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Your Views: Good schools crucial to attracting, retaining talent
On Nov. 7, Milton residents will have the opportunity to vote on the Milton School District’s capital referendum. The outcome will have a big impact on Janesville residents.
Other Views: Now is the time to impeach Trump for nation’s safety
Donald Trump is clearly unfit for the office he holds and poses an immediate threat to the safety and security of this country, which is why I support his impeachment.
Other Views: Foxconn deal is a real con job
The problem with the just-finalized deal is that Wisconsin’s taxpayers are paying for those jobs—and at a cost of $230,700 per job, it’s not such a great deal.
Other Views: 10 steps progressives need to take
As I travel around the state talking with small groups of dedicated but depressed progressives, the most common question I hear is, “What can we do?” Here’s my answer.
Other Views: Mining would boost economy in Northwoods
Mining could provide the necessary spark for industry and population growth in the Northwoods.
Other Views: No such thing as pollution-free sulfide mining
One statement always held up when confronting the mining companies: “Give us an example of just one sulfide mine that hasn’t polluted the environment.” They couldn’t supply one.
Other Views: Government’s role in responding to natural disasters has steadily grown
Today, we expect the White House and federal agencies to provide effective leadership in mitigating national disasters, which people until the 20th century fatalistically viewed as unavoidable “acts of God.”
Other Views: Congress must do its part to help the economy
Enacting reforms at the state level is only part of the equation to improving our economy and quality of life. Next, Congress needs to act to reform our backwards and outdated tax code at the federal level.
Other Views: Understanding history is vital to the Confederate monument debate
This is a controversy rooted in history, though there is precious little calm and serious discussion of the genesis in today's dangerous conflict, or even of the creation of the Confederate statues.
Other Views: Congress, stop the double-talk on tax reform
As a small business owner and a voter, I was promised tax reform, and the time has come for its delivery.