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Our Views: Buying alcohol shouldn’t be this convenient
Throughout the state, too many communities have repealed long-standing bans on alcohol sales at gas stations, and this trend has been unfortunately playing out in Milton.
Our Views: Make prepayment for gas sales a priority
As draconian as this proposal might appear, we cannot dismiss the appeal of a policy promising to completely eliminate a certain type of crime. Few laws have that ability, and for that reason we feel the council should mandate prepayment for gas.
Our Views: Austerity drives latest Milton schools proposal
The 5-1 vote last week to draft a new referendum question for the Milton School District might seem like a setback for board member Brian Kvapil, the only one to vote against it. But that would be the wrong way of looking at it.
Our Views: City makes life too easy for bad landlords
The city of Janesville’s approach to dealing with problematic landlords could be described as wishful thinking.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, July 17
Thumbs down to tax breaks for Foxconn, paying high prices for prescription drugs. Thumbs up to Mercyhealth, capturing father's bitter-sweet moment.
Our Views: The pitfalls of landing Foxconn
The sudden influx of 10,000 jobs in Janesville could only be a good thing, right? Not necessarily.
Our Views: Pophal has a vision for Janesville schools
New Janesville School District Superintendent Steve Pophal sat down with the Gazette Editorial Board for the first time Wednesday and shared his thoughts about the school district and the future of public education.
Our Views: U-Rock dorm lacks broad appeal
Even if building a dormitory at UW-Rock County still makes sense, it's hard to get excited about the project.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, July 10
Thumbs down to banning vegetables in the front yard, Trump's voter fraud investigation. Thumbs up to the Milwaukee Brewers, bipartisan talk on infrastructure.
Our Views: Delavan-Darien School District’s problems go beyond racism
Racism is likely part of Delavan-Darien's problem, but the school district’s hemorrhaging of students has many other factors.