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Esther Cepeda: Surprised by a new comedy
Cristela Alonzo is very funny. And her television show is great fun to watch.
Kathleen Parker: The question unanswered
Kentucky Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes dodged a question about whether she voted for President Obama and now sits atop a mountain of media pain.
Our Views: Enrollment buoys financial picture of Janesville schools
The enrollment trend is bright. Some residents feared Janesville might become a ghost town after General Motors halted auto production here nearly six years ago.
Matt Pommer: Photo ID ruling could help Walker’s national ambitions
An implemented photo ID requirement could be a political cloud hanging over Walker if he were to win a second term by a narrow margin.
Jason Stanford: The hardest-working congressman in North Dakota
He works an average of three days a week in what is on track to be the least productive Congress in modern history, but that doesn’t mean Kevin Cramer isn’t working hard.
Michael Gerson: Confrontation, not isolation
Americans may applaud “nation-building at home,” but they eventually make judgments based on outcomes in Mosel and Monrovia. And this is fair.
Our Views: SHINE continues hopeful march toward medical isotopes factory
Critics label these city and federal incentives nothing more than corporate welfare. Nonsense.
Our views: It's go time for Jets, Janesville
As one longtime fan astutely noted, Janesville could do little to keep JCPenney or Kmart in the city. Residents, however, can help determine whether the Jets stay beyond this year.
Editor's views: Silly season brings new claims about bias
On news pages, we are committed to objectivity, and it’s my job to ensure we meet that commitment.
Guest views: Upside down at the gas pump
Energy markets, including long-dated futures contracts for 2017 and beyond, indicate moderate prices ahead. Who’s afraid of big, bad OPEC now?