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Other Views: Gerrymandering doesn’t explain Democrat losses
One needs to dig deeper to find the real reason Democrats have lost so many seats in the past decade, not only in Wisconsin but across the entire country.
Other Views: Wisconsin judicial pick violated fair process
Michael Brennan’s nomination for a lifetime appointment as a judge on a federal appellate court whose jurisdiction includes Wisconsin is tainted in ways that should make Wisconsinites wary.
Other Views: We need more women in government
Decades of research show that women govern differently from men. Not better, differently. That difference matters.
Other Views: No more delays: Bring Dream Act up for a vote
DACA allowed me to drive, work legally and fulfill my dream to teach and help others, but with President Donald Trump’s announcement last month that he would end DACA, we have been betrayed.
Other Views: United Way is careful steward of donations
United Way Blackhawk Region’s annual fundraising campaign launched in September, though we work year-round to engage public and corporate support. What’s more important than the campaign is why we work so hard to mobilize our caring community.
Your Views: What it means to be a true patriot
The NFL players are taking a knee against injustice. It is their right to do that.
Your Views: Not everybody can afford Milton referendum's price tag
The Milton School District is made up mostly of farmers, low paid laborers and retired people living on Social Security, and they cannot afford to pay any more property tax to build a $70 million school.
Your Views: Left repeats history with efforts to destroy artifacts
During the 1500s in Europe, religious iconoclasts destroyed and buried many valuable religious works of art.
Your Views: Milton schools should focus on upgrading current facilities
At the Oct. 11 open house during the presentation, it was stated that several taxpayers had asked to see the proposed high school blueprints.
Your Views: Gazette hypocritical with its view on sugar
Recently The Gazette gave a "thumbs down" to candy being thrown to children at the recent Labor Day parade.