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Kathleen Parker: In Charleston, how to we proceed the mourning after?
Once the eulogies have ended and life, indeed, goes on, what precisely can one, or many, of us do to resolve the problem of race?
Esther Cepeda: Put a woman on the 10-dollar bill? Let the currency be
Diminishing the Founding Fathers on our currency in order to elevate a female is pure folly.
Dick Polman: High court's marriage announcement makes it a great day in history
What a week this has been. The Confederate flags are coming down, Obamacare is thumbs up, and gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.
Greg Peck: Is this summer bugging you? Not me
Greg Peck: Is this summer bugging you? Not me
We've gotten a fair share of rain so far this season. So I'm surprised that I have yet to be attacked by mosquitoes.
First Amendment: Charleston murders also an assault on freedoms
What will it take to bring about true social justice for African-Americans in South Carolina and throughout America?
Michael Gerson: You can’t fight climate change with denial
In American politics, the pope’s encyclical has not made legislative action on climate change inevitable; but it has made the issue unavoidable.
Charles Krauthammer: Lower the flag, but don’t push for more gun control
There’s only one gun law that would make a difference: confiscation. Everything else is for show. And in this country, confiscation is impossible.
Con: Overtime proposal would cost the workers it’s meant to help
The Obama administration is pushing a plan that would severely hamper retailers’ ability to provide ladders to success for those looking to build careers.
Pro: Millions of Americans unjustly work overtime without pay
Luckily, President Barack Obama is considering a straightforward solution: raise the overtime salary threshold and index it to inflation.
Kathleen Parker: In Charleston, waiting for Obama
Presidential visits are a big event anywhere, but Charlestonians are especially sensitive to the extra weight Obama’s presence brings to a fragile community.

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