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Walters: Homeowners' court victory creates uncertainty for property assessments
The state Supreme Court ruled July 7 that penalizing homeowners who don’t open their homes to government appraisers violates the U.S. Constitution clause prohibiting illegal searches.
Walters: Rep. Nygren reluctantly became drug-abuse fighter
John W. Eyster: Should all Americans have the right to health care?
John W. Eyster: Should all Americans have the right to health care?
As Congress returns next week after the holiday break, John asks if all Americans should have the right to health care.
Walters: Medicaid's future becomes defining campaign issue
The future of Medicaid—the federal/state program that provides health care for one out of every five Wisconsin residents who are poor, elderly and disabled—is now a defining issue in next year’s campaigns for governor and the Legislature.
Walters: Democrats need more than new maps to win
The national controversy over whether legislative district lines Republicans drew in 2011 are constitutional focuses on just one factor in the political stew that decides who serves in the Legislature.
Walters: Winners and losers created from competing budget proposals
Here’s how much school districts would gain, and lose, under the two competing GOP plans.
Walters: Democrats explore themes to shape governor's race
With their party adrift at both the state and national levels, the four Democrats on the Legislature's budget-writing Joint Finance Committee are trying to tease out issues that may—or may not—work against Republican Gov. Scott Walker in next year's election.
John W. Eyster: Looking back at John F. Kennedy
John W. Eyster: Looking back at John F. Kennedy
With Monday marking the 100th birthday of John F. Kennedy, John shares his thoughts and memories of the 35th president.
Walters: Wisconsin takes center stage in debate on school choice
Wisconsin’s first-in-the-nation Parents’ Choice program using tax funds to pay tuition for students in private schools is back in the news in ways good and bad.
John W. Eyster: Discovering Democracy Fair coming up
John urges you to attend the eighth annual Discovering Democracy Fair, where citizens are invited to talk with students who participated in Discovering Democracy field study in Washington, DC.

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