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Greg Peck

Greg Peck: Parking problems at 4-H fair
- One complaint about the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds is that the area lacks sufficient parking. Here are a few parking hints for those heading to the fair. Read more >>
Greg Peck: What national parks in Wisconsin?
- A report released Friday suggests 320,000 people visited Wisconsin's national parks in 2013. Which led me to one key question. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Pavement problems plague Janesville
- Whole streets in need of repairs aren't the only pavement problems in Janesville. You can spot small pockets of deterioration in lots of locations. Read more >>
Greg Peck: A “baby in a basket” story right here in Wisconsin
- Perhaps you read in Sunday's Gazette the story out of Michigan about a baby left on a porch in 1946. A similar story played out in Wisconsin. Read more >>
Greg Peck: It's the season for fresh fruit
- Experts say we're supposed to eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetables each day. This time of year, that's not hard for me. Read more >>
Greg Peck: How well does your teen handle money?
- It shouldn't be surprising that American teenagers lack knowledge about handling money. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Rabbits run rampant in Janesville
- If something has been nibbling on your garden in Janesville, my bet is bunnies are behind it. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Why I enjoy pedaling to work
- Could you join the growing group of people bicycling to work? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Flying frustrations are in the bag
- If you're like me, the way airlines handle baggage and related fees is annoying. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Do you skip some vacation time?
- A report suggests almost 40 percent of Americans don't use all their vacation time. Are you among them? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Will soccer interest lead to more concussions?
- Soccer has caught the attention of Americans perhaps like never before. As more youngsters pour onto soccer fields, expect more problems with concussions. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Soaking in beauty of southwestern Wisconsin
- During a drive Saturday, my wife and I were reminded of what makes southwestern Wisconsin so special. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Try this patriotic pop quiz
- Can you name your First Amendment freedoms? Do you even know how many there are? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Big Court Street homes need buyers
- Architectural gems sits atop Janesville's Courthouse Hill. On East Court Street, seven homes in a three-block stretch are for sale. They need the right kinds of buyers. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Does weather radio protect your family?
- My son dropped off a belated Father's Day gift for me Sunday. It was an emergency weather radio. Read more >>
Greg Peck: How young is too young to roam neighborhood?
- Would you let your kid go play at a park at age 6 or 7 unsupervised? Would you expect a parent who does so to be arrested for child neglect? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Options for fun pack holiday punch
- With the Fourth of July next Friday, lots of options for summer fun pack the next nine days. Which will you and your family choose? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Cooper's hawk haunts my neighborhood
- Summary: Lots of nature lovers stock birdfeeders in my neighborhood. Some, however, are unwittingly setting the table for a predator, the Cooper's hawk. Read more >>
Greg Peck: A pleasant night in Portage
- I spoke about my book last night in Portage. It turned out to be a productive and gratifying evening. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Sad to learn of loons in distress
- It was disappointing to read that swarms of flies in northern Wisconsin are causing loons to abandon nests. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Mosquitoes show no mercy in Mercer
- Recent rains in Rock County are leading one expert to suggest we might see swarms of mosquitoes. If they come, here's one gadget you'll want to keep handy. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Tone down Janesville Riverfront Amphitheater negativity
- We can sit and point to Beloit with envy and wonder why we can't progress like our smaller sister city to the south. Could that negativity, be one answer? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Porkfest proves to be about good food, family
- A little slice of Midwestern culture played out again Wednesday evening during Porkfest at the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Janesville is not pedestrian friendly
- I've written about this before, but two incidents in recent days suggest it bears repeating: Motorists in Janesville are not friendly to pedestrians. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Sweeping a sea of tree seeds in Janesville
- I was doing yard work this weekend and decided those piles of tree seeds in our street gutters couldn't wait for a city sweeper. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Enjoying Janesville's bike trail
- My wife and I finally got our tandem bicycle out last night for an enjoyable evening on the city's bike trails. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Beware of senior prank season
- The end of another school year brings that period of senior pranks and hijinks. Stunts can be harmless—but not all are. Read more >>
Greg Peck: A doggone lively morning in our neighborhood
- Monday morning was a bark-fest in our neighborhood. A loose dog had other canines sounding the alarm. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Mosquito madness hits Wisconsin north woods
- If you're venturing north and plan to spend any time outdoors, arm yourself against an airborne assault. Read more >>
Greg Peck: What's best about summer in Janesville?
- Sunday is June 1, so what do you like best about summer in your community? Read more >>
Greg Peck: Would you trust Google's driverless car?
- I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable riding in Google's self-driving car. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Set your trash out a day late this week in Janesville
- This holiday week and its altered trash pickup schedule is again catching Janesville residents off guard. Read more >>
Greg Peck: Would you eat a cricket in novelty candy?
- Will edible insects “crawl” into mainstream U.S. snacks? Read more >>