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Your Views: A ‘yes’ vote in Whitewater comes with many benefits
I am writing to urge Whitewater residents to vote ‘yes’ on the Whitewater Unified School District referendum Nov. 8.
Your Views: Police need more training on dealing with mental illness
While our nation’s law enforcement is facing scrutiny over claims of excessive fatalities involving African Americans, it’s important to also approach the issue of excessive fatalities involving individuals with mental illness.
Your Views: Get money out of politics, vote for Welcher
The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowed powerful moneyed interests to influence elections and shape policies.
Your Views: Loudenbeck has record of defending the environment
As someone who cares about land use and natural resources, I will definitely be voting for Amy Loudenbeck.
Your Views: Welcher: Democracy is not a spectator sport
On Nov. 8, the 32nd Assembly District will decide the course of our political future.
Other Views: Data shows room for improvement at area schools
Other Views: Pipeline protest protects water, sacred sites

Dear Sheriff Robert Spoden and officers dispatched to North Dakota,

Thank you first of all for your service and for answering the call of your fellow brothers in blue from Morton County, North Dakota. I understand and honor your commitment....

Your Views: Trump needs therapy, not keys to the White House
This GOP presidential candidate is telling us who he is. He flaunts his grandiose sense of self-worth, is arrogant, blustery and authoritarian.
Your Views: Wisconsin has become a 'rummage sale' state
We have allowed our state to become a “rummage sale” state where if you have the money you can make an offer.
Pommer: Do editorials affect election outcomes?

In the final days of the 1982 gubernatorial campaign, Democrats began running television ads showing newspaper editorials backing their candidate Tony Earl.

The TV scrolled showing the headlines on the editorials and the name of the newspaper....