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State Views: Cops in shootings should be promptly named
There is obvious public interest in knowing the identities of law enforcement officers involved in shootings.
Web Views for Friday, Oct. 31, 2014
Bill Lueders: Ad wars heat up Wisconsin governor’s race
The national nonprofit Center for Public Integrity is tracking how many ads ran and at what cost.
Web Views for Friday, Oct. 24, 2014
Web Views for Friday, Oct. 17
Guest views: Upside down at the gas pump
Energy markets, including long-dated futures contracts for 2017 and beyond, indicate moderate prices ahead. Who’s afraid of big, bad OPEC now?
Guest views: Treat Ebola like national security threat
The U.S. could cut regulatory red tape and provide financial incentives to spur drug makers to kick into high gear the development and manufacture of several promising Ebola drugs.
Charles Krauthammer: Allies play a dangerous game, but we’re the ones who’ll pay

WASHINGTON--During the 1944 Warsaw uprising, Stalin ordered the advancing Red Army to stop at the outskirts of the city while the Nazis, for 63 days, annihilated the non-Communist Polish partisans. Only then did Stalin take Warsaw.

No one can...

Guest views: Where is terror over climate change?
In a speech to the United Nations recently, President Barack Obama said that climate change is a more serious threat than terrorism.
Other views: Interstate project about more than traffic counts
The fact is, this now-underway project will shore up Rock County's economic foundation for decades and will be a catalyst for future jobs and investment in our community.