Sound Off for Sunday, July 7, 2013

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

On GM coverage: They've been a boon to Janesville for tax revenue and community service for decades. For you guys to just write them off is foolish. Also, you're writing off families and even potential customers, including your own. I think your view should change if not reverse completely.

On trash pickup: I'm calling regarding the garbage fee of $94. What the heck are they thinking of? It used to be $40, and a lot of us are on fixed incomes. Don't they consider how the poor can pay for these?

-- In Wednesday's Sound Off, one person was glad the city is raising the cost of trash pickup. If that makes this caller happy, the person should donate more to the cause so we can all be happy when they lower our bills.

n Residents of Janesville, be aware that during the July Fourth holiday week we got stuck paying for an extra day at time-and-a-half rate for employees to pick up trash and recycling. This is such a joke with the new system that they didn't think about this so they could get it done in the normal time that they used to before we went to the mechanical pickup system.

On Freedom Fest: I was expecting to see nice pictures in tribute to them and the great work the churches are doing free for the community. Or maybe to read some human interest stories about them. It's a good cause, and I think it should be mentioned.

On Walker's budget: Perhaps Gov. Walker should have signed his budget two counties west in Rock County. With this ongoing unemployment rate, high foreclosure rate and overall economic malaise, few areas would benefit more from his supposed new benefits. But then again, Rock County Democratic leanings do not help us.

-- It amazes me that more parents are not crazy upset by the drastic cuts Walker has made to education. Do they not understand or care what this means to their children's future?

On priest scandal: Am I the only one who notices that virtually all these Catholic priests who molested children are homosexuals? Apparently, that went right over the news media's head. We're supposed to all pretend we don't notice in our age of political correctness. If you don't admit what the problem is, you can't solve the problem.

On bike trail etiquette: How nice it was that while I was walking my leashed dog on a bike trail—and yes, I did have a plastic waste bag—for a bicyclist behind me to announce his oncoming presence to my left. He gave enough notice that it startled neither myself nor my dog.

On marijuana: I really don't understand the laws. Somebody would be arrested if you set up a marijuana stand to supply our local potheads for their fantasies of smoking pot, but yet you can set up and sell illegal fireworks but nobody gets arrested. If I were the potheads, I would be upset.

On Obamacare: So the government mandate for corporations is delayed until 2015. Gee, I wonder why, when it's right after the midterm election. Because the mandate will have a devastating effect on the economy, a lot of people will lose jobs or have their hours cut and be part time. The Obama administration doesn't want that to happen before the election.

-- America's finally starting to see how bad Obamacare is. Even some of your more educated Democrats are starting to figure out that this is a bad deal.

On fireworks: I'm not sure why they couldn't have just moved the Janesville fireworks up to where they had them a couple years ago at Wuthering Hills. You would think they would have a Plan B for situations like this when they couldn't have them down at Traxler. It just seems like bad planning.

On state economy: Wisconsin has leapfrogged 29 other states in leading economic indicators. But this news was hidden from you. I'm sure tomorrow there will be a big story from AP about how Wisconsin is doing so well. Probably not, though, because giving Scott Walker credit no matter how much he deserves it is not part of AP's political agenda.

On 80-year-old homeless man: I work a 40-hour week, and by the time I get my increased property and income taxes paid, I don't have a lot more left than he does. Rather than taking it from us, why not take it from the public sector, which has 30-years-and-out and double pensions and things like that? Then everybody gets a pension. That would seem fair.

On Gazette: As far as raising your prices, your mast says you serve Janesville and Rock and Walworth counties. However, I find very little in there about Walworth County. Also, in order to justify increasing rates, you should increase your coverage and have more than 16 pages in two sections of the paper.

On Declaration: Kudos to The Gazette for printing the Declaration of Independence in Wednesday's paper, and what a great headline. Every American man, woman and child should read and understand this important document.

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