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Esther Cepeda: The art of persevering with patience
If we are to find happiness and purpose in our lives, we must accept that some things just take a lot of time, or don't always go our way.
Dick Polman: Bernie should take lesson from Hillary on how to lose with grace
Bernie Sanders still can’t find the high road on his mental GPS.
Kathleen Parker: Plato, Aristotle and, oh dear, Trump
Is Trump the huckster that Plato predicted would someday organize an angry mob into a proud army of anti-intellectual patriots inoculated to facts and reason?
Greg Peck: Dealing with disruption of home improvement
This week, a crew is installing new windows in our house. The work reminds me how disruptive a home improvement project can be.
Greg Peck: Will seed slitter turn the trick in yard?
After several years of trying to thicken the lawn under our maples without success, I tried a new tactic this weekend. I rented a seed slitter.
Michael Gerson: Trump's pivot plans won't make him electable
Rebranding Donald Trump would require the repudiation of Trumpism, thus undermining the appeal of authenticity at the heart of his candidacy.
Steven Walters: Rural residents share their anger with UW professor
She was stunned by what northern Wisconsin residents told her in diners, coffee shops, back rooms and barns between 2007 and 2012.
Kathleen Parker: Quick, someone tip off Bernie that black votes matter
Bernie Sanders is facing backlash after his dismissive comments about the Southern vote.
Esther Cepeda: Having the tough talk about how we wish to die
As we get these scary conversations going, we need not contemplate death so much as consider how we want to live immediately before we die.
Matt Pommer: Wisconsin grappling with two key court issues
The right-to-work struggle has grabbed headlines as spring unfolded in Wisconsin. But a much more important case for Wisconsin politics is in federal court.

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