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Michael Gerson: An invasion of artificial outrage erodes reasonable debate
The strategy on both Left and Right is the same: to present politics as a battle between the children of light and the children of darkness.
First Amendment: Indiana’s new “JustIn”—Thankfully, on the way out
The now-defunct-before-launch project is worth remembering as one very visible step beyond the now-common candidate practice of circumventing the media via the Web.
Local Views: Jets bringing Janesville much to cheer about
We have players who have become role models. More important, we’ve connected our players to what it means to give back through community outreach programs.
Our Views: Feds, Gov. Walker should go all in on Beloit casino
Perhaps most important, the Ho-Chunk's compact with the state permits the tribe to operate a fourth gaming site.
Matt Pommer: Wisconsin's budget deficit grows
Gov. Walker also mentioned the state's financial situation as he rejected construction of a $800 million Native American casino in Kenosha County.
Bill Lueders: Are higher per diems for lawmakers 'outrageous,' or long overdue?
In January, the Assembly swiftly hiked these payments for lawmakers who travel to Madison and stay overnight from $88 to $138. That's a 56 percent spike.
Marc Perry: Do black lives matter? Events in history and today suggest the answer is 'no'
Marc Perry: Do black lives matter? Events in history and today suggest the answer is 'no'
The systemic devaluing of black life has so permeated the way we relate to each other in this country that we have an epidemic of young black men taking each other's lives.
Kathleen Parker: The sacrifice of Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin was one of the war on women's most conspicuous victims—fragged, you might say—by her own Republican troops.
Andy Jorgensen: Right-to-work is a fraud that legislators must stop
Dr. King warned in 1961 against so-called right-to-work proposals, saying, “Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer.”
Michael Gerson: Republicans taking steps into immigration minefield
The issue of immigration has a way of clarifying some of the deepest beliefs of a political movement.