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Thumbs Up/Down for Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014
Thumbs Up to open government seminars and a rooftop patio at Riley's Sports Bar &U Grill; Thumbs Down to careless driving in school zones and the loss of Hanover's post office.
Steven Walters: Retiring, unopposed state legislators sit on $1.2 million in campaign cash
Legislators now feel they must build mountains of cash, whether they are seeking re-election or not, for a much different reason.
Dick Polman: Will Obama cost Democrats the Senate?
Obama can't campaign side by side with red-state Senate candidates—they don't want him; they fear he'll turn off swing voters—but he can't totally sit out the races, either.
Our Views: Treat trees now before emerald ash borers kill Janesville's trees
It's good to read that Janesville, now dubbed the “City of Parks,” is forging ahead with efforts to save its most valuable ash trees.
Jason Stanford: Rick Perry loves the troops, hates feeding them
Our troops need to eat, so they’ve been turning to local charities set up to help the residents of one of the poorest areas in the United States.
Bill Lueders: TV political ads now easier to track
The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C., is collecting the ad buy filings and posting them online, in a tool it calls Political Ad Sleuth.
Other Views: Economics support raising minimum wage
Economists offer measurement rather than emotion. Past increases in the minimum wage have produced plenty of data to measure the responses of employers.
Esther Cepeda: One sleeper of an issue for kids returning to school
A misunderstanding of the child brain seems to be at the heart of the increasingly vocal debate over schools’ early start times.
Our Views: Jobs are focus this weekend, this fall
The spotlight on jobs will be most prominent in the gubernatorial race, where Democrat Mary Burke hopes to oust Republican Scott Walker.
Local Views: Janesville should beam with pride over new transit center
The team and the community hit their mark. The building provides for today and positions the community, and its transit service, for the future.