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Kathleen Parker: Who’s the world’s worst person?
It should surprise no one that this presidential election has devolved into a contest of man’s ultimate metaphor.
Michael Gerson: GOP deserving of contempt
This sad Republican fate is deserved. It is the culmination, the fruition, of an absurdly simplistic anti-establishment attitude.
Walters: Assembly Republicans try again to upstage Walker

For the second time in two years, Republicans who control the Assembly have attempted to steal the next state budget spotlight from their party's leader, Gov. Scott Walker.

With the announcement of their 30-page Forward agenda last week,...

Steven Walters: Beer tax proposal on tap

Ah, 1969.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. The Packers went 8-6 with Bart Starr completing 62 percent of his passes. UW-Madison's football team went 3-7. Woodstock. The “record” of the year was Mrs....

Steven Walters: Here’s how the state spends your tax dollars

Voters who on Nov. 8 will elect legislators who will write the next two-year state budget may want to know: What 10 programs cost the most state tax dollars in the current budget? How much of your cash do those 10 programs take? How did the top 10...

Dick Polman: AP gets zilch on Clinton Foundation

The mainstream media has a tough time “balancing” the coverage of a presidential campaign where one candidate is temperamentally suited for the Oval Office and the other candidate belongs in a middle school locker room, snapping wet towels....

Kathleen Parker: Taking aim at Hillary’s heel

When I wrote the headline “Hillary's heel,” I was thinking of Achilles, not Bill, though the former president is usually within nipping range of his wife's pantsuit hem.

Hillary Clinton's Achilles' heel is her very Clinton-ness....

Susan Brown: Media bias floods Louisiana

The recent flooding in Baton Rouge is a study in media bias if you compare it to media coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

While Baton Rouge flooded, President Obama continued to play golf at Martha's Vineyard, as if nothing was happening, and the...

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