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Your Views: Car engine essentially a mechanical mistake
Engine cars are mechanically pathetic compared to electric vehicles.
Your Views: Superintendent Schulte should change, leave Janesville School District on positive note
One of those things she could do would be to allow employees to ask questions or make comments in meetings without the fear of being reprimanded.
Your Views: City of Janesville Operations Division offers many services to residents
I'm very proud of the men and women who work hard every day to provide the community with high-quality, cost-effective services.
Your Views: Everyone can take steps to protect our fresh water
If we really want to come together about our water resources, let’s all realize that it will take sacrifices and changes.
Your Views: Wisconsin school districts fail to properly manage facilities
We do not need to replace schools that have obsolete mechanical systems. However, we need to have a certified engineer commission these systems.
Your Views: Why would Paul Nehlen associate with Sly? Re-elect Rep. Paul Ryan
I will not vote to throw away the opportunities the House speakership brings to the 1st District, Wisconsin, or the nation.
Your Views: Ron Johnson’s record shows why Russ Feingold should replace him in U.S. Senate
Sen. Johnson turned his back on common-sense relief for more than 800,000 Wisconsin student loan borrowers.
Your views: Fix nation's mental health system to curb gun violence
Let’s put continuing pressure on all elected officials to stay the course and commit to continuing action to reinstate a viable system that addresses the real problem.
Your Views: Questioning voter ID claims made by Rep. Andy Jorgensen
Most people already have acceptable IDs for voting because you need IDs to do virtually everything, including getting into the Democratic convention.
Your Views: Gov. Scott Walker’s experiments leading Wisconsin wrong way
We are owned by corporations. We are being paid low wages and pay more for insurance than states that expanded Medicaid.