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Your Views: True patriarchy is grounded in sacrifice, not tyranny
Feminism, beneath a pretense alleging equality of the genders as its goal, has always intended to institute a truly tyrannical matriarchy.
Your Views: Law isn’t applied equally to our energy producers
Apparently we can forgive the estimated 28,000 bird deaths per year at the BrightSource solar plant in California.
Your Views: Parent fears closure of sheltered workshops serving those with disabilities
Our daughter, Rosa, 31, is one of countless people being targeted. For 13 years she has worked at Elkhorn’s VIP Industries, where her body and personality have unfolded.
Your Views: Examine our own attitudes when reflecting on Ferguson
We form conclusions and decide on who is responsible even though we do not know all the facts about what really happened.
Your Views: Sheltered workshops serving those with disabilities indeed at risk in state
The fact is that there has been a nationwide movement in recent years to close facilities like these.
Your Thanks: Janesville Noon Lions Club appreciates support of chicken roast at Riverside fest
Proceeds will support our chapter’s dedication toward improving the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired and supporting numerous community causes.
Your Thanks: National Night Out in Janesville proves wonderful event
Thank you to the Janesville Police Department for once again hosting National Night Out, and thank you to all the local and area residents and sponsors.
Your Views: Gov. Walker’s former words revealing in today’s politics
He once strongly supported the type of full disclosure of the donors of outside money that Wisconsin has needed for two decades.
Your Views: New Janesville Transit Services Center shows foresight
We all are fortunate that we have forward-looking city leaders who have the foresight to provide quality transportation for those needing the service.
Your Views: Some Vietnam stories have yet to be told
The public still thinks things about the Vietnam War and its veterans that have never been true.