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Bill Lueders: Gov. Walker’s budget is rife with nonfiscal policy items
As a candidate for governor in 2010, Scott Walker made an unequivocal pledge to “strip policy and pork projects from the state budget.”
Our Views: Janesville Mall renovations are welcome news
Our Views: Janesville Mall renovations are welcome news
Since that day decades ago when the Janesville Mall opened, Milton Avenue commercialism has spread north and east. Still, the mall remains a key retailing hub.
Andy Jorgensen: Reason for hope in effort to save SeniorCare
Frankly, drug companies are the only possible winner in Gov. Walker’s plan to kill SeniorCare.
Kathleen Parker: Sean Penn's joke and Twitter as America’s conscience
Will our uber-sensitivity eventually render us humorless robots uttering pre-approved giblets of meaningless verbiage?
Our Views: We’re more than ready for spring
Our Views: We’re more than ready for spring
We long to see that thick snow blanket, looking like some remnant of Wisconsin’s last glacier, disappear down storm sewers.
Matt Pommer: In next gubernatorial race, which Republican will run?
Yes, it might be early for this question. On the other hand, Scott Walker is likely to be in Washington or to be pushed that way by 2018.
Jason Stanford: Time for a real conversation about war
I hope Congress is capable of having an adult conversation about whether to authorize war against ISIS.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Feb. 16, 2015
Thumbs Up to SSI's expansion, increasing measles vaccines and "A New Leash on Life"; Thumbs Down to ignoring the threat of HPV.
Kathleen Parker: Rudy Giuliani, Scott Walker take the litmus test
Scott Walker grabbed a shovel and starting digging a hole right next to Rudy Giuliani’s.
State Views: On April 7, let's preserve our state constitution
For 125 years, Wisconsin voters have expressed their voice at the ballot box and elected both their judges and, by re-electing popular jurists, their chief justice.