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Your Views: City mistreating humane society
Your Views: ‘Resist’ movement leading to violence
Your Views: This veteran is getting excellent care at the VA
I am a Wisconsin veteran, and I have only praise for the care I have with the VA, from appointments to timely office calls and excellent follow-ups on any and all procedures I’ve had!
Your Views: Congress should retain historic tax credits
While Congress considers tax reform legislation, a vital economic development tool that has benefited the Janesville area is on the chopping block.
Your Views: Gerrymandering undermines the democratic process
In his Nov. 4 commentary, John Lader wrote that gerrymandering doesn’t explain Democrat losses, which may be true.
Your Views: Writer unfairly portrays public education as failing
After reading Bill Redmer's Nov. 5 letter to the editor on public schools, I felt a need to respond. I taught 37 years in the public schools (most in the Beloit Turner schools). The vast majority of public school teachers I know are dedicated...
Your Views: Democrats wish they could claim credit for tax cuts
Your Views: Honor veterans every day and avoid needless wars
Your Views: Concerned about effects of merger on students
As a student, education is a high priority within my life as it will determine my employment, location and financial stability. The merger will affect more than the demographic and enrollment trends in Wisconsin.
Your Views: Women using power of ‘no’ to stop bullies
There are autocratic, patriarchal men in the world whose power and influence cause great human suffering. Harvey Weinstein seems to be the predator du jour.