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Our Views: The antidote to bullying: awareness

It's one thing to tell middle-schoolers that bullying is wrong. It's quite another to actually change students' behaviors so that they're less inclined to bully or treat each other in a way that might lead to bullying.

The most impressive...

Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, March 6
Thumbs down to Delavan-Darien residency rule and more rail proposal delays. Thumbs up to Craig cheerleaders and Olivya Martine.
Our Views: Proposal piles on the paperwork
If Janesville City Council member Jorgensen could hold up a clear example of wasteful use of consultants, we might be more inclined to take his idea seriously.
Our Views: A few items for the VP's consideration
At some point, President Trump will need to deliver on his agenda, and here are a few items that we feel his administration must address to be successful:
Our Views: A scarlet letter for the information age
The state's rigid interpretation of the law demands perfection in order to expunge a record, but we hope the high court, in considering Lazaro Ozuna's case, advocates for a less stringent standard.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Feb. 27
Thumbs down to DOT's math, making history a low priority. Thumbs up to Bon-Ton, golfing in February.
Our Views: Protests are making Ryan even less accessible
Not that long ago, Rep. Paul Ryan would have been able to hold a town hall meeting and have a dialogue with constituents. Today, that’s essentially impossible.
Our Views: Critical thinking under siege at college campuses
To be openly conservative at a college campus these days, especially one as liberal as Beloit College, has become a courageous act.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Feb. 20
Our Views: Shining a light on law enforcement
The Gazette's ability to quickly obtain videos captured by law enforcement depends in large part on law enforcement's understanding that video remains subject to the open records law.