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Your Views: Don Vruwink is a hall of fame guy

As a Milton resident, I have known Don Vruwink for over 35 years. Like many parents, I feel very fortunate that my sons had the opportunity to be taught and coached by Don.

Whether it be in the classroom or the athletic field, Don has had a big ...

Your View: Politics are driving Lader allegations

Accusations were made at the Milton City Council meeting regarding my wife's, Nancy Lader's, possible infringement of Milton's code of conduct . That issue will become settled in the future. This is the mayor's second attempt to have Nancy removed...

Your Views: Story on Trump and Russia was misleading


I know that The Gazette wants Hillary Clinton to be our next president. However, is it really necessary to slam Trump like you did in Thursday's paper? Big headline saying that he has asked for Russia's help. Anyone who did not hear his news...

Your Views: Feingold no friend of military or the unborn
Throughout his 24 years as a Washington politician, Russ Feingold has taken some extreme positions.
Your Views: Jorgensen’s style is to be a good listener
As the presidential race gets contentious and the volume on political speech is turned up, it’s a relief to find a candidate who is keeping things positive.
Your Views: Disrud has excelled as deputy register of deeds
I am writing this letter to proudly show my support for Sandy Disrud, running for Rock County register of deeds in the Aug. 9 primary election.
Your Views: Mussolini wanted to make Italy ‘great again’
The GOP presidential nominee likes to quote him, “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”
Your Views: ‘Globalist’ Ryan favors open borders

Congressman Paul Ryan is undeniably the most predictable politician on earth. We all knew that when he started to lose his grip on the primary, that he would do his flip-flop routine and become gung-ho for border protection and talk like he's the...

Your Views: ‘Zombie’ companies in China killing U.S. jobs

With Chinese trade a hot button issue this election year, the real problem of many Chinese manufactures being arms of the Chinese government seem to be getting ignored.

A perfect example is the Chinese steel industry. Filled with companies...

Your Views: Wiedenfeld has backing of law enforcement

Zeke Wiedenfeld, candidate for Walworth County district attorney, has the endorsement of over 100 Walworth County active and retired law enforcement personnel.

You may wonder why so many people in Walworth County law enforcement support Zeke...