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Web Views for Friday, July 11, 2014
Bill Lueders: A wish-list for open government in Wisconsin
As the various candidates in this fall’s elections crow about how open they will be, here are specific proposals they could and should be asked about.
Web Views for Friday, June 27, 2014
State Views: Gov. Walker's policies contribute to Wisconsin's dismal economic result
Walker and the Republican majority have completely controlled the legislative agenda for 3 years and bear responsibility for the result of their policies.
Local Views: Our ability to reason, feel empathy should help humans avoid war
War never was and never will be the answer to any human dispute. Morals that are exclusively humanistic in trait fall from their pedestal when actions such as war are taken.
Guest views: What’s wrong with decision on Redskins
Daniel Snyder is stubborn, tone deaf and insensitive. But a censorship-minded government is the bigger danger.
Steven Walters: GOP leaders pivot after marriage ruling

In politics, it's called The Pivot. When the news is bad, or if you don't want to answer the question, ignore it. Change the subject.

Wisconsin Republican leaders are leaving divots as they pivot from U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb's...

Guest views: Governor has little impact on economy
The real reason for the state’s sluggish job growth likely has to do with Wisconsin’s economic mix.
Krauthammer: Obama allowed al-Qaeda back in Iraq
Faced with a de facto jihadi state, a surprised Obama now has little choice but to try to re-create overnight, from scratch and in miniature, the kind of U.S. presence he abjured three years ago.
Guest views: ‘Old GM’ still haunts automaker
Scandalous behavior at GM has prompted investigations by Congress and regulators and a record fine.