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Paul Ryan: Donald Trump can help make reality of bold House policy agenda
I feel confident he would help us turn the ideas in this agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives. That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall.
Ken Brosky: UW-Rock faculty striving to push 'Wisconsin Idea'
The truth is that we're deeply concerned that President Cross and the Board of Regents aren't defending the “Wisconsin Idea.”
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Stephanie Klett: Throughout Wisconsin, tourism means real fun, real success
More visitors are taking their hard-earned dollars and choosing Wisconsin as the destination to spend precious time off with family, friends and even beloved pets.
Web Views for Friday, May 20: Schulte's retirement, meeting about student behavior, Milton lawsuit
Community foundation: Death of Prince shows importance of estate planning
Giving a gift through your will or estate plan not only strengthens a community and its residents but can offer advantages to surviving family members, too.
Ted Kinnaman: Band together to ensure Donald Trump is not elected
Such extreme political divisions have not existed since the Civil War, but even then the political divide was over a genuine issue—slavery.
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Your Right to Know: State should support student expression
The looming possibility of administrative overreach leads students to censor themselves, back down when challenged, or abandon student publications entirely.
Other Views: Bring factory jobs back to the Midwest? It's the great lie of 2016
It isn't factory workers in Juarez or Beijing who've stolen factory jobs. Folks with master's degrees in robotics working in Palo Alto, California, have taken those jobs.