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Your Views: To lawmakers: Leave our pensions alone
“If it isn't broke, don't fix it!” Republican lawmakers Duey Stroebel and Tyler August don't understand that adage in attempting to “fix” the Wisconsin Retirement System.
Your Views: Stop calling Medicare and Social Security entitlements
I, for one, am getting tired of our politicians treating and calling Social Security and Medicare an entitlements.
Your Views: Farrell and Deupree are best for city council
I strongly endorse Jim Farrell and Kay Deupree for the Janesville City Council.
Your Views: Here are eight examples of government being stupid
Stop voting the same officials into our city council. They all need to go, and they need to take the city manager with them. Millions will continue to be wasted until then.
Other Views: Budget proposal would devastate UW athletics
Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal would not only be detrimental to every student organization in the UW System. It would irreversibly damage every NCAA Division III athletic program in Wisconsin.
Other Views: Don’t start school until after Sept. 1
The importance of protecting vacation time during the month of August in Wisconsin comes down to weather and traditions.
Other Views: Trump budget cuts would cripple state spending
The state would have to raise state taxes or cut state government services if President Trump's proposed budget were adopted by Congress, according to a new report.
Other Views: Killing state magazine is a bad idea
Many people have asked me about Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal, in his 2017-19 budget, to eliminate the magazine I used to work for, Wisconsin Natural Resources.
Other Views: Overcharging seniors won’t fix health care
The American Health Care Act would impose an “age tax” on Americans, meaning people in their 50s and 60s who are buying health insurance on their own might have to pay up to $8,400 per year more than they do now.
Walters: A transportation plan from 2011 gets new look
Once upon a time, Gov. Scott Walker offered a long-term funding plan for highways, bridges and other statewide transportation projects.