Sound off for Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

On public safety in city: I'd like to thank the law enforcement and fire departments in Janesville for their quick responses to needs of the community. Anytime an issue or incident requires attention quickly, police and fire departments arrive promptly with total respect and assist all those in need. We need to thank them more for putting their lives on the line.

On governor: I signed the recall petition of Scott Walker. Now, after Walker withdrew the nomination of the student from UW-Platteville from the Board of Regents, I'm afraid that Walker will round up all of us liberals and incarcerate us at Waupun State Prison for being his political enemies. I'm thankful I belong to the NRA for protection.

-- Walker's main concern is to privatize everything so his campaign contributors-basically corporations-can get their greedy hands on everything for the sole purpose of turning a buck. Quality and efficiency will not increase in the private sector, but the cost will.

On abortion: A letter writer Wednesday says women having an ultrasound before getting an abortion is a slap in the face to Roe v. Wade. What is worse is this person puts abortion on the same playing field as a man getting a vasectomy. Apparently, killing an innocent unborn child is a right and so is a vasectomy.

On cemeteries: I would like to comment on the beautiful cemeteries in Milton, mainly St. Mary's, and I want to thank Betsy and Fran Swenson, the caretakers. My husband, mother and father are all buried there, and that cemetery is such a beautiful place. The caretakers work hard to take care of it.

On manure in roads: A Sound Off on Wednesday complains about manure on county highways. Well, the farmers, have the right to be on the road, and if they weren't on the road to tend their fields, how would you eat?

-- I live in the country, but I don't farm, and I'd rather be out here smelling manure and have farm tractors accomplishing something rather than having people crying about dandelions and throwing grass into the road.

-- They farm; we eat.

On Janesville teacher: I agree, Maria Caya should be fired. That's a privilege; good thing she didn't hurt any of the kids, and she shouldn't be let off just because her husband is an attorney. It makes a bad name for the good teachers out there trying to teach the kids. What a disgrace.

-- Is this a new concept for the Janesville School District, that teachers can allegedly go to school drunk and that's OK because there are other teachers that will watch out for the students? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. She should be fired.

On "no wake": In response to Wednesday's Sound Off about the Rock River, it was in the paper, on TV and WCLO about "no wake." The Aqua Jays bring money into Janesville and Rock County. These are champions, and they have to practice. Sit and watch them practice; better than watching the water flow.

On fireworks: I hope this year people will be more responsible. Please remember small children are in bed early, and your neighbor's pets can be terrified. Fourth of July is just one weekend, not the whole month, and some people have to work on weekends. No rockets or anything that flies off the ground like last year.

On flag theft: Wednesday's Sound Off had a comment on the flag theft. I'm a Vietnam veteran, and I took the flag. I removed it after numerous requests to have the flag taken care of. For weeks the flag has been in shreds and wrapped around the light. The pole is still there, and there are still bits of the flag hanging from the light. Poor veterans indeed.

On meals for kids: On Tuesday's article about feeding kids all summer (Page 3A), what a good little socialist country we're becoming; cradle-to-grave nanny state. How nice for the working people to feed others all summer. At least no local or state taxes are used. Good thing no one pays federal taxes. Oh, wait ...

On burning flags: This is regarding the flag retirement ceremony with the Kiwanis and Boy Scouts (Page 3A, June 13). Scouts are the main reason why that ceremony happened; the Kiwanis Club was there just to help. The Gazette had one measly picture, and the Scouts weren't even mentioned. Shame on you, Gazette.

On patriotic concert: In these times of negative thinking, if you want to see a positive and have good feelings about our country, come to the Rock Prairie patriotic concert. It is outstanding.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Two concerts are at 7 p.m. June 25 and 26 at Rock Prairie Presbyterian Church, 8605 E. County A, Janesville.

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