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Greg Peck: Remembering when one of Wisconsin’s 10 deadliest tornadoes hit Rock County
I was surprised to recently find a website naming Rock County as suffering one of Wisconsin’s “10 deadliest tornadoes.” Here’s the story.
Peter Funt: Newspapers embrace billionaire buffs
Most of my colleagues who work at papers owned by cutthroat chains, such as Digital First Media, are ready to embrace private individuals at the helm.
Con: Fair business rules shouldn’t get a bad rap
In each case, President Obama is simply implementing common-sense reforms that should have been in place long ago.
Michael Gerson: Hoosier Republicans must pick between bad and worse
Voters in Indiana's GOP primary must choose between two of the most justly reviled politicians in America. Hoosiers (and other Americans) deserved better options.
Charles Krauthammer: The world according to Trump
Even though Trump delivered his foreign-policy address Wednesday from a prepared text, it still managed to be classic Trump: rambling and not terribly coherent.
Pro: Unfortunately, Obama’s new rules will hurt businesses and workers
The Treasury seems not to have realized that these rules will suppress foreign investment in the U.S. This will further reduce jobs and wages for American workers.
First Amendment: With Bible bill vetoes, governors uphold religious freedom
Preventing the entanglement of religion and government—the source of much repression and violence throughout history—is the genius of the First Amendment.
Greg Peck: Recycling those old housing materials
With workers installing new windows in our home this week, one question arose: What do we want to do with the old windows?
Esther Cepeda: The art of persevering with patience
If we are to find happiness and purpose in our lives, we must accept that some things just take a lot of time, or don't always go our way.
Dick Polman: Bernie should take lesson from Hillary on how to lose with grace
Bernie Sanders still can’t find the high road on his mental GPS.

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Greg Peck: Remembering when one of Wisconsin’s 10 deadliest tornadoes hit Rock County
Greg Peck: Recycling those old housing materials
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