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Steven Walters: Looking at Gov. Walker's post-campaign 'to do' list
The sudden death of Justice N. Patrick Crooks, hours before Walker quit the presidential race, let's him name someone to serve out his term, which ends next spring.
Greg Peck: A moon made for amateur photographers
Greg Peck: A moon made for amateur photographers
If you enjoy any photography at all, you probably were like Greg Peck last night, waiting for skies to clear for that “blood moon.”
Michael Gerson: We’re in golden age of international aid
A number of remarkably effective institutions to fight poverty and disease have been created that most Americans probably have never heard of.
Esther Cepeda: To help immigrants, take a community-level approach
Efforts to help immigrants integrate more quickly should focus not just on the immigrants themselves but on entire local communities.
Kathleen Parker: Pope encourages thinking of a higher order
The brilliance of Francis’ address to America’s leadership and to the people was his nuanced approach to our most divisive challenges.
Greg Peck: My Muscoda dream has ended
It’s good to have dreams for the future. One of mine involved building a retirement home on the Wisconsin River. Today, that dream is gone.
First Amendment: From dream to reality, freedom facing a tough path
In Freedom House”s 2015 report on “Freedom in the World,” the human rights group reported an overall drop in freedom for the ninth consecutive year.
Charles Krauthammer: Double suicide marks presidential campaign of 2015
One party is knowingly heading for slow-motion self-immolation. The other is flamboyantly shooting itself and alienating one electoral constituency after another.
Con: Ex-Im mainly benefits Boeing and other corporate giants. Let it die!
The Export-Import Bank is about subsidizing the sales of some of the country’s largest companies.
Pro: Export-Import Bank’s huge benefits should spur congressional action
Over the past eight years, Ex-Im provided financing or guarantees for more than $200 billion in U.S. exports, supporting more than 1.5 million American jobs.

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