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Other Views: Anxious about pending repeal of Obamacare
Edgerton resident Hillary Kirking receives her health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges. She writes about her concerns with the pending repeal of Obamacare and what that might mean for people with pre-existing conditions.
Walters: Walker campaign raises record amount of cash
Here’s one more way Republican Gov. Scott Walker made Wisconsin history: His four campaigns—three for governor and one for president—raised a record $100 million between 2009 and 2016.
Walters: Wisconsin insurance plan may enter health-care debate
Wisconsin’s Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (HIRSP) helped those who could not buy health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, or who had lost health insurance that had been available through their employer.
Sam Liebert: Editorial about Freitag review was misleading
The Gazette Editorial Board makes some strong assumptions, grasping for a story here. The story is: There is no story.
Other Views: Purging DNR's website doesn't change climate facts
We know that climates are getting warmer, often wetter, and with more extreme events such as heat waves, droughts and floods. Greenhouse gases created by burning fossil fuels are driving these dramatic and accelerating changes in climate.
Walters: Reasons why Ziegler won’t face April challenge
Campaign-spending totals in the last four elections go a long way toward explaining why Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler won’t be challenged on April 4.
Walters: Punditry 101: Predicting this year’s political news
Here is one set of predictions of Capitol politics in 2017. Remember, please, that pundits—just like polls—can be wrong.
Lueders: Public’s trust was abused over police videos
The whole point of outfitting police with cameras, at taxpayer expense, is to ensure truthfulness and enhance accountability. That did not happen in the Smith case.
Walters: Trump win leads top 10 political stories
Here are one scribe’s picks for Wisconsin’s top 10 political stories of 2016.
Walters: Republicans vow to review recount process
After local clerks hired an army of temporary workers to recount 2.97 million votes for president in a 10-day period, and the Green Party candidate who finished fourth paid $3.5 million for the recount, what did Wisconsin learn?