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First Amendment: Duke, Muslims and the politics of intimidation
Islamophobia is a pernicious disease based on ignorance and fear—and fueled by extremists who have hijacked Islam for their violent and evil ends.
Charles Krauthammer: Obama is ignoring Iran's emerging empire
Iran's march toward conventional domination of the Arab world has been largely overlooked in Washington. The Arabs have noticed.
Pro: California’s tax hike battles climate change without hurting consumers
The component of California’s policy that other states should consider is its cap-and-trade program that puts a price on use of carbon-based fuels.
Con: Huge tax-hike clobbers California consumers; forces businesses to flee
California is stuck with a fee on the carbon content of fuels. It’s the first of its kind in the United States, but environmental groups are urging other states to do the same.
Our Views: Snow emergencies in Janesville are nothing to ignore
The emergencies go beyond courtesy. Cars left on streets create hazards that plow drivers must maneuver around. Snow left behind can freeze and create hazards, too.
Peter Funt: California's new laws could serve as national wake-up calls
Perhaps the boldest initiative is the new law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain California driver’s licenses.
Esther Cepeda: Shouting ‘racist’ isn’t the answer
Those who are intolerant of everything that rubs them the wrong way and resort to the most inflammatory slur modern America has to offer—“racist”—only make matters worse.
Bill Lueders: Court measure, billed as move toward congeniality, seen as rip on Abrahamson
At issue is a proposed state constitutional amendment to change how the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s chief justice is selected.
Our Views: GIFTS' bold plans could fill service gap for Janesville's homeless men
The ministry's latest plans are two more bold steps toward helping the downtrodden lead productive lives.
Matt Pommer: Community policing under fire in Madison
Madison Police Chief Mike Koval blistered the criticism, defending his officers who participate in community policing to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.