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Web Views for Friday, Oct. 3, 2014
Ted Kinnaman: Show Scott Walker he has gone too far in war on workers
Act 10 attacked not just state employees and the teachers union, it poses a threat to all who work for a living.
Arthur Cyr: Janesville plays role in exploration of Mars
Arthur Cyr: Janesville plays role in exploration of Mars
Performance Micro Tool, based in Janesville, designs and manufactures exceptionally tiny implements. Products include routers used on Mars explorer rovers.
Web Views for Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
Bill Lueders: State comes clean on alleged scandal
An employee we'll call Dirty Thumb ... was intrigued. The name on the new dispensers was enMotion, a brand of Georgia-Pacific, owned by Koch Industries.
Local Views: ‘Invisible Man’ becomes reality for high school senior
At age 16, I spent entire days in classes where I was the only African-American student. I was an invisible man.
Local Views: Janesville mother loses her grip on first day of school
I spent the entire day sitting at home watching the clock. I did not cry until my husband asked me how I was doing. That’s when I lost it.
Esther Cepeda: Military leaders wage war on waistlines
Members of Mission: Readiness are fanning out across Capitol Hill with their new report in hand to persuade lawmakers not to ease up on the healthy-eating regulations.
Guest views: U.S. must commit to spaceflight
A successful commercial program for trips to the station also will free NASA to concentrate on travel to more distant destinations in space, including asteroids and Mars.
Charles Krauthammer: Countering jihadist logic
It's imperative to show the Islamic State it made a mistake