Sound off for Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On river levels: I'm calling about the article in Saturday's Gazette concerning possibly raising water levels where "no wake" rules go into effect on the Rock River. The boaters might love a higher level, but the property owners along the water do not love a higher level because it leads to more shoreline destruction.

On IRS bonuses: So the IRS may be handing out $70 million in bonuses to its employees, and in the middle of a sequester, remember that. They did a heck of a job targeting conservatives and suppressing the conservative vote in the last election, so they need to be rewarded.

On immigration bill: To get Republican senators to vote for amnesty, Democrats have offered up 20,000 new border agents. Existing agents will tell you they are not being allowed to do their job. So all this guarantees is that taxpayers get to pay for 20,000 more. The sad part is Republicans know they're being scammed but just wanted an excuse to vote for it.

On sidewalks: After moving from Janesville to a city where sidewalks are rare, it is so refreshing to come back to visit and have a sidewalk there for everywhere I would like to go.

On farmers: In response to Sunday's Sound Off defending farmers who leave manure on the streets, all it would take is a little bit of carefulness and they wouldn't do that. Plus, they should have insurance and licenses on their tractors if they're going to put them on the streets.

On teacher: Please take the recent alcohol-related incident and realize this is a disease and a problem in our community. Sound Off callers should take their energy and make a positive difference. It starts with understanding this disease.

On rough streets: Isn't it past time for city council members to take a drive on North Randall, North Pontiac and other main arteries? If so, perhaps focus would shift from neighborhood street repair, bike lanes little used and sidewalk installation with practically no foot traffic.

On turtle attacker: That poor turtle. I hope that person gets their payback for hurting animals like that. There are too many people who don't get in trouble for doing stuff to pets and that.

On good Samaritan: I would like to give thanks to the person who turned in the $20 that I lost at Woodman's the other week. It's nice to know that there really are good people out there still.

On child poverty: If one in five children in Wisconsin live in poverty, what is poverty in other states or countries? Check out Somalia. Life here looks pretty good.

On citizen rights: Regarding Sunday's Sound Off comment on our governor, it's the Democrats listening in and trampling on our rights as American citizens. You've got your parties mixed up. You should be afraid of the party in power in Washington, not Gov. Walker, and, yes, be thankful for the NRA when the IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA and OSHA come after you.

On shooting headline: I'm calling about the brief on Page 2A June 18, "Officer accidentally shoots suspect." God forbid anybody would get shot, but would you ever read a headline "Suspect accidentally shoots police officer"?

On climate change: Regarding Page 6B June 20, "Major climate push planned," now we know why we just had a two-day story from AP about climate change. Does AP call Obama and find out what they are supposed to write about, or does Obama call them?

On new trash cans: I'm really enjoying the new garbage and recycling carts, even though I'm 79 years old and sometimes the carts are a little hard to handle. But I don't have to recycle as often.

On homeless man: It would be great if The Gazette could come up with a number where people could call in and give so Bob Fisk could have a place to stay (Page 1A, Sunday). I'm sure plenty of contributors are out there or maybe some companies would like to help him. I would be willing to give $100.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Neil Johnson has been referring inquiries to two agencies that have assisted Fisk, GIFTS Men's Shelter at 608-371-3735 and ECHO at 608-754-5333.

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