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Charles Krauthammer: Why Hillary got it right on Obama's foreign policy flaw
When carrying out policies in the real world, it’s nothing but tactics and reactive improvisation. The only consistency is the president’s inability to see the big picture.
First Amendment: Media and Missouri: What the heck is going on?
The nation’s Founders provided constitutional protection for a free press to keep authorities from manhandling or muzzling what they intended to be a “watchdog on government.”
Michael Gerson: Ferguson shows the paradox of American diversity
Events in Ferguson demonstrate that an increasingly multicultural nation remains deeply divided by race and class.
Pro: In Obamacare dispute, the law clearly states it—words mean what they say
The differing Appeals Court verdicts tee up a likely Supreme Court challenge, which the Obama administration could well lose.
Jason Stanford: Before we can work together, US needs truth and reconciliation
There are bad marriages with better prospects for success and healing than Congress, but politicians aren’t the problem, just the symptom.
Esther Cepeda: A lesson in a STEM study
While students in the bottom half of their classes did take more science instruction, this did not move the needle on college enrollment.
Our Views: Blackhawk Technical College faces uncertainty after referendum failure
College President Tom Eckert was right while reflecting on vote totals Tuesday night to suggest residents couldn’t swallow that the referendum had no sunset.
Dick Polman: Ebola ignorance and the marketing of fear
After listening to the right-wing purveyors of panic, I’d swear that the Grim Reaper is poised to lay waste to everyone who treads the greenswards of suburbia.
Our Views: Support K. Andreah Briarmoon and her ramblings at your own risk
Briarmoon and her few followers want to throw a big tent over all disenfranchised residents—and get their money.
Michael Gerson: Smacked by reality in the Middle East
In the absence of stabilizing American leadership, the Middle East has become a Sunni-Shiite proxy war in which the most radical and ruthless thrive.