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Michael Gerson: Religious conservatives’ shifting role
Religious conservatives face a stark choice: to be combatants in a cultural war, or to care for everyone's causalities.
Esther Cepeda: Exotic parrots are not pets
I learned more about horrors exotic birds must live through at the hands of the booming parrot business that is spurred by the birds’ portrayal on the Internet and in media.
Kathleen Parker: Who's the studliest of them all?
This sidelining of certain candidates, even if practical, seems bad for business and especially for leadership, which sometimes reveals itself during debates.
Greg Peck: What states do you include in the Midwest?
Greg Peck: What states do you include in the Midwest?
Greg Peck doesn't include Ohio in the Midwest. Same goes for North and South Dakota.
Debate dilemma: How to cull the Republican herd
Clearly, the GOP's debate planners need help. I am here to offer it. I believe the herd can be culled in March Madness fashion, with various early matchups.
Con: It’s time to remodel Amtrak on some of our great public works projects
What privately run corporation with a fiduciary responsibility to its employees and shareholders would even begin to consider buying such a disaster?
Michael Gerson: The Clintons’ cloud of deviancy
Hillary Clinton has recently had a normal politician’s lifetime quota of scandals. Democrats are forced to wonder: Does she have the political skills to get past them?
Pro: Private rail, unlike Amtrak’s monopoly, must emphasize safety to win customers
Private companies have strong commercial incentives to focus on safety. Not only does safety attract passengers, it also reduces insurance premiums.
Charles Krauthammer: You want hypotheticals about Iraq? Here's one
The proximal and decisive cause of Iraq's collapse was not George Bush's invasion in 2003 but Barack Obama's complete abandonment of the country starting in 2011.
Greg Peck: We're covering our ash (again)
Greg Peck: We're covering our ash (again)
Greg Peck wrote a check for $305 Tuesday just to protect a tree. But he was happy to do so.

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Greg Peck: Which states make up Midwest?
Greg Peck: We're covering our ash (again)
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John W. Eyster: Discover Democracy at Milton event
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