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Your Views: Legislation would tax Wall Street transactions
Last week U.S. stock markets vaporized $2 trillion of wealth, writes Tom Breu of Janesville. How can we prevent the next “correction” from becoming like 2008? Or 1929?
Your Views: Campaign season should be shorter
The political conventions are next summer, almost a year away, and the election itself is in 14 months. Yet candidates have been jockeying for position for six months already, writes Joanne O. Anderson of Janesville.
Your Views: Free speech spotlights serious issues, threats
Free speech is democracy’s indispensable lifeblood for its survival. But even though it is protected legally, it may be threatened socially, writes Brian Kevin Beck of Whitewater.
Your Views: Many schools offer vegetarian options
Sixty-four percent of U.S. school districts now offer vegetarian options, writes James Gordon of Janesville.
Your Views: Christianity, Islam have common stem
With all our differences, it’s so very important to learn what we have in common in order to respect and celebrate our unique heritage, writes Laurel B. Hefty of Albany.
Your Views: Cemetery thieves are beyond understanding
Patty Ceranski of Janesville is sick of people stealing from a Janesville cemetery.
Your Views: On which side of lakes would Scott Walker's wall be built?
Jim Klein of Edgerton asks: Where will Scott Walker’s fence (Walker’s Wall) between the United States and Canada be in relation to the Great Lakes?
Your Views: Youth2Youth applauds Janesville's e-cigarette limits
By the city council taking this positive move, we will continue to ensure a healthy work environment for all Janesville residents and patrons.
Your Views: Dental diagnoses can be subjective and objective
The patient reports symptoms and the dentist performs tests. There are many variables to take into account for each patient at any given point in time.
Your Views: Janesville's ban on e-cigarettes assures cleaner air for all
Young people who use e-cigarettes are twice as likely to begin smoking cigarettes, according to the Nicotine and Tobacco Research study.