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Matt Pommer: Poll shows Trump faces tough test in Wisconsin
More than half of those calling themselves Republicans have negative feelings about Trump. It's 40 percent in Wisconsin's so-called WOW counties.
Esther Cepeda: The long-term effects of a childhood in hunger
Many of these children live in households with incomes just high enough to prevent them from qualifying for federal nutrition assistance.
First Amendment: Make America safe again by rejecting Islamophobia
By conflating Muslims and terrorists, presidential candidates have fostered a climate of suspicion and fear that affects the lives of millions of American Muslims.
Michael Gerson: The cycle of dehumanization
Both our ideals and our safety are compromised when politicians provide permission for bigotry.
No: Buyers too savvy to spurn diesels
Nothing has changed about why we have diesel cars today and why they are even more important for the future.
Yes: VW should be punished for major environmental crime
One can hardly blame buyers if they have become dubious of all the diesels in America’s showrooms. One bad apple rots the barrel, as the adage goes.
Dick Polman: The normalization of Donald Trump has begun
It would be great if the “balance”-saddled press could keep in mind its most crucial mission: to hold these candidates fully accountable.
John W. Eyster: Ryan, Trump meeting has high stakes
John W. Eyster: Ryan, Trump meeting has high stakes
John looks at the importance of Thursday's meeting between Paul Ryan and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.
Greg Peck: Why not set up adopt-a-river program in Janesville?
Around Wisconsin, groups adopt highways for cleanups. Milwaukee is adapting that idea to help keep its rivers cleaner. Maybe Janesville should do the same.
Esther Cepeda: Do Democrats deserve the minority vote?
Will Democrats start figuring out how to connect with voters of color, or will they simply keep counting on hyperbolic Republicans to make them the choice of last resort?

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John W. Eyster: Ryan, Trump meeting has high stakes
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