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Your views: Urge elected officials to follow China's lead on environment
I recently spent time in China, and I was nervous about everything that I had heard about air quality in Beijing.
Your views: Trump is hypocrite for questioning states but withholding tax returns
Mr. Trump, if you continually refuse to share your tax information with the American people, one has to wonder what you are so worried about.
Your Views: Rep. Ryan, please support mental health access bill
By cosponsoring the Mental Health Access Improvement Act of 2017, you will be demonstrating your understanding of the importance of mental health services.
Your Views: Watch your speed and your language
I would like to say that I often wonder why we have stop signs or speed limits when I am out on the streets or highways because it is seldom that I see people driving even near the speed limit.
Your Views: Milton should be called the city that never stops
I am an avid exerciser and can often be found either walking or running through the streets of Milton most late afternoons.
Your views: Don't belittle Beloit in stories about Janesville
Why is it that The Gazette finds it necessary to constantly belittle Beloit as it tries to minimize challenges facing Janesville?
Your views: Letter is 'climate change denial propaganda'

On July 15, The Gazette published an op-ed, “Flawed science drives support for the Paris Climate Accord.” The op-ed co-authored by two Canadians, Tim Ball and Tom Harris, is an unabashed piece of climate change denial propaganda....

Your Views: Climate change column lacks science
I have always preferred to discuss facts behind an issue rather than personalities, but when one side has no facts and keeps on presenting as if they did, it is time for a change of tactics.
Your Views: Be a girl scout leader and enrich your life
Your Views: Criticism of others’ church attire not very Christian