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Your Views: Milton schools proposal leaves him many questions
If the 2008 design for a new high school is obsolete, how long will it be before this new design is obsolete?
Your Views: Have we learned anything from Germany’s Hitler?
The German economy was in shambles; unemployment was high; inflation was out of control, and there was a great deal of civil unrest.
Your Views: Electric vehicles could be boon for U.S. given Chinese demand
There’s a reason for American development and production of EVs near term: establishing a winning manufacturing infrastructure to compete globally.
Your Views: Concealed carry is not the issue in mass shootings
In the latest incident in Orlando, ... if one of the hostages was carrying, might the number killed have been reduced?
Your Views: We need to work together to safeguard drinking water
Unfortunately, Wisconsin has a shockingly high number of wells that draw contaminated water.
Your Views: Speaker Ryan earns applause for supporting resolution against inhumanity
Investigative journalist and author Ethan Gutmann estimates that over 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been murdered for their organs and suspects many more.
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos wrong in desire to dismiss many tenured professors
What tenure does is offer protection against attacks by legislators for holding views that aren’t in line with the party in power.
Your Views: Let women of the greatest generation sort out bathroom rights
They could inspect the bottoms of the confused, and they will never make a single mistake.
Your Views: Elect Donald Trump, and Abraham Lincoln would spin in his grave
Those struggling to jump off the bandwagon are probably going to find out that once you jump on there's no turning back because everybody saw them do it.
Your Views: Fracking merits support for three good reasons
The benefits of fracking—which produces 67 percent of natural gas, according to the Energy Information Administration—go beyond just the environmental impact.