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Our Views: Raising a toast to second rendition of Janesville's Irish Fest
When Janesville’s second Irish Fest kicks off Thursday, visitors and residents alike will find more of a centralized, downtown identity to the four days of fun.
Jason Stanford: Why would any politician suggest we bomb Mexico?
Serious or not, the suggestion shows how far the anti-immigrant tide has carried some politicians from realistically addressing border security and immigration reform.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Sept. 29, 2014
Thumbs Up to replacing 55 miles of rail line and the Coats for Kids program; Thumbs Down to driving without a license and restricting journalists in wilderness areas.
Michael Gerson: Two cheers for Obama, not three
For the first time during his stewardship of the war on terrorism, President Obama at least sounds single-minded. If not quite Henry V, he is no longer Hamlet.
Steven Walters: What will ‘no recall’ voters do in gubernatorial race Nov. 4?
In what every national and state poll says is a too-close-to-call election, the 2012 “no recall” voters will play a key role in determining whether Walker is re-elected Nov. 4.
Our Views: Kmart's sad closing presents grand opportunity
JCPenney and Kmart are national chains with financial problems that stretch far beyond Janesville.
Esther Cepeda: The monolith myth
That Hispanics hold differing and sometimes conflicting political beliefs and views on immigration shouldn’t be a surprise—and is not a weakness.
Web Views for Friday, Sept. 26, 2014
Michael Gerson: Introspection time for evangelicals
Christian conservatives are a community under external and internal cultural stress.
Charles Krauthammer: Our real Syria strategy is containment plus
The objective is not precisely what President Obama is articulating publicly. It will not destroy the Islamic State. It's more containment plus.