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Your Views: Republicans not advocating for sensible tax reform

To echo Ronald Reagan, there are few words in the English language more terrifying than “a Republican president and Congress have announced that it's time for tax reform.”

There are sensible tax reforms. Raise rates on the rich. Use ...

Your Views: Center has long history of fighting hate, bigotry
I take exception to Tuesday’s guest editorial, “Don’t trust this far-left ‘poverty’ group,” which mischaracterizes the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “discredited, left-wing, political activist organization that seeks to silence the political opponents with a ‘hate group’ label of its own invention and application.”
Your Views: City, DNR not addressing environmental concerns

Public concerns about “repurposing” Monterey Park by city and state agencies have not been addressed.

From the start, the city of Janesville and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources legitimized only one solution to the toxic...

Your Views: Government pushes endless war as CEOs profit

Dec. 7, 1941, was a day of infamy to be avenged for those who died, not cherished as Patriot Day. Our leaders countered the horror by fully planning a war of righteous anger and engaging all Americans and allies in a worldwide war to defeat the...

Your Views: Living up to Constitution is an ongoing process

I just finished reading Michael Gerson's Wednesday column regarding racism in the U.S. It is both very moving and historically accurate. I wish our country would look back on its history and be reminded of where we started and how we are still...

Your Views: McCain shows courage in opposing health care bill

I want to celebrate one man's service to country, Sen. John McCain. I have been so impressed with his ability to think on his own, rejecting ideas of how things should be done even when it gets him nothing but grief from everyone.

I have...

Your Views: Democratic dogma takes aim at Constitution
The left is moving to disqualify people with strong religious beliefs from influencing our culture and government.
Your Views: Trump speech signals nation’s return to the Constitution
Your Views: Liquor license approval not in neighborhood’s interest
Your Views: Too many Christians unwilling to listen to God
It seems that prayer meetings have become an effort about convincing God to answer and to provide on our terms, rather than listening to His voice as to how we can be enabled by Him to provide for and impact on His terms.