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Your Views: Safety net programs lifted many out of poverty
Economic salvation is to be found by cutting Social Security benefits and cutting Medicare payments and reducing retirement benefits.
Your Views: Milton schools in need of updating
Your Views: Taking a moment to celebrate educators

I am writing this brief letter of appreciation from a resident and a professional educator's perspective. At the time when education is lambasted, I want to take this time to “manage up” some very important people who have changed my life...

Your Views: Unlike Johnson, Feingold respects women’s rights
Your Views: Think long term when voting on referendum
Your Views: Atwood’s efforts allow voices to be heard

On behalf of the Janesville League of Women Voters, I want to extend my deep gratitude to Dan Atwood and RSVP for expanding voting access in Rock County. An article published this month (“Volunteer Janesville driver advocates for voter rights,...

Your Views: Ignoring sexual assault disrespects women
Your Views: Loudenbeck no friend of the environment
Your Views: Trump is wrong. Election is not rigged
Your View: Boo to the thief