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Other Views: Stop bigger rigs from overrunning state roads
As chief of police in Stoughton, I have serious concerns with proposals in Congress that would allow heavier and longer rigs on Wisconsin highways because these proposals would dramatically increase the danger faced by everyday drivers.
Other Views: My dad needs help for mental health issues, but the court is bent on prosecuting him
As both a social worker and his daughter, I am deeply concerned with Walworth County’s handling of his case. Criminalization of attempted self-harm is unacceptable.
Other Views: Convention could open a Pandora's box
The Assembly approved a resolution this week calling for an Article V constitutional convention. Wisconsin would be the 30th state to do so, inching the country closer to the 34 states required to open this Pandora’s box.
Other Views: Future looks bright for SHINE, city
The partnership between SHINE Medical Technologies and Janesville has been robust and continues to strengthen.
Other Views: Thompson’s legacy offers lessons on transportation
In April 1991, former Gov. Tommy Thompson unveiled Mobility 2000, an ambitious plan for every mode of transportation in Wisconsin. It's the kind of vision that our state needs today.
Walters: Assembly Odd Couple push ‘mobility grants’ study
Meet the Assembly’s Odd Couple: Republican Rep. Bob Gannon, 58, and Democratic Rep. Jason Fields, 46.
Walters: Kooyenga income, gas tax reforms get GOP burial
But remember that old saying, “If you think you’re leading, but there is no one following, you’re just out for a walk.”
Other Views: Wisconsin poised to be major loser from ACA repeal
The U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to deliver Wisconsin citizens, including our most vulnerable adults and children, a multi-billion-dollar bill we cannot pay.
Walters: Private prisons likely a last resort, despite rise in inmate numbers
Even a small population increase is a problem because the state prison system has an operating capacity of 17,479. The prison system is now 30 percent over its capacity.
Other Views: Republicans reveal their hand with awful health care bill
Just weeks after the American people forcefully rejected Trumpcare, Speaker Ryan rammed through another version of the House Republicans' so-called “health care” bill that's even worse for Americans than the first version.