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Your Thanks: Helpful woman proves to be guardian angel
I was down on the sidewalk when a car pulled off Mt. Zion Avenue into a driveway and a young woman got out of the car and came up to me asking if I needed help.
Your Views: Imagine good that Mary Burke and minimum wage hike could do
Imagine if a single mother could make a living with one job instead of having to juggle her schedule working two.
Your Views: Why isn’t Beloit Memorial area team for sports coverage?
I once again reviewed the results of the sectional cross country meet, and you had Milton and Lake Geneva Badger but not Beloit Memorial ... as an area team.
Your Views: Do not trust Mary Burke with state's economy
How can Burke advocate for American jobs and higher wages when she did everything she could at Trek to outsource the jobs and avoid the higher wages?
Your Views: Scott Walker’s policies benefit wealthy at our expense
Most every piece of legislation passed by Gov. Walker and his Republican Legislature benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.
Your Views: If Scott Walker wins re-election, what might he spring next?
On the campaign trail four years ago Walker never mentioned that he wanted to eliminate collective bargaining for public employees.
Your Views: ‘Help wanted’ ads show things are looking up
Wisconsin’s old bills are being paid and our road repair fund is stable again, after being looted by a prior administration.
Your Views: Dan Kilkenny will serve us in Senate with respect, compassion
As a county and town board supervisor, he is open-minded, reasonable and frugal, and he gets things done.
Our Views: Mark Pocan merits second stint in Congress
Pocan is engaging and friendly. He works across the aisle and joined the Problem Solvers Caucus.
Your Views: Hillary Clinton’s comments clash with Mary Burke’s attitude, résumé
Burke helps send good local jobs to China, is pro-union while her family’s Trek business is a non-union shop, and she refuses to offer a “complete” résumé.


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