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Our Views: All should hope agriculture complex takes root elsewhere in Rock County
The setback might be temporary, might sew seeds of opportunity for some other municipality and might even be good for SWAG's plans in the long run.
Web Views for Friday, July 25, 2014
Pro: A first-term tea partier may leave a bitter taste in GOP mouths this fall
Democratic strategists already have a small library full of videos, newspaper clips and press releases cataloging Rep. Ted Yoho’s somewhat intemperate remarks.
Con: Tea party likely to help GOP cause; both parties could use more diversity
Establishment Republicans shouldn’t shun tea partiers. They should embrace and welcome them into the big tent that GOP bigwigs constantly talk about.
Our Views: Rock County economic indicators worth celebrating
In Rock County, a new report continues to boost hopes that those bleak days that started in 2008 are falling further back in the rearview mirror.
First Amendment: In a world of sectarian violence, what can be done?
The best answer to schools of hate and violence are schools of respect and understanding, where students engage people of different religions with civility.
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's vacant presidency
The origins of President Obama's passivity are less psychological than intellectual. It stems from an idea.
Esther Cepeda: Tough calls on border kids
Those who want to deport the border kids immediately and those who want to extend protections to them have dug into their positions – as if either action would suffice.
Our Views: Graffts' plan could build downtown excitement
Imagine how this architecturally intriguing building at Main and Court streets could become a focal point of downtown redevelopment.
Dick Polman: A plane is shot down; what would Ronald Reagan do?
Civilian disasters such as KAL 007 and Malaysian Airlines 17 require carefully calibrated responses—no matter who sits in the Oval Office.