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Your Views: Other avenues could solve Chicago’s rail congestion and leave farms here intact
Rock County already has three underused rail lines coming from the south. Upgrade one of those to handle the traffic this new one wants.
Your Views: To reduce sexual assaults, drop ‘boys will be boys’ excuse
Although most rape victims are women and perpetrators are overwhelmingly male, the burden of prevention falls on women.
Your Views: She supports immigrants fighting for their rights
It is not fair to take away a home from someone by deporting him or her to a country that person left behind many years ago.
Your Views: All must fight to support gender identity rights
They may be discriminated against for doing something as simple as using a public bathroom.
Your Views: She appreciates Janesville residents who did vote for Billy McCoy
There are 3,674 people that think McCoy might be the man that could solve some of the many problems in this city that are being ignored by others.
Your Views: Transfer plan makes Blackhawk Technical College even better path to jobs
The UW colleges will assure the acceptance of any Blackhawk Tech graduate with an associate’s degree into their Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences program.
Your Views: Janesville ordinance on transgender people suggests open minds, understanding
The reality of the presence of transgender people and/or gender expression takes time to grasp mentally.
Your Views: UW-Whitewater students must be careful about acts that might be deemed racist
We should be careful with words and actions that could be offensive because situations such as these can happen and be misinterpreted.
Your Views: This summer, don’t leave your dog alone in your car
What may seem like a quick grocery trip could result in a death sentence for your beloved companion. The inside of a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.
Your Views: Careless use of social media might risk your job security
Too often, there are posts of incessant complaining, rumors and gossip about a boss or company, as well as posts riddled with offensive content.