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Your Views: Ryan’s tax plan rewards the rich
House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republicans have provided a tax plan that cuts $3.1 trillion in taxes over the next 10 years.
Your Views: Focus on the issues, not personalities
The opportunity to vote is here. There is the danger that we might reduce the importance of this moment to a moment of merely voting on the basis of personality.
Your Views: GOP forevermore linked to Trump, mindlessness
Donald Trump is credible only to the gullible.
Your Views: Hetz is a ‘we,’ not a ‘me,’ person
As a 20-something conservative with a lot of liberal tendencies, voting for Allison Hetz was not a hard decision.
Your Views: Mental health needs should not be ignored
While one in five youth will experience a mental health issue, up to 80 percent of children and youth who have mental health issues are not getting the treatment that they need.
Your Views: Vote ‘yes’ to support children’s education
We moved to Milton in the early 1980s specifically for the opportunities that the Milton School District would provide to our children.
Your Views: Record shows Trump is a bully

It is disturbing how Donald Trump supporters are in favor of his racism and insults and say political correctness is not for them. Our Constitution supports free speech; unfortunately, Trump is a bully and mean. And like any bully, he insults and...

Your Views: Let’s hook up Watson to the human brain

“60 Minutes” was showing how Watson on artificial intelligence could help cancer treatments. Why not hook Watson up to the human brain and enhance a human's brainpower, which supposedly has many hidden chambers of knowledge? If I had a...

Your Views: Rep. August should call for suspension of voter ID law

People are leaving empty handed from the Division of Motor Vehicles sites issuing the voter IDs. A recent court order calls for voter IDs to be issued within six days of applying and for avenues to be opened for granting voting credentials even to...

Your Views: A ‘yes’ vote benefits children of Whitewater