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Your Views: Let’s send Scott Walker, Paul Ryan toward private-sector jobs
They would get a taste of what the average individual goes through on a daily basis by putting food on the table, paying rent or mortgages, utility bills, etc.
Your Views: Urge legislators to back boosting minimum to $10.10
I think catching up the minimum wage will benefit other income levels and put even more money into the economy.
Sound Off for Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014
Your Views: Disabled veterans deserve safety net
I think they deserve to have a safety net when they get out if they are injured or have medical problems caused from serving.
Your Views: Media help put fear of cancer into all of us
The race for the cure is on the back of a snail and will continue because it is the biggest moneymaker that has ever come down the pike.
Your Views: Mary Burke will do best job for Wisconsinites
A long time ago, I learned that it is best to go to the horse’s head, not the other end, for dependable help.
Your Views: Mary Burke would return us to failed policies of past
Neenah’s school superintendent sent a letter to Burke telling her to stop using Neenah as an example.
Your Views: Why should we eliminate constitutional state offices?
The Legislature wants to eliminate the treasurer and secretary of state. Do some politicians think they’re wiser than our founding fathers?
Your Views: Avoid extreme ideology when voting Nov. 4
Blind adherence to a party’s extreme ideology is not a good quality in any political candidate. Obstructing the work of Congress is not how a party should govern.
Your Views: Scott Walker’s policies make Mary Burke clear choice
What can be said of a governor who is preoccupied with running for president and indifferent to the vanishing middle class and the poor?


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Letters to the Editor

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Your Views: Let’s send Scott Walker, Paul Ryan toward private-sector jobs

Our Views

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