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Your Views: Raise your voice before utilities raise your rates
Madison Gas & Electric and We Energies are asking the PSC to allow them to almost double the fixed customer charge on monthly utility bills.
Your Views: Wisconsin Council of Churches urges 'yes' vote on BadgerCare
Accepting federal dollars for BadgerCare will do more than facilitate access to care for Wisconsin's needy. Doing so will reflect sound stewardship of limited resources.
Your Views: Critics of Paul Ryan play loose with facts
Paul Ryan seems to be the only national politician willing to address serious problems facing our nation.
Your Views: Van Hollen, Republicans have priorities wrong
For the past four years, our attorney general has made a non-existent, politically motivated voter-fraud issue his priority.
Your Views: Microaggression is new form of bullying
Putdowns can take many forms and can affect various people. Examples include comments based on race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.
Your Views: Why not judge Scott Walker by company he keeps?
It's embarrassing! Let's improve Wisconsin's reputation! Vote Mary Burke!
Your views: Stop the damage created by Walker
Walker's policies are anti-worker, anti-education, anti-minority and anti-woman.
Your views: If Walker wins, Wisconsin wins
Gratefully, we have a good, capable man in Scott Walker willing to take this challenge another four years. He's right for Wisconsin.
Your views: Give someone else chance to represent 1st District
I can admire some of what he has accomplished, but his penchant for extremist fiction is a dangerous menace to Rock County and the entire country.
Your views: Thousands of children need foster parents
These children have been abused and neglected and cannot return until their home is safe and their needs are met.