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Your Thanks: ‘Cream Puffs and Cuffs’ event boosts charitable efforts of police
The funds raised from the event will go toward local high school scholarships, the Janesville Police Explorer Post 500 and other local community donations.
Your Views: Scott Walker cares about lives of constituents
Walker cares for each human baby that grows within his/her mother prior to birth.
Your Views: Ellie Fietz is right to object to government prying
Nothing in our nation's Constitution gives the federal government the right to pry into the private affairs of law-abiding citizens.
Your Views: We can’t afford a return to Mary Burke’s failed policies
Under Walker, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent as 8,400 private-sector jobs were created last month. Compare that to Burke’s record.
Your Views: Skip political correctness, return to following Bible
Schools teach our children explicitly about sex, help girls get abortions but can’t give aspirins without parental consent.
Your Views: Another reader wants more football scores
We ask that your sports department get with it and bring football and basketball scores to your readers, as many as possible.
Your Views: Evansville residents back Janis Ringhand for state Senate
Not only did she take the time to contact us personally by phone, but had investigated the issue at the local level and was able to give us an explanation.
Your Views: Quashing of unions in Wisconsin might cost cities in long run
I am a retired city administrator from Iowa, and it was always important to me to be sure my public employees were fairly compensated.
Your Views: Vote for Mary Burke so Scott Walker can’t drop another ‘bomb’
Mary Burke, brings a breath of fresh air to our Legislature that will help to rid us of the foul odors emanating from the seat of government.
Your Views: Rock County needs volunteers to advocate for children
I read and hear so many horror stories about the terrible things that kids go through because someone didn’t step in or didn’t know what to do.