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Your Views: Make sure we elect ‘those who get it’
If raising the minimum wage has no consequence relative to unemployment and prices, why not raise it to $75/hour?
Sound Off for Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014
Esther Cepeda: Benefits of closing the word gap for preschoolers
New research suggests it is far more than just the quantity of words a baby or toddler hears that sets him or her up for future success.
Your Views: If government doesn’t work, why keep electing Paul Ryan?
Ryan seems to think that “the government” that doesn’t work has nothing to with him, even though he is one of our leaders.
Your Views: Vote out Walker, others who backed mining law
Greed has no limits when we pay through polluted land and water.
Your Views: Let's vote 'yes' to fund Janesville's needed street repairs
The current council and administration are asking for your help to maintain the streets used by all citizens.
Gene Policinski: Legendary Editor Ben Bradlee; for it all, ‘thank you’
With style and wit, and without apology, The Washington Post's legendary Managing Editor Ben Bradlee championed a free press as a watchdog on government.
Your Views: Janis Ringhand helps make student loans affordable
Thankfully, in this legislative session state Rep. Janis Ringhand has been working to make student loans more manageable and affordable.
Matt Pommer: Vos promises change in Government Accountability Board
The speaker wants GAB Director Kevin Kennedy to be replaced.
Kathleen Parker: Bears and wolves find a voice in the wilderness
Referendums, driven by the Humane Society of the United States, are aimed only at minimizing animal suffering and restoring a measure of decency and fair play.


Michael Gerson: Obama administration still in denial on Ebola
Charles Krauthammer: Barack Obama, bewildered bystander
Esther Cepeda: Benefits of closing the word gap for preschoolers
Gene Policinski: Legendary Editor Ben Bradlee; for it all, ‘thank you’
Our Views: Economy brighter, but more work is needed here

Letters to the Editor

Your Views: Community effort in Milton will greatly improve library
Your Views: Van Hollen deserves praise, not criticism on issue of rape
Your Views: Critics of Sonya’s Law broadcasting false ad
Your Views: Our nation must return to God to survive threats
Your Views: Too bad Janesville Parker football game lacked local acknowledgment

Our Views

Our Views: Fur flies over proposed cut in city’s fee for stray cats
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, Oct. 20, 2014
Our Views: Solid state law protects victims but tarnishes reputation
Our Views: Poverty challenges all of Rock County, including Nov. 4 voters
Our Views: Preparation vital should Ebola outbreak hit here

Other Views

Web Views for Friday, Oct. 17
Guest views: Upside down at the gas pump
Charles Krauthammer: Allies play dangerous game
Guest views: Treat Ebola like national security threat
Guest views: Where is terror over climate change?

Sound Off

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