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Your Views: A Veterans Day message from one who's been there
Your Views: A Veterans Day message from one who's been there
Stay loud, stay proud and never apologize for being right, writes Vietnam War veteran Steve Manthei.
Your Views: Replacing state Government Accountability Board just returns partisanship
This bad policy creates potential for future members to represent the interests of partisan leaders who appoint them rather than working together for the good of citizens.
Your Views: Let’s hear how candidates would fix national debt
With the next GOP debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday, Nov. 10, all the candidates will be vying for our votes. But have they told us their plan to fix the debt?
Your Views: Where was Gov. Walker's compassion in these moves?
Where was his compassion when he signed Act 10, requiring public employees to pay more for their health insurance and retirement while taking away most bargaining power?
Your Views: Whitewater School Board urges opposition to referendum legislation
We need to maintain the right for our community members to control their own public schools through the election process.
Your Views: Why weren't Republicans asked about Social Security?
The Congressional Budget Office projects that, under current law, the DI trust fund will be exhausted in fiscal year 2017, and the OASI trust fund will be exhausted in 2032.
Your Views: City of Janesville must protect, not sell, Oak Hill Cemetery
It’s conceivable that a private corporation would sell off the beautiful reserve land on the north side of the cemetery for housing or business development.
Your Views: NRA is our best hope for republic's survival
True patriots want a sovereign America and not the foreign entanglements our Founding Fathers warned us about.
Your Views: Learn presidential candidates to make informed decision
I really don’t care who’s in what party. I want someone who will change the direction this country has been going in.
Your Views: Jeb Bush’s statements raise red flags with this voter
Jeb Bush sounds like just another politician who focuses on the politics of fear, hate and polarization. In other words, the focus is on divide and conquer...