Sound off for Sunday, June 16, 2013

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Parker alumni: Congratulations to those who received Distinguished Viking Awards May 25 at Parker High School. Great to see positive stories printed in your newspaper.

On teacher: This is in regards to the teacher from Washington Elementary School who reportedly was drunk on a fourth-grade field trip. She should be fired, no excuses. If anyone else did that on their job, that person would be fired immediately.

On mowing: While visiting a friend, I watched as a neighbor mowed lawn and the elderly neighbor next door then blew all the debris from both driveways and the curb area in front of both properties at least half way across the street and left it. I was told this has been going on for years. They do the same thing with snow. Yes, there should be a heavy fine.

On Milton teachers: What a joke that teachers don't think they can pay $20 to go to a doctor's visit. I own my own business, and it's $225 to go to Mercy for me and my family to see the doctor. Now they get four months off and relatively free health care again?

On legalizing marijuana: Try to convince the families of the six dead people from the crane operator out East that was reportedly under the influence of marijuana when he was destroying that building. If marijuana is so safe, why does something like this happen to people?

On city streets: Here it is mid-June, and there are still potholes all over Janesville. What's going on with our streets department? Do they have other things to do?

On gas prices: When George Bush was president, gas got up to $4 a gallon, and it was all Bush's fault, and he was happy because it helped his oil buddies. Now that Obama is president and gas is $4, well, he has nothing to do with it, and he's not happy even though it helps his green-energy buddies.

On vouchers: I live in a very decrepit neighborhood, and I cannot afford to move. Can I apply for a state voucher to help me move to a better neighborhood? It works for school children; maybe it will help me out, as well.

On district outreach: The Gazette article last Sunday describes the trip to China by Superintendent Schulte, Robert Smiley, David DiStefano and others. Wasn't Dubai on Schulte's list? Wasn't she contacted by that country?

-- The Gazette has a consistent record of advocating for open records and transparency from government. Will The Gazette obtain and publish the name of the Craig High School alumnus/district vendor who is funding part of the China trip for Superintendent Karen Schulte and staff? Might this donor receive favorable contracts in the future?

On Action Center: A big thanks to the Voluntary Action Center of Beloit for recently providing an air conditioner for my elderly, low-income disabled friend. Good to know they can provide this service by donations from the community, people who care.

On women's rights: When will the Republican Wisconsin legislators learn to stay out of women's rights to choose, as spelled out by the Supreme Court? They took a national beating at the November polls and still didn't get it. The female vote in this country is large, so mind your own business and stay away from the rights of women and their private decisions.

-- Regarding Page 5A Thursday, "Senate OK's bill requiring ultrasounds," if I have to wait five days to pick up a handgun over concerns I might kill someone, then women can get ultrasounds before they definitely kill someone. What Democrats worry about is that a woman or girl might actually see what's going on inside her and balk at what she's about to do.

On former GM worker: I liked the article June 7 about the twin girls working to help support themselves. Their dad had a good job at GM, and when GM closed, he wouldn't transfer to another plant. Too many people have their feet in cement and won't go where good jobs are. That's one reason unemployment is high.

On surveillance: I don't think our citizens really understand the dangerous world we live in. If just one phone call is intercepted or one drone picture saves just one life and/or prevents a terrorist attack, it will be well worth it. If there were an attack, all of you would be crying "Where's our government?"

-- The problem is not the NSA listening for buzz words to try to stop terrorism; the problem is storing all this data so that down the road, if they want to go after you for some crime like, say, being a conservative, they can dig up every phone call or email you've ever sent and try to smear you.

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