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Esther Cepeda: Military leaders wage war on waistlines
Members of Mission: Readiness are fanning out across Capitol Hill with their new report in hand to persuade lawmakers not to ease up on the healthy-eating regulations.
Guest views: U.S. must commit to spaceflight
A successful commercial program for trips to the station also will free NASA to concentrate on travel to more distant destinations in space, including asteroids and Mars.
Charles Krauthammer: Countering jihadist logic
It's imperative to show the Islamic State it made a mistake
Guest views: Advertisers get NFL's attention
The NFL has talked a great game. It claims to have zero tolerance for off-field violence by its players. But the league's actions suggest its definition of zero tolerance is situational.
Rep. Debra Kolste: Walker should accept Medicaid money
Walker now faces a $1.8 billion hole in the budget due to poorly conceived tax policy and a lagging state economy. Fiscal reality makes it negligent to continue to reject the Medicaid money.
Guest views: Voter ID ruling asking for trouble
Coming less than two months before the November election, the ruling threatens to make balloting difficult for voters and election officials.
Michael Gerson: Leading from behind the curve
So what difference does one more misfortune make in a distant, unfortunate place? A big difference, it turns out.
Guest views: America must show resolve, back Obama
This is a time to show American resolve and strength, and the United States is never stronger than when it acts with bipartisan unity.
Bill Lueders: Wisconsin Public Television spotlights Rock, Walworth county redistricting
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck’s new district kept her hometown of Clinton but included less than half of Beloit and contained, by her account, “about 50 percent new people.”
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