Sound Off for Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On garbage fees: They are telling us they have to double because of the landfill (Page 1A, Friday). Now come on. For sure I do think it's probably to pay for those trucks. The city council needs to learn they need to quit spending.

-- So Councilman Fitzgerald turns on us and doubles our garbage fees. What does he think property taxes are supposed to pay for? Now we are double billed with property taxes and a ridiculous fee that doubled before we got the new cans and now is doubling again. This has to stop if they can afford millions in corporate welfare for SHINE.

-- I am a homeowner and life resident of Janesville and like the new system of trash pickup. I am glad for this council's decision to increase the cost of trash pickup. It should have been done a long time ago.

-- In most cities that property tax money is used to cover services that citizens need. How is Janesville different?

On homeless man: The story of Bob (Page 1A, June 23) is the story of an estimated 40 homeless men in the Janesville area. Sadly, our city with numerous vacant buildings cannot provide a dormitory-style shelter. An army cot, a bowl of soup and shower would go a long way in getting them back into productive society. GIFTS only provides these in winter.

-- He's 80 years old and has health problems. What is wrong with our state and local government for not trying to find him a home? He should not be homeless at 80 years old.

On school negotiations: Superintendent Karen Schulte and union President Dave Parr are on a level equal to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. No arbitrator would be needed if they would just do their jobs and not worry about what their constituents think. Shame on both of you.

On no-wake levels: I want to congratulate the Rock County Board for being spineless on the water levels on the Rock River. Raising the water level 6 inches (above the Indianford Dam) is going to cause a lot of property damage and not benefit anyone living on the river.

-- I'm calling about the article on Page 1A Friday concerning the decision to raise the “no wake” level above Indianford. I was wondering if county board members who voted for this have actually been on the river on a weekend during a no-wake period to see how few people pay attention to the no-wake limit as it is.

On Freedom Fest: We want to thank Freedom Fest and New Life Assembly of God church for the most spectacular display of fireworks we have ever seen, a fitting tribute to our country's independence. Thank you, New Life.

-- Freedom Fest outdid itself this year. All my guests from out of town were so impressed. The fireworks were amazing. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

On code violations: Why didn't our acting city manager insist Gale Price enforce the codes at 173 S. Jackson St. instead of transferring his responsibility to a different city employee? Why should Kelly Mack have to do Price's work for him given what he earns?

-- Regarding Sunday's story about Janesville residents of the Fourth Ward, we in one neighborhood in the Fourth Ward of Evansville feel your frustration and anger. Evansville also has dropped the ball by allowing a dog boarding kennel to operate in our neighborhood. This violates an ordinance. At least your acting city manager is doing something.

On illegal fireworks: I'm calling about fireworks that we can buy at stores and under big tents. How can they sell fireworks if they know they go up in the air and explode, yet we're not supposed to set them off if we buy them? Where's the justification? I don't understand it. If they're illegal to shoot, they shouldn't be able to sell them. It doesn't make any sense.

On accused teacher: If this is what's going to happen, it's time to do random testing on teachers and maybe in all school systems. If a teacher is found way above and beyond the means of alcohol content, that's an automatic dismissal instead of just slapping their hand.

On gay marriage: Regarding Sunday's Sound Off regarding sodomy, I guess all the heterosexuals who partake in sodomy must not be allowed to be married either. What they don't realize is that there is more to a gay marriage than just sex.

On intersection: In regards to Mt. Zion and Pontiac, either people can't read or the signs stating left, straight ahead or right turn only should be moved closer to the intersection. The road also is painted with arrows. I've been almost hit five times in my lane going straight because the turn-only drivers come straight alongside me. It's an accident waiting to happen.

On Joe Knilans: The article about Knilans on June 26 suggested Rep. Deb Kolste helped him find work in Madison. She crushed him in the election; other than making him available, she had nothing to do with the appointment of the unqualified Knilans to a state job.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some readers missed the sarcasm in that reference.

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