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Your Thanks: Foundation grant boosts Wilson School's summer reading program
This program was designed to help stop the summer reading loss that occurs for students during the summer months.
Your Views: Not all owners of hybrid cars should pay same tax
Lightweight cars, hybrid or not, cause less wear and tear on roads and bridges, so it’s fair for their owners to pay less road tax.
Your Views: Wisconsin should tax other tobacco products comparably
This action would further discourage young people from starting a deadly habit that becomes an addiction, and it would prompt others to quit.
Your Views: Europeans can see our nation's sad political evolution
Sadly, our revolution proclaiming life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as peace and justice for all, is evolving into an old world oligarchy.
Your Views: If roles were reversed, would Ferguson be burning?
There were blacks on the jury. They read and saw the evidence. They acquitted him. Let it go.
Your Thanks: Rock County's Choral Union sings praises of its business partners
Saying the words “thank you” in no way expresses the magnitude of the gratitude we feel about our countless business partners.
Your Views: TIF incentives doing little good for Janesville
Few small taxpaying, job-creating, businesses receive TIF money, meaning these large selected corporations are mostly financed from taxes on the weak and helpless.
Your Views: City to blame for ballot with insufficient question
The ballots had a spot for people to vote for a raise in the tax levy of $1.2 million. There was nothing stating what that money was going to be used for.
Your Views: Opposition to Obama is rooted in racism
What are we afraid of if our president extends protections to undocumented immigrants?
Your Views: Ferguson situation shows young men have ‘disturbing pattern,’ too
I think of aggressive young men who “get their macho up,” feeling they have something to prove. That, too, is a pattern that needs to change.