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Your Views: GOP keeps dragging Wisconsin backward
From the moment they sat down at the trough in the Capitol building, the GOP has relentlessly gorged on destroying the clean, green history of Wisconsin.
Your Views: Parker boys coach Keith Miller doesn't deserve anonymous jabs
He brings emotion and passion as a coach. It works for him. When you don't take risks, you don't get rewards in life.
Your Views: Great GOP giveaway keeps hurting Wisconsin
The Walker years haven’t been kind to Wisconsinites. Nearly $1.75 billion in needed financial resources have been lost.
Your Views: Cast your vote to proclaim that money is not speech
Not only does the flood of money distort the principle of “one person, one vote” in representative government, it interferes with the duties of our legislators.
Your Views: Two announcements could keep local economic news running strong
Rock County has emerged from the double whammy of the 2008 financial crisis and closing of GM and its supplier plants. Now, we’re in better shape than we were pre-2007.
Your Views: Congressman Ryan isn’t conservative enough and must be voted out of office
His unbridled desire to make deals with Democrats undermines the efforts of true conservatives. Radical change is needed, and Paul Ryan is an obstacle.
Your Views: Let’s stop making toy guns that look like real weapons
Police officers cannot read minds! Why make their job tougher than it already is?
Your Views: Shannon Wynn stands above others for Walworth County judge
Shannon Wynn's diverse background, endorsements, work ethic and common-sense attitude will make her a fine judge.
Your Views: Why weren't schools closed for King rather than cold?
Stopping to honor King's legacy of peace, economic justice and freedom is the best way to achieve future gains that benefit working people.
Your Views: Wisconsin Republicans show more stupidity on guns
Will the stupidity of the pro-gun nuts, the gun manufacturers, the gun lobby and Republicans ever end?