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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Father's Day feature: What a wonderful story on Sunday's front page with the doctors and their daughters. Dr. Ed Miller delivered my two children, Dr. Mark Goelzer was the pediatrician and Dr. Kristen Goelzer was my mother-in-law's doctor. It was nice to wake up to such a heartwarming story on Father's Day. Thank you.

On columnist Pitts: Amen to Leonard Pitts decrying the surrendering of our liberties (Page 8A, Thursday). As a veteran, I'm appalled at how the Patriot Act has destroyed many of the freedoms our soldiers gave their lives to preserve. The great patriot Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."

-- Hey Gazette, how much longer are we going to put up with Pitts? He is nothing as far as a journalist goes. He doesn't make sense.

On Rock River: I'm sitting here enjoying the river, and I would like to know if there is a "no wake" on the Rock River why the Rock Aqua Jays have the right to barrel up and down this river. This is disgusting.

On teacher Maria Caya: This concerns the teacher accused of intoxication on the field trip. I have to ask a simple question: I wonder if she drove to work that morning.

-- The investigation should be handled independently if her husband is an attorney for the school system. I can't believe that if she worked at Washington School for 14 years someone didn't observe her previously. Maybe they were afraid to speak up knowing her husband was an attorney. It will probably be swept under the rug due to union rights.

-- It's ridiculous that they're looking the other way. This lady apparently has a drinking problem and, sad to say, works with the disability kids, who might not even realize it. Anybody else would have been fired from their job. And people can't figure out why people are upset at teachers in Janesville? Well, this is why.

-- Maybe no crime was committed in her eyes, but I honestly believe that she was endangering the lives of the children when she was entrusted with their care. I'm happy nothing tragic happened, but something might have had she not been caught. She should lose her teaching license and be in jail.

On debris on roads: Enough about people mowing grass into the curbs and gutters; we got the point. How about farmers with their tractors and wagons leaving dirt and manure all over county highways, and these vehicles are not even licensed to be on highways. Can we do something about that?

On roundabouts: I see they started working on the roundabouts on Racine Street. I wish they would have taken care of this when the construction was done for St. Mary's two years ago. Seems like we're wasting money for something that really isn't that important when there's a lot more street work that could be done in our area.

On voucher schools: Regarding comments by Janesville School Board member Karl Dommershausen (Page 8A, Saturday), I suggest that he review state statute 119.23 for information regarding charter schools because they require accreditation, financial audit, assessment reporting to the DPI and teacher credential review.

On city budgets: I believe council members are good people, but some don't have expertise in that area. The city has regular employees that we pay to do accounting, budgets, etc. I just do not believe that having the council that deeply involved in the process is a good idea as they come and go, and then you have to start all over again.

On abortion bill: I'm simply amazed at the June 13 Gazette. A terrible thing happened in Madison. It's just hoodlum force, power politics instead of democracy and you guys bury it in the newspaper (Page 5A), and it's a major story on primetime news. Your bias is really showing.

On Tub Run: I'm a member of the local HOG chapter and a road guard. I want to thank the Rock and Green county sheriff's offices and town of Albany. They were fabulous. The run worked out great. People I stopped got out of their cars, and none was mad. We were making money for muscular dystrophy, so it was a fabulous day. Thanks to everybody who helped.

On flag thief: To whoever stole the flag and pole from the veterans clinic on Morse Street, shame on you. The men and women who use this facility fought for this flag, and they should be able to view this flag every time they visit this facility.

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