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Your Views: Economics puzzle us as election looms large
Our comprehension is flawed and finite; the data are infinite. Economics is merely politics playing dress up in statistics.
Your Views: Encounter with him suggests Ali truly was ‘The Greatest’
I often think of the message on his prayer card: “God is one, to all Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus. We are all together.”
Your Views: Paul Ryan’s decision shameful
An open but brief letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville.
Your Views: Sen. Ron Johnson should set sights on even more spending cuts
The Defense Department’s budget exceeds $600 billion, yet the department admits it cannot account for 25 percent of expenditures.
Your Views: Let marijuana solve problems of Clinton, vets
Hillary, just come clean. We are a forgiving country, and we could learn much from you! I recommend time spent in a monastic setting. Pot and prayers are all she really needs.
Your Views: Radio host responds to criticism of Nehlen
In his letter, Goebel attacks me for statements I made many years ago. The statements were tasteless but made in jest, and I apologized for them.
Your Views: Emails show Hillary Clinton is unfit for president
Clinton was astonishingly negligent in her handling of National Defense Information (NDI) materials by using a private server versus a U.S. government server.
Your Views: Why print Sound Offs that spread misinformation?
Lots of disinformation can be passed around at the grass-roots level if there are few or no repercussions for circulating prejudices through the news media.
Your Views: Paul Ryan must push remedy for climate change
Recent headlines underscore the need for action: Carbon dioxide levels jump by record amount (5/21), and the Earth sets 12th straight heat record (5/19).
Your Views: On liquor license issue, Milton raises questions
Seems like maybe local government is advising on how to run local business as it seems to know all about it.