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Steven Walters: Rural residents share their anger with UW professor
She was stunned by what northern Wisconsin residents told her in diners, coffee shops, back rooms and barns between 2007 and 2012.
Kathleen Parker: Quick, someone tip off Bernie that black votes matter
Bernie Sanders is facing backlash after his dismissive comments about the Southern vote.
Esther Cepeda: Having the tough talk about how we wish to die
As we get these scary conversations going, we need not contemplate death so much as consider how we want to live immediately before we die.
Matt Pommer: Wisconsin grappling with two key court issues
The right-to-work struggle has grabbed headlines as spring unfolded in Wisconsin. But a much more important case for Wisconsin politics is in federal court.
Greg Peck: Wisconsin municipalities can’t ban plastic bags
Greg Peck: Wisconsin municipalities can’t ban plastic bags
Summary: No Wisconsin community has a ban on plastic bags, and a new state law assures none will.
Michael Gerson: The cultural factors at play in Africa's HIV crisis
In Zambia, about 11 percent of women become HIV-positive by age 24. A sad variety of cultural factors are implicated.
Charles Krauthammer: Enjoying our own Mickey Mantle
Bryce Harper is the best baseball player on the planet, probably in the entire Milky Way. And for the next three years, he'll be playing at Nats Park.
Pro: Plan’s needless rules, regulations undermine economy, environment
Rather than acknowledging successes and working to ensure that market-driven environmental progress continues, the White House is pushing new policies.
Con: Obama’s best legacy? A cleaner Earth for all humans
There’s no doubt that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will drastically transform and hopefully improve life for every American.
Greg Peck: With Earth Day looming, a few words about burning in Janesville
The subject of outdoor burning and burning pots in Janesville has come up repeatedly in Sound Off recently. Here are city rules.

Opinion Matters

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We the People

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