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Jason Stanford: We need an exchange program for racial integration
We lack the political will for forced integration—even though it worked—but should consider a student exchange program to build bridges between our communities.
Greg Peck: Losing Packer Jordy Nelson in “a meaningless game”
Greg Peck: Losing Packer Jordy Nelson in “a meaningless game”
As Packer Nation awaits word today on Pro Bowl receiver Jordy Nelson's knee, fans question the value of these “meaningless” preseason games.
Esther Cepeda: Let's end the school-to-prison pipeline
Children—more often than not, minorities—are caught up by “zero-tolerance” public school policies that criminalize minor infractions of school rules.
Peter Funt: Media are out to get everyone
At this point in the long slog to Election Day 2016, many in mainstream media deserve credit for treating all candidates with appropriate skepticism.
Jason Stanford: Illinois governor sees Katrina as success at destroying schools
Musing about the political upside of a tragedy back in 2011 would only be in awful taste if Bruce Rauner were just a businessman.
Greg Peck: Remembering storm that socked Janesville 15 years ago this month
Wednesday's tornado in Lake Geneva jogged memories of a storm that toppled hundreds of trees and left many Janesville residents without power 15 years ago this month.
Dick Polman: Evidence lacking in case against Planned Parenthood
It’s indeed illegal to sell aborted body parts for profit, but not a shred of evidence has turned up that Planned Parenthood does any such thing.
Con: Questionable laws turn sex into a police process
In practice, a "yes means yes" law requires getting verbal consent—an explicit “yes”—at every progressive step in a sexual act.
Michael Gerson: Immigrants are focus of Trump’s ideological nitroglycerin
This is reality television with a kick. Donald Trump’s first stab at policy is an immigration plan involving mass deportation and an end to birthright citizenship.
Charles Krauthammer: GOP must avoid immigration swamp
Republicans have a talented field and a very good chance of winning the presidency. Do they want to be dragged into swamps by Trump and make winning impossible?

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