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Matt Pommer: Are state's job creators emphasizing wrong things?
A new study is asking whether the focus on reducing income taxes or trying to lure companies to the state is the correct approach for state governments.
Kathleen Parker: Clinton, Steinem, Albright show they're out of touch with young women today
Adding possible injury to insult, liberal millennial women are tilting toward Bernie Sanders rather than she who would be the first woman president of the U.S.
John W. Eyster: Significant election one week from today
John W. Eyster: Significant election one week from today
John urges you to take part in the February 16 primary election, which he considers significant for the state of Wisconsin.
Michael Gerson: Trump’s authenticity is a lie
Trump’s intentional push against boundaries of taste is really the search for a darting spotlight, like a TV show that has gone on for a season too long.
Greg Peck: Were Super Bowl game, commercials really super?
I was underwhelmed by much of the whole Super Bowl 50 TV viewing experience Sunday, both the game and the commercials.
Steven Walters: Sen. Fitzgerald pushing to block county executives from Legislature
Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris, a Democrat running for the 18th District seat open because of a Republican retirement, said Fitzgerald's bill targets one person—him.
Kathleen Parker: Hillary's golden tongue
Hillary Clinton's past speeches on Wall Street, and recent requests for her to make the transcripts public, have stirred controversy.
Peter Funt: What about Bernie Sanders?
Donald Trump's supporters should join Democrats and independents in reassessing the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Esther Cepeda: Latino duo will broadcast the Super Bowl with inimitable flair
A profile of the headline-making duo who do the Spanish-language play-by-play for the Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers.
Pro: Woodrow Wilson’s covered-up illness makes strong case for releasing records
A candidate’s physical and mental fitness to survive the pressure cooker of the presidency in this era of global turmoil should be a pressing concern of American voters.

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Greg Peck: Revisiting O.J. and the “Trial of the Century”
Greg Peck: Janesville's three most troublesome intersections
Greg Peck: Were Super Bowl game, commercials really super?
Greg Peck: Uncontrolled intersections stir debate
Greg Peck: "The Revenant" and "The Finest Hours" are two very intense movies

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John W. Eyster: Significant election upcoming