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Our Views: Unite to halt bloodshed in Beloit
Beloit is so much more than this killing spree. Unfortunately, the bloodshed hurts the image of a community enjoying a revival.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Aug. 25, 2014
Thumbs Up to a new Janesville fitness trail/prayer walk, baseball as a gentleman's game and Link Crew at Elkhorn Area High School; Thumbs Down to defacing Paul Ryan's book.
Jason Stanford: The resurrection of Rick Perry
When the president fumbled the border crisis by thinking a photo op was beneath his dignity, Perry saw opportunity.
Your Views: Come November, remind those in office of their role
Unfortunately, the unresolved issues facing the current chapter in our history do not reflect the unfrayed borders of our flag.
Michael Gerson: Is Obama too detached to lead?
The problem for President Obama has come in managing the symbolic aspect of his office.
Steven Walters: Worried local officials reconsider wheel tax
Wheel taxes are resurfacing as local officials struggle to pay maintenance bills from last winter, worry about the next snowfall and don't know how much state aid is coming.
Caroline Little: Newspapers are still here and still making money
Newspaper media are enjoying the largest audiences ever as well as continuing to play unique and critical roles in our communities.
Editor's Views: Sharing joy of north woods rekindles memories of youth
Nothing would make me happier than having my kids and grandkids fondly remember their vacations up north in much the way I remember the trips of my youth.
Our Views: If it has legal grounds, Janesville City Council should reject Billy McCoy's petitions
Our Views: If it has legal grounds, Janesville City Council should reject Billy McCoy's petitions
The petition demanding that residents vote on any project topping $2 million would hamstring the city. We elect officials to make the best choices on our behalf.
Esther Cepeda: Striking right note on gender and hiring
When hiring, the best thing managers and recruiters can do is use common sense and treat people as individuals rather than simply as subjects of corporate policy