marriage. Obesity was unheard of. We had fewer fast food restaurants. Drugs were obtained by prescription. Church was every Sunday. We all were examples to follow. How did we get from “Father Knows Best” to “Honey Boo Boo”?

On northern Wisconsin mine: After being attacked by eco-terrorists and having their property destroyed, the company responded by hiring armed security guards. What’s wrong with this company? First they try to create thousands of high-paying jobs, and now they’re trying to actually create a safe working environment for employees.

On assault weapons: With about 13,000 murders committed in this country each year, about 300 are committed using rifles. That’s not assault weapons; that’s with all rifles. Nearly twice that many people are murdered using clubs or hammers, yet we’re told assault weapons are the problem and we must get rid of them. Facts and common sense do not enter the issue.

On construction: On South Jackson Street, it says “road closed.” Can’t people read? When they drive through there, they are interrupting the workers.

On teacher resigns: Regarding the article on Page 10A Wednesday, I was very pleased to see that this teacher resigned. She should have resigned right after the incident. I also find it hard to believe that this was her first time. Rrandom drug and alcohol testing should be implemented in the district.

On expulsions over sex: Regarding Wednesday’s Our Views, I’m grateful that The Gazette looks into these issues. Although we don’t want to know salacious details, people on the board need to be held accountable as to why these children can’t receive an education. We have a wonderful paper, and the editorial staff and management does like to bring out the facts.

-- The district needs to explain more than just these expulsions. They’re working with the Studer Group and yet are not transparent on anything. The superintendent needs to stay here and deal with these issues here at home.

On wood burners: It’s 12:37 a.m. Thursday, the first time we can open our windows to have fresh air after a week of hot weather with air conditioners running, and everybody with a wood burner is out smoking up Janesville. The City of Smoke, not the City of Parks. The City of Fools. I’m selling my house; I’ve had it with this town.

On being a Wisconsinite: I have two gas tanks, one for my gas and one for my beer.

On Zimmerman trial: This is the biggest travesty of justice since the O.J. Simpson trial. This man would never have been charged had not the Obama administration gotten involved. Why? Because there was no evidence to back up the charges. Even if the jury does not acquit this man, the judge’s reprehensible behavior will guarantee him a mistrial.

On politics: Republicans say more domestic oil production will lower fuel prices. Production is the highest in decades, and still no changes in prices. Democrats say they support the middle class, but their amnesty bill will just flood the labor market, further lowering wages for the middle class.

On Brazil: Last week at a Brazilian soccer game, the referee got into a fight with a player and then stabbed him to death. The fans responded by decapitating the ref and placing his head on a pike. What a wonderful country. Rush out and get your tickets for the World Cup and Olympics.

On Gazette: This is Tuesday, July 9, and I don’t know of anybody else, but I’m getting sick of paying 75 cents for 16 pages of so-called news. Can’t you do any better than this, Gazette? Really?

-- If you are going to raise our subscription price, you had better do something about getting people in Whitewater the same $1,110 worth of coupons you touted in this past Sunday’s Gazette.

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