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Kathleen Parker: With a song in prisoners’ hearts
A moving concert at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina that was recently produced with the help of musicians from Carnegie Hall.
Esther Cepeda: Adios to a vulgar TV show
I am not alone in having been disgusted by "Sabado Gigante,” a Spanish-language variety show, and cheering its upcoming end.
Peter Funt: Clinton stirring the wrong passions
My, my. I'll bet you could really feel the excitement building—if only there was some.
Greg Peck: Bird flu is troubling development
Bird flu is dominating the news almost more so than presidential politics and stories about police shootings.
First Amendment: A new world of ‘real video’ holds all of us accountable
New issues involving freedom of information, privacy, media ethics and fair trial concerns are popping up as quickly as the latest video clip challenging police actions.
Pro: Iran deal beats any alternative offered by GOP opponents
The proposed restrictions are stunning. They represent major compromises on Iran’s part. The deal is much closer to the American starting position than to Iran’s.
Michael Gerson: 'The Road to Character' offers moral direction
With his new book, David Brooks–New York Times columnist, NewsHour commentator, and serial mensch–emerges as a countercultural leader.
Con: Iran nuke deal makes no sense with ayatollah threatening US, Israel
As negotiators approach a nuclear accord, Iran shows every sign of doubling down on its “death to America” ideology and its “war machine.”
Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s Nixon doctrine: anointing Iran
Can an American president really believe that appeasing Iran will moderate its behavior and ideology, adherence to which is now yielding undreamed of success?
Esther Cepeda: The dubbers of ‘Desperate Housewives’
Premiering April 24 on “VOCES,” Latino Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture series on PBS, this film allows us a peek at ups and downs of five Hispanic working actresses.

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