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Walters: Commerce groups set terms for highway funding dea
Commerce groups are asking for changes to state law before increasing taxes, fees for highway funding.
Walters: New party parity painted state Trump red
A look back at polling in the presidential election and what propelled Trump to victory in Wisconsin.
Pommer: Saying goodbye
With this last column, veteran State Capitol reporter Matt Pommer concludes his 26 years of authoring the State Capitol Newsletter.
Walters: Vos plays mythbuster role on highway funding
The cable TV show MythBusters may have ended eight months ago, but Assembly Speaker Robin Vos created his own version of the popular show.
Walters: Political stars align to make state first Trump ‘lab’

What happens when the political universe aligns in the following way?

President-elect Donald Trump owes his victory to new red states like Wisconsin. Trump's chief of staff, Reince Priebus, is from Kenosha. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is...

Other Views: No room for partisanship over roads
State officials have plenty of thorny issues that lend themselves to legitimate ideological and partisan divide. Finding a sustainable solution to our transportation system should not be one of them.
Other Views: Wisconsin Democrats falter—bigly

Tuesday's election was a tale of two political parties.

Wisconsin Republicans continued to soar, ending 32 years of victories by Democratic presidential candidates, re-electing U.S. Ron Johnson and adding members in both houses of the...

Walters: Entries from a reporter’s campaign-trail notebook
Other Views: Think about education as infrastructure

Over the last several months, I have attended meetings at which community leaders and concerned citizens discussed the issue of “infrastructure,” transportation infrastructure in this case. There was no disagreement—regardless of...

Walters: Hardcore conservatives dominate GOP caucus
When Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald looks over his shoulder next session, it will be his right shoulder.