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Other Views: Interstate tolling offers path to fully funding state roads
Research done last year for the state Department of Transportation, at the 2015 Legislature’s request, shows tolling offers an opportunity to rebuild and modernize the state’s Interstates.
Other Views: Leaders: Help fix health care or get out of the way
Despite the rhetoric, our legislative majorities aren’t focused on how to make Wisconsin prosper or America great. They apparently don’t believe that the purpose of holding office is to benefit the general population.
Other Views: MADD says interlocks kept 37,299 drunks off roads
Republican Rep. Jim Ott, who wrote the 2010 ignition interlock law, has a new bill to close a loophole in it.
Other Views: The heartbreaking loss of a brother to heroin
We dreaded that day, my family and I. The phone call. The final succumbing to the demons that haunted my brother for 11 years.
Other Views: Leading globally matters for Wisconsin
With more than 95 percent of the world’s consumers now living outside our borders, it is more important for Wisconsin now than ever before that America remains engaged in the world.
Other Views: On women’s health, Speaker Ryan is out of touch
The legislation being championed by Speaker Ryan would strip millions of Americans of health insurance by reducing Medicaid coverage and making other changes in insurance policies purchased on the “state exchanges.”
Walters: State efforts to track down tax scofflaws grow
How does the state Department of Revenue track down tax-law scofflaws who—unlike you—don’t pay what they owe, under-report their incomes, file false tax forms or don’t pay at all?
Other Views: Payment cuts would hurt seniors' health care
A federal panel wants to further reduce Medicare payments to these providers, which could force even more clinics and practices to close or to turn away patients seeking life-saving treatments.
Other Views: Questions for the governor ahead of his Milton visit
Gov. Scott Walker will not be meeting with most teachers nor is he scheduled to take questions during his visit. However, local teachers have some questions they would like to ask.
Your Views: Murray 'uniquely qualified' for Janesville School Board
Kevin Murray is a superior choice for Janesville School Board.