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Our Views: Celebrate youth, long tradition at Rock County 4-H Fair
The fair is a celebration of what’s good about the next generation of young adults.
Matt Pommer: Is this Walker’s last go-round?
What would be in Walker’s future if he wins re-election but Democrats win the national election in 2016?
Our Views: City of Janesville's strategic plan a proactive plus
Our Views: City of Janesville's strategic plan a proactive plus
It puts everything on the table so the city isn’t caught in a constant circle of reacting to the latest roofing or road reconstruction crisis.
Esther Cepeda: Hispanic women flock to the movies
According a recent article on the entertainment news site TheWrap, Hispanic women are this summer's most avid movie goers. Apparently, I'm the exception.
Web Views for Friday, July 18, 2014
Our Views: Research grant offers great news for Janesville residents hoping to kick tobacco
Using randomly selected free options, the center will provide some patients with nicotine patches or lozenges. Others will get one of these and counseling.
Michael Gerson: Movie 'The Giver' stirs summer controversy
“The Giver” will provoke political commentary. Few movies make a stronger case for the value of diversity.
Con: US can’t allow an active new terrorist state to menace global security
The United States learned the hard way not to take warnings from terrorist leaders lightly.
Charles Krauthammer: Latest Mideast clash creates moral clarity in Gaza
To provoke war, as Hamas leadership has done, so your people can be killed on international television is a moral and tactical insanity. But it rests on a rational premise.
Pro: Obama can’t afford to plunge war-weary US into a sectarian civil war
If one wants to find a culprit for what is now going on in Iraq, the best place to start looking is Texas. George W. Bush had little clue what would become of Iraq.