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Your Views: Mike Sheridan works cooperatively to get things accomplished
In these difficult times, we need a leader who has a proven record, the experience to find ways to get things done and a vision to get it done.
Your Views: Austin Scieszinski will usher in new era of leadership
Madison politicians and special interests don’t want Austin to win this race because they know they won’t be able to influence him.
Your Views: Kurt Picknell is natural successor for Walworth County sheriff
Kurt is an experienced, dedicated and committed law enforcement official with 27 years of experience.
Your Views: Sheila De Forest proves she can get things done
I turned to Sheila and asked her to spearhead a countywide farm-to-school coalition that others were having trouble get off the ground.
Your Views: Sheriff Spoden’s deal on ‘The Tank’ shows disconnect on safety
Sheriff Robert Spoden could have spent the money on regular pieces of equipment that deputies carry every day—handguns.
Your Views: She supports Spoden, Sheridan, Gackstatter
Each of these individuals brings knowledge, skills of having done the job and care about the citizens of Rock County.
Your Views: As lawmaker, Mike Sheridan made poor decisions
Among a series of poor choices, your having an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist, who had a major issue before the Legislature, reflected a lack of leadership.
Your Views: Bearcat vehicle shouldn't be part of political debate
The Bearcat is an armored vehicle that protects SWAT members who are entering dangerous areas to handle the most serious incidents within our community.
Your Views: Mike Sheridan understands it takes a village to raise a child
As an autism advocate, I greatly appreciated Mike Sheridan taking the time to talk to me and discuss my concerns regarding medical and educational autism supports.
Your Views: Moneyed interests won’t sway Sheila De Forest
I want someone in Madison who will do what’s best for the people she represents, not an organized group who helped get her there.