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Local Views: ‘Invisible Man’ becomes reality for high school senior
At age 16, I spent entire days in classes where I was the only African-American student. I was an invisible man.
Our Views: Report card shows Janesville has much work to do
The district slipped into the “meets expectations” category with its new score of 72.4.
Kathleen Parker: Cry, you’re on hidden camera
Are traffic cameras designed to increase public safety, or are they just a means to trap citizens and make money?
Matt Pommer: On drug policy, Nygren faces much work to change public opinion
Spurred by his family's experience, Sen. Nygren drafted a package of bills labeled HOPE: for “heroin, opiate prevention and education.”
Peter Funt: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is offsides
A new book by Kirsten Gillibrand, the popular Democratic senator from New York, seems to have the unintended consequence of shooting its author in the foot.
Jason Stanford: We are all Roger Goodell
Americans are far more interested in football than we are politics. And by “interested” I really mean “literate."
Local Views: Janesville mother loses her grip on first day of school
I spent the entire day sitting at home watching the clock. I did not cry until my husband asked me how I was doing. That’s when I lost it.
Our Views: New policy for releasing records is welcome in Janesville
City Manager Mark Freitag has pushed to release a backlog of meeting minutes from closed council sessions dating back five years.
First Amendment: Social media no longer just free expression ‘toy box’
Social media is driving public discussion and debate that is the essence of First Amendment freedoms.
Michael Gerson: Tall order for GOP in ’16
The typical argument between the Republican establishment and the conservative movement is pretty much irrelevant in discussing a presidential candidate for 2016.