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Dick Polman: Thank Ted Cruz for the surgeon general the NRA hates
Sen. Ted Cruz is so addicted to grandstanding that he has no clue how to best help his own party.
Steven Walters: New legislators learn Capitol tribal rites, rituals
“It’s like drinking from a fire hose for some of them for the first five or six months,” said Pat Fuller, the Assembly’s chief clerk and administrator.
Our Views: GIFTS Men's Shelter in Janesville continues to show remarkable success
GIFTS doesn't just give men places to sleep. It strives to give each a “hand up.”
Jason Stanford: Obama can’t win on oil prices
I used to be as guilty as anyone at seeing the false causation between the price of gas and the president’s economic stewardship.
Michael Gerson: America needs politics of repair
As a trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill trundled into law, the populist wings of both political parties declared themselves both revolted and in revolt.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Dec. 15, 2014
Thumbs Up to The Walldogs in Delavan and to Data Dimensions; Thumbs Down to GOP Rep. Bill Kramer and to a utility phone scam.
Esther Cepeda: Lost in videoland
Our kids live in those video-game enhanced worlds with their real-life friends when not “burdened” by school.
Our Views: Cameras can boost policing in Janesville, elsewhere
Cameras can keep officers from using too much force, and Police Chief Dave Moore says the devices are valuable when someone alleges excessive force.
Web Views for Friday, Dec. 12, 2014
Our Views: Look for Gov. Walker to push more cuts in property taxes
In his re-election campaign, Walker promised deeper tax cuts, and the Wisconsin Tax Relief & Reform report provides ample ammunition.