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Kathleen Parker: It's difficult to fight ideology with usual artillery
None of our human instruments or moral benchmarks seems to have any effect on such pitiless murderers.
Dick Polman: Ben Carson and the comedic farce of 'Lotagate'
I have to wonder how it's possible that the party that has long fancied itself wise on national security can continue to so fulsomely indulge someone who knows nothing.
Steve Knox: Happy retirement, Pastor Michael Jackson
Steve Knox: Happy retirement, Pastor Michael Jackson
Community columnist Steve Knox offers a grateful farewell to Pastor Michael Jackson.
Greg Peck: OK, Mother Nature, bring on winter!
Greg Peck: OK, Mother Nature, bring on winter!
Southern Wisconsin will be under a winter storm warning tonight. But now, I’m ready.
Con: Obama’s wisest option is nonmilitary response that includes reining in Israel
The problem is that a military effort to eradicate the Islamic State is not likely to work.
Pro: Obama’s best choice is putting boots on the ground and snuffing the Islamic State
The moment the terrorist group established a territorial state in Iraq, it posed two grave threats to the U.S. and its friends and allies.
Peter Funt: Talk is cheap, foul language is worthless
John Oliver seems unable to discard the crutch of using four-letter words, even though his material on HBO would still soar without it.
Michael Gerson: Obama, speaking from the ruins
President Barack Obama speaks, sullen and embittered, from the ruins of our national security debate.
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s phony war
France's president has responded furiously to his country's 9/11. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has responded to Paris with weariness and annoyance.
First Amendment: Want to terrorize a terrorist? Try a bit of 'freedom'
Freedom of expression and religious liberty, it would seem, really do terrorize terrorists.

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