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Greg Peck: Confirmation of a Cooper's hawk in my neighborhood
Greg Peck: Confirmation of a Cooper's hawk in my neighborhood
For years, Greg Peck has suspected that a Cooper's hawk has been roaming his neighborhood on Janesville's east side. Now he knows for sure.
Kathleen Parker: A modest proposal for humanity
The comments of Planned Parenthood’s medical director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, were shocking enough, but they were magnified by the banality of the circumstances.
Esther Cepeda: Baby steps to healthier eating
Undertaking a whole-life commitment to maintaining a healthy weight while still enjoying food is a tough mountain to climb. But here are suggested baby steps.
Peter Funt: Will U.S. unlock prison reform?
The tide of opinion is turning quickly concerning the gaping hole in America’s promise to treat citizens fairly.
First Amendment: Majority in survey says it’s OK to take down ‘that flag’
What I take away from the survey findings is this: Many more people who look like me “get it,” now and perhaps, finally.
Greg Peck: If only Janesville had this problem
I took note of a debate playing out in Madison this week concerning rising fees charged to some businesses on State Street and the Capitol Square.
Charles Krauthammer: Iran deal worse than we could have imagined
The nuclear deal with Iran is even worse than feared. But, at this point, there's nothing Congress can do to block it.
Pro: Let's hope—US economy would benefit from more congressional compromise
Business leaders share the desire for more bipartisan compromise. Its absence has prevented Washington from tackling the most important issues facing the country.
Con: Hope not—underhanded style of ‘compromise’ used in trade deals will only hurt working Americans
The bipartisan coalition that led to new trade legislation was indeed impressive—in the same way that one can admire a well-executed act of accounting fraud.
Michael Gerson: Planned Parenthood director shows appalling trivialization of life
The sting video posted online of a senior director from Planned Parenthood shows an appalling trivialization of life.

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Greg Peck: Confirmation of a Cooper's hawk in my neighborhood
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