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Our Views: Criticism of club’s hunt misdirected
An animal rights group from Madison is trying to inflict a guilt trip on Janesville’s Boys & Girls Club over a hunting event. It’s rubbish.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Feb. 6
Thumbs down to legislators writing blank checks, faking hate crimes. Thumbs up to reviving Janesville's African-American Committee, United Alloy.
Our Views: Pierner brings what Blackhawk needs—boldness
Here's the condensed version of Tracy Pierner's plan for Blackhawk Technical College: Shake it up.
Our Views: Humphries dares to offer new ideas
Candidate for state superintendent, John Humphries, has an uphill battle in advocating for an honest assessment of public education.
Our Views: Don’t let bomb threats take charge
To be sure, school should be canceled if officials believe a bomb threat is credible. But if not, students should be required to attend—none of this, “Well, come if you feel like it.”
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Jan. 30
Thumbs up to Rep. Ryan dismissing voter fraud claims, the opening of Rock River Brewing. Thumbs down to the Cramer brothers, ending requirement to publish meeting minutes.
Our Views: On Obamacare, don’t make any rash cuts
Lowering health care costs by revoking coverage for people with pre-existing conditions is unacceptable.
Our Views: Shop class strikes back
If public education is going to thrive in the coming years, more schools need to follow in the steps of the Delavan-Darien School District and bring back auto mechanics class. For that matter, bring back welding, drafting, woodworking and the other shop classes.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Jan. 23
Thumbs up to Nathan Chapman, brighter state budget and generic version of the EpiPen. Thumbs down to $17.9 million security proposal and candidates who don't pay their bills.
Our Views: Milton gambles on different outcome
From an oddsmaker’s standpoint, the Milton School Board made a savvy decision to hold a special election this summer and take another shot at passing a referendum to build a new high school. Of course, school board members cannot afford to count on their improved odds to deliver victory.