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Local Views: Lawmakers must fix worker shortage at nursing homes
The supply of workers is dwindling. In long-term care, especially nursing homes, the impact is greater because the government is purchases the majority of services we provide.
American Heart Association: Why CPR training should be required in all Wisconsin schools
The training can be done in as little as 30 minutes and can easily be incorporated into the existing health curriculum.
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Rep. Kolste: Walker's speech misses on economy, education and honest government
The rhetoric can’t mask the facts: The economic recovery is weaker in Wisconsin than just about anywhere else.
Other Views: Still lack health insurance? Have questions? Help is available
This year alone, a record-breaking more than 8.6 million people have enrolled or had their coverage renewed through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.
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AAA: Wisconsin lawmakers should pass ignition interlock bill to reduce drunken driving
Ignition interlocks have been proven to reduce repeat offenses by as much as 75 percent. They are also cost-effective because the offender pays the expense.
Gina Duwe: 10 years on job in Janesville leave lasting impression
Gina Duwe: 10 years on job in Janesville leave lasting impression
As I leave the journalism industry, I'm taking an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of this community. Being a reporter gives you a front seat to history as it unfolds.
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Andrea Kaminski: Are you ready to vote under new rules in 2016?
With four elections in 2016, now is the time to get ready to vote. If you haven't voted in Wisconsin, or if your registration has lapsed, you'll need to register.