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Jason Stanford: The governor in the tinfoil hat
Greg Abbott either does not trust the U.S. military and the commander-in-chief to respect the sovereignty of Texas, or he’s pandering to his paranoid base.
Esther Cepeda: The power of being multilingual
Eventually, Hispanics will all speak English just as well as the Irish, Italian and German immigrants before them.
Kathleen Parker: Jeb Bush’s unfortunate honesty
It must be brutal to be the brother of the man who led the charge into Iraq and, as a presidential hopeful, to be asked to either defend or condemn his actions.
Greg Peck: A remarkable group of longtime co-workers
I got together with a few dozen longtime acquaintances and friends Tuesday night. It made for an enjoyable evening.
Charles Krauthammer: Save Obama (on trade)
President Obama is on the verge of being sunk by his own arrogance in intraparty fratricide over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But the issue is bigger than Obama.
Con: Unrealistic rule will force US motorists into cramped, unsafe and high-priced cars
We’ve seen this movie before, and we know it ends: Obama claims he has a plan that will be better for you and the country while saving you money.
Dick Polman: Ten billion bucks for a presidential race?
Candidates selling themselves to the highest bidders in unprecedentedly creative ways, ratcheting up the total tab to record heights. Exhibit A is the super PAC.
First Amendment: Tattooed Jesus, yoga and the debate over school endorsement of religion
Government neutrality toward religion is an essential condition of religious freedom—especially in public schools, where impressionable young people are a captive audience.
Michael Gerson: Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs
Chipotle, Whole Foods and those who follow their example are doing real social harm. They are polluting public discourse on scientific matters.
Pro: New rules save consumers money by staving off huge costs of climate change
Apart from the climate change and other environmental rationales, there are further economic reasons to stay the regulatory course.

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