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Your Views: Despite Anchor Inn fire, businessmen make wedding day special
We thank John Kinnet and Chico Pope from the bottoms of our hearts for all of their hard work and generosity in helping us plan our wedding reception.
Your Views: Enbridge pipeline plans should concern in Walworth County residents
Dane and Jefferson counties recently rejected this expansion. Our health is just as important to us here in Walworth County.
Your Views: State is at fault, must fix Milton’s bypass fiasco
The only solution to this fiasco is for the DOT to admit to its bumbling mistake and fix it with corrective construction.
Your Views: Father applauds plans Janesville's new Rock University High School
I’m not trying to knock the public school system, but some students want more of an academic challenge and less drama.
Your Views: Trek’s numbers show hypocrisy of Mary Burke
It’s hypocritical for Burke to advocate for American jobs and higher wages when Trek does everything it can to avoid them.
Your Views: Why would newspapers endorse Scott Walker or Paul Ryan?
People like the billionaire Koch brothers can buy their Republican politicians, get their taxes lowered and break all the unions.
Your Views: Keep state work rules for those with disabilities
Gov. Walker, please don't take the option for workshop services away from Greg.
Your Views: UW-W police to beef up drunken driving prevention
On average, someone is killed or injured in an alcohol-related crash in Wisconsin approximately every three hours.
Your Views: Why let John Eyster throw final-hour election bomb at Mike Sheridan?
John Eyster's last-minute, anybody-but-Sheridan blog was as journalistically unprofessional as anything The Gazette could have allowed on one of its platforms.
Your Views: Constitutional speech could bring scholarship
The scholarship award money offered by the American Legion’s Oratorical Contest is worth the extra effort, as it could defray a substantial part of college tuition.