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Your Views: Trump speaks the truth on immigration problem

Most politicians and columnists are castigating Donald Trump for stating that we should hold off on accepting more immigrants until it can be determined if they are involved with terrorism or not.

Having only watched the TV news, read...

Your Views: Nehlen has questionable credentials as businessman

Paul Nehlen supporters are making numerous unsubstantiated charges against Speaker Paul Ryan, including that Ryan is undermining Donald Trump's proposal to enforce existing immigration laws.

It is a fact that we are not going to deport the 11...

Your Views: Pray for an end to police shootings

I just want to say it sickens me about the shooting of America's police officers.

What is wrong with these people? Where would we be without them? Could we ever have a peaceful night sleep? Could we go shopping or walk down our own streets?...

Your Views: Retired judge impressed with Wiedenfeld

Zeke Wiedenfeld would make an outstanding district attorney for Walworth County. While I was serving as a circuit court judge in Walworth County, I had the privilege of presiding over numerous cases where Wiedenfeld was the prosecuting assistant...

Your Views: Fools launching fireworks July 9

Here it is, Saturday, July 9, and some fools in Rockvale Mobile Home Park don't know what day the Fourth of July was on. And where are the parents of these teens when they are setting them off? Probably right there with them. Fireworks are prohibited...

Your Views: God looks at heart, not skin color

God looks at hearts, not skin color

We have been hearing lately on the news how Black Lives Matter. How about all lives, like cops that take an oath to protect everyone? I don't hear too much about when they were killed. Have you ever thought...

Your Views: Wiedenfeld has proven himself

As a former and retired law enforcement officer and chief of police (for the city of Delavan), I endorse Zeke Wiedenfeld for Walworth County district attorney.

I have worked with five former district attorneys and have seen Zeke in the court...

Your Views: Trump’s policy of hate

Donald Trump's stew of hate and ignorance has helped create a climate of fear and racism. It's disturbing that even many evangelical Christian leaders support Trump. If they can support Trump, is there anything sacred? This issue raises questions as...

Your Views: End to underage drinking
Congratulations to the Janesville businesses that passed the recent alcohol compliance checks with no violations.
Your Views: What would deer camp be like with Trump, Johnson?
The only similarity between a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and Model 94 Winchester 30-30 is that they are both lever actions.