Sound off for Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

On feeding the poor: Regarding Wednesday's Sound Off on child poverty, even though other countries and states have it pretty bad, too, that doesn't mean we can't focus on the one in five children in Wisconsin who are living in poverty because for them life doesn't look pretty good.

-- The Bible says blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. I feel very sorry for whoever put that in Sound Off.

On canyon high-wire walk: An incident that has never happened before happened last Sunday, with 11 million people watching it on TV, and not one word in your newspaper about it. Nik Wallenda walked across the Grand Canyon on a high wire, 1,500 feet above a gorge, with no support. How come this didn't make the news?

On abortion: Two comments from conservative Republicans on your pages last week say no abortion or birth-control pills, no matter rape, incest or what. Then irresponsible parents, feed your own kids. Don't have so many.

On immigrants: Is Janesville becoming a sanctuary for illegal immigrants? It seems like they are coming here in droves. It's no wonder the state is going broke.

On old hotel: I was just wondering how the owner of the Monterey Hotel gets away with keeping it looking the way it looks. How many more years is it going to stand like that, empty and rotting away?

On Voting Rights Act: The Supreme Court justices should look in the mirror and be ashamed of their arrogance and ignorance.

On climate change: According to the writer of a letter in Thursday's Gazette, the reason no one believes global warming is because of spending by the Koch brothers. What did they do, buy everyone a thermometer? The reason people don't believe it is because they have skin and for those of us who are a little older, this isn't our first environmental hoax. We've lived through others.

-- In an attempt to change the subject from scandals surrounding his administration, President Obama goes back to green energy and climate change. Oops, I guess he forgot about the Solyndra scandal and billions of tax dollars given to his supporters in the form of green energy credits, which they took down the drain when their companies went bankrupt.

On alcohol abuse: A Wednesday Sound Off caller said we should realize alcohol is a disease and our energy should be used to understand and make a positive difference. How about the teacher admitting she has a problem with alcohol and is seeking help?

-- I don't think Janesville teacher Maria Caya should be fired, I think the school district and teachers union should do everything they can to put her in a position to make some decisions in her life.

-- My whole married life, I was affected by alcoholism. I lost three nephews through alcohol. Why in the world do people keep saying it's a disease? Someone who has cancer can go to the doctor. I'm sure this teacher could have afforded care. People better wake up and realize alcohol is a very strong drug, and let's quit saying it's a disease. That gets tiresome.

On school codes: Congratulations to the Delavan-Darien School District's Comet Code (Page 1A, June 20). Well done. The Edgerton and Evansville middle schools have had such a program since the '70s. It's called the Honor Code. But what a shame schools must do the job of teaching these kinds of steps that really should be the responsibility of parents.

On state raises: To state workers who are complaining that Gov. Walker only gave them a 1 percent raise, I have the solution for you: Go get another job. Lots of people would like yours.

On gay marriage: I guess, according to the Supreme Court, sodomy is now OK. I didn't know the Supreme Court had the right to take over from God in making such decisions.

On immigration bill: Déjà vu, another 1,200-page bill that no one has had time to read before voting on it. We have to vote on it quickly because if we don't, people might read it, and if people read it, it will never pass. This bill is so loaded with pork it's unbelievable. Both sides, Republicans and Democrats, are playing us for fools.

On Fourth festivals: Regarding Page 2A Thursday about Freedom Fest, I wonder why the organizers aren't able to come up with something like this for the Fourth of July down at Traxler Park. I wish they would take a page out of the Freedom Fest book.

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