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Mike McCabe: Courts decriminalize bribery, money laundering
Five one-thousandths of 1 percent of the state’s population had their ability to legally bribe state lawmakers increased exponentially, and they are taking full advantage.
Esther Cepeda: New book sheds light on myth of low-fat diets
A new book rejects the conventional wisdom that a diet that includes fat causes weight gain and heart disease and that low-fat diets prevent these illnesses.
Our Views: Janesville cannot tolerate problems in Fourth Ward
Our Views: Janesville cannot tolerate problems in Fourth Ward
People and businesses considering Janesville look at the crime rate. Troubles in one or two neighborhoods, however, can reflect poorly on the entire city.
Matt Pommer: Mary Burke's bid shows her contrasts to Gov. Scott Walker
Burke says she would take federal money for the full expansion of health care for the poor. That would save several hundred million dollars in Wisconsin tax dollars.
Dick Polman: 50th anniversary of TV ad that changed politics
If the “Daisy ad” hadn’t smeared Barry Goldwater as a warmongering madman, the odds are that some other attack would’ve opened the floodgates.
Michael Gerson: Carrying the fight to the enemy
The closest model for confronting the Islamic State is not the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound or drone strikes in Yemen. It is the initial phase of the Afghan War.
Steven Walters: Transportation funding problem is long-term, growing
Estimates of the projected Transportation Fund deficit in the 2015-17 budget range from $224 million to more than $600 million.
Our Views: As JPAC turns 10, theater serves as cultural catalyst
In a few years, JPAC’s position as Janesville’s cultural catalyst might be even stronger. Forward Janesville plans to build an amphitheater along the river.
Thumbs Up/Down for Sept. 8, 2014
Thumbs Up to Milton’s hiring of Alan Hulick; reflecting on the passenger pigeon; and teamwork to stop drunken drivers; Thumbs Down to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Esther Cepeda: On immigration, fooled again
His past cheerleaders are upset that President Obama is making the political calculation to keep quiet on immigration before the midterm elections.