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Our Views: Protracted hunt takes toll on Janesville
Who is Joseph Jakubowski? As this unprecedented manhunt for the local man nears its eighth day, answering that question becomes more important for a community living in a heightened state of fear.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, April 10
Thumbs down to Lisa Tollefson and voter turnout. Thumbs up to Walworth County Sheriff's Office and the Joint Finance Committee.
Our Views: Election deals blow to Milton School District agenda
Voters landed a punch right on the school district's kisser. But at the same time, the election didn't eliminate the district's need for more space and upgrades.
Our Views: The heroin epidemic is not somebody else's problem
There's little we can do for addicts who don't want treatment, but for those who want it, this precious opportunity cannot be wasted or lost to bureaucracy.
Our Views: Ready to move past the dam
The sooner the Janesville City Council can let bids for the dam removal project, the sooner this new crop of council members can devote its full attention to improving Janesville's economic prospects.
Our Views: Making sure our students never forget
One of the most touching aspects of Edgerton Middle School’s recent approach to teaching about the Holocaust is the curriculum’s comprehensiveness.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, April 3
Thumbs down to perpetual disagreement between Grafft, city and threatening UW System aid. Thumbs up to Aaron Aegerter and loan forgiveness for young farmers.
Our Views: Four rise to the top in city council race
From a strong field of Janesville City Council candidates, The Gazette Editorial Board is endorsing Doug Marklein, Tom Wolfe, Sue Conley and Jim Dennis.
Our Views: Hopeful but concerned about this Janesville School Board slate
The Gazette Editorial Board is making some of our endorsements for three school board seats with less enthusiasm than we typically reserve for local races.
Our Views: Evers makes a bipartisan case for state superintendent post
As one of the few liberals occupying a state office, Tony Evers has demonstrated a knack for cooperating with conservative colleagues, which is laudable given the partisan nature of Madison’s political scene.