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Charles Krauthammer: A theory on why Comey won’t prosecute Clinton
Why did FBI director James Comey not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified material?
Kathleen Parker: Who are the people for whom Trump tolls?
I was struck by a constellation of intellectuals struggling to translate the relative meanings of Brexit, Donald Trump and the West’s populist surge against elites.
Michael Gerson: We can’t know who we are without knowing who we were
n this odd political season—so shallow in rhetoric, so fundamental in consequence—Americans are not only celebrating their nation’s independence.
Steven Walters: In campaigns, numbers differ in battle about school aid
Both political parties selectively use school aid numbers to help them—they hope—score political points.
Matt Pommer: Paul Ryan prescribes new GOP cure for nation's health care system
The long-promised alternative to Obamacare is loaded with goodies and controversies, including a bigger role for state governments.
Esther Cepeda: Hunger never takes a holiday
Summertime is particularly difficult for both people who live with food insecurity and the organizations that help them access free food.
Greg Peck: Editorial on fire station recounts newspaper's role as watchdog
Janesville's decision on where to build a new Central Fire Station proved controversial. This editorial explains why criticism had merits.
First Amendment: Join in the fireworks that you watch or the ones around freedom
The annual State of the First Amendment survey found nearly four in 10 of those questioned could not name a single freedom in the First Amendment unaided.
Greg Peck: A tongue-in-cheek look at the demise of bipartisanship
In my weeklong reflection of editorials I've written the past 13 years, here's one I didn't even pen intending to print in The Gazette.
Michael Gerson: A Cuban doctor who moves history
Cuban Dr. Oscar Biscet is offended to the core that the country he loves is occupied by squalid autocrats who have run it into the ground.

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