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How could that error make it into print?
Newspaper work is a constant barrage of potential errors. Here’s a little insight.
Con: Renewables are a better bet than expensive, risky nuclear power
A better way forward is to invest heavily in renewables as well as in energy conservation and efficiency, which can cut energy demand sharply.
Charles Krauthammer: The three-cornered fight for the soul of the GOP
While the Democrats are being tempted to go radically left, the Republicans are flirting with trading in a century of conservatism for populism.
First Amendment: Trump, Fox, Kelly and the history, hype and hope of debates
Where’s the obligation of candidates to “stand for election,” not just stand behind a podium as entertainment?
Pro: Nuclear power is our safest, most efficient energy form
Nuclear power has endured because it has proved reliable, effective and affordable. The basic facts are not in dispute among energy policymakers.
Michael Gerson: As Trump cultivates chaos, will temperament eventually sink him?
We are witnessing what happens when a narcissist who thinks he is at the center of the universe is actually placed at the center of the universe.
Esther Cepeda: The American library’s evolving role is as a social-work center
The books are, effectively, beside the point at an institution where the mission isn’t merely to promote literacy but to improve the lives of its community members.
Greg Peck: A sad switch in Sun Prairie's Groundhog Day celebration?
Greg Peck: A sad switch in Sun Prairie's Groundhog Day celebration?
PETA folks might applaud, but Sun Prairie's long Groundhog Day celebration could lack a live animal this year.
Peter Funt: GOP debates aren’t helping much
With the seventh GOP debate scheduled for Jan. 28, a few days before the Iowa caucuses, perhaps hosts from Fox News Channel can find a way to deliver more substance.
Matt Pommer: Walker’s health insurance idea stirs debate
Republican legislative leaders have adopted a cautious approach to the governor’s health insurance suggestion.

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Greg Peck: Were Super Bowl game, commercials really super?
Greg Peck: Uncontrolled intersections stir debate
Greg Peck: "The Revenant" and "The Finest Hours" are two very intense movies
Greg Peck: Dangerous uncontrolled intersections in Janesville
How could that error make it into print?

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