Sound Off for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On good Samaritan: I would like to thank the outstanding gentleman who helped me carry my oxygen and package to the mailing desk at the post office. What a wonderful person.

On bludgeoned turtle: A dead turtle is getting more attention than four dead Americans in Benghazi. How disgraceful.

On fireworks: On the Fourth of July, Madison had things for kids and families to do. They had food, beer and wine tents and their fireworks. Janesville, get with it. You’re about 50 years behind time.

-- I don’t know why the Aqua Jays wouldn’t just save the money they collected already, which I noticed was $3,000 short of the $15,000 needed. The Fourth of July is over; people have pretty much celebrated. There’s no sense having fireworks in September. Why wouldn’t the Aqua Jays hold onto that money and put it toward next year’s fireworks?

 On potholes: We still have bad potholes on Milton Avenue. How hard is it to take a shovel and throw some Ready Mix in the hole and tap it down? What are we paying taxes for?

On priest scandal: First, when dealing with pedophiles, the sexual orientation of the abuser seems irrelevant in comparison. Second, these priests generally haven’t publicly been identified as homosexuals, so it is outrageous and hateful to blame the gay community for the abuses.

On homes for vets: Fox News is promoting smart houses for vets who are very handicapped. They are begging for our help. Just think how many could have been built for the $100 million President Obama spent going to Africa.

On trash system: John Whitcomb says the big garbage cans are working well. Twice the city hasn’t picked up my garbage, and I’ve got to take it like a half a block to the street. Also, I saw older kids who filled cans with water and were dunking screaming little kids in the water. Get real. We’re paying more money for something that worked perfectly well before.

-- Let’s get this straight. The trucks they just got are more efficient and take fewer men. Because they are far more efficient, they don’t have to get out of the truck, and it cuts down on worker’s comp, overtime and the need for as many trucks. All this saves money, and they want to raise the rates? Tell me I’m crazy.

On city fees: Janesville, get over yourself. I’ve lived here my whole 70 plus years, and we didn’t have service fees mainly because of our manufacturing. Now that a good share of manufacturing is gone, we must pay for what we took for granted. We were riding on manufacturing’s shirttails. Quit whining. We can’t attract other manufacturers with that attitude.

On costs for seniors: Bravo to The Gazette for excellent coverage of daily news, but we seniors on fixed incomes should not be subject to the raise in The Gazette subscription cost, nor the raise in trash fees. We have to buy bottled water now due to Rock County’s nitrate level in our tap water. Please give us seniors a break.

On reproductive rights: When Gov. Walker signed the recent anti-abortion bill, he gave up all national political aspirations. He now will be known as the ultrasound governor. That will not play well with any presidential hopes, as Republicans found out last November. Stay out of the lives of women and their doctors.

 -- The transvaginal-probes law in Wisconsin is really just to embarrass and shame women. If we’re going to do that, how about urethra catheters to determine if a man’s sperm is healthy enough for him to be a father?

On trespassing kids: Since it’s summer and kids are out of school, parents may want to keep an eye on their children in their neighborhoods. They are letting kids go onto people’s property, trespassing. They should keep them in their own yards to do activities instead of riding bicycles and tricycles onto other people’s property and ruining it.

On code department: Considering the destruction of the Case Feed building under former City Manager Eric Levitt and the Briarmoon carriage barn in addition to numerous homes under Steve Sheiffer, it is obvious that for some reason Gale Price and the administration have been showing favoritism toward the owner of the house at 173 S. Jackson St.

On commodity prices: I don’t understand why you do not print on Saturday the summary of the commodity prices. That probably will increase your readers by a few.

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