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Your Views: Youth group working to warn about tobacco

As members of our local FACT group in Rock County, my friends and I spread the truth about tobacco. We accomplish this by doing FACTivisms (FACT-activisms). A FACTivism can be as easy as wearing a FACT T-shirt to a concert or as in depth as having a...

Your Views: His health care battles show why you shouldn't smoke
I went from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane, which I’ll have to use forever. All this because I had to smoke.
Your Views: Let’s mail ballots to all voters to expand participation
We already have voter registration lists and driver’s license lists. It wouldn’t be that difficult to use those two lists and create a ballot list.
Your Views: People suffering from depression deserve more support
Depression is a terrible, brutal and serious illness that few people understand.
Your Views: Union worker sees merits of ‘right-to-work’ law
The system without “right-to-work” largely benefits union officials and high-seniority members at the expense of dues-paying, low-seniority workers.
Your Views: Fraternities and sororities must overcome stereotypes
Though these organizations were created to help collegiate men and women and their communities, the media have put a twist on our perception of Greeks.
Your Views: ‘Air ball’ chants are not the problem, but racism is
When will we actually be able to have a blunt, honest conversation about the hatred kids endure on an everyday basis?
Your Views: Former Janesville City Council member appreciates election workers, voters, city staff
Voters in Janesville and Rock County can be sure that their votes are tabulated correctly because of the leadership of Godek, Tollefson, poll workers and volunteers.
Your Views: Blame presidential politics for rise in racism, hatred
You are free to vote for whom you desire, but other human beings should not have to go through the humiliation nor be singled out for who they are or where they come from.
Your Views: Are smartphones leaving us ignorant of those around us?
I encourage everyone to put their phones away and simply enjoy the moments you experience in everyday life doing what you love with people you care about.