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Your Views: Sheridan’s experience makes him best for Senate
A vote for Mike Sheridan is a vote for Wisconsin families, new job creation, an enhanced local infrastructure and improved public education.
Your Views: Spoden has made moves to upgrade Rock County Sheriff’s Office
Bob Spoden is a dedicated professional who ensures that Rock County’s citizens receive the best services that can be provided.
Your Views: Redskins name isn’t among nation’s pressing concerns
Even very corrupt Third World countries prosecute when officials are exposed. We turn the other cheek and re-elect them.
Your Views: Walworth County agency wise to delay shingle recycling permit
The idea of recycling shingles is a good one, but we hope the committee agrees that such a heavily industrial process is inappropriate in the rural/residential area.
Your Views: Obama continues to defy logic
He is a petty dictator who will continue using his executive orders even though the Supreme Court has ruled he is overstepping his powers in certain matters.
Your Views: Too many people neglect three things for better life
Good nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle influence longevity and lessen or prevent many debilitating diseases and illnesses.
Your Views: Students should relish chance to win money with speeches on Constitution
I realize knowing the Constitution is a plus. It will help me be a better citizen and make better voting decisions.
Your Views: Put down phones, iPods; pick up books of knowledge
We are leaving the era of reading and entering the era of technology. All Abraham Lincoln did was read, and look what he became.
Your Views: Ethanol can lead us to energy independence
Most of those cars on the road today could safely consume higher level blends of ethanol, saving drivers money and increasing engine efficiency.
Your Thanks: Agrace appreciates support of new Janesville center
The new facility, which includes 12 inpatient suites for Agrace patients who are in need of acute symptom management, officially opened July 1.