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Opinion Matters

With Gazette Opinion Editor Greg Peck
Greg Peck: Cooper's hawk haunts my neighborhood
Summary: Lots of nature lovers stock birdfeeders in my neighborhood. Some, however, are unwittingly setting the table for a predator, the Cooper's hawk.
Greg Peck: A pleasant night in Portage
I spoke about my book last night in Portage. It turned out to be a productive and gratifying evening.
Sad to learn of loons in distress
It was disappointing to read that swarms of flies in northern Wisconsin are causing loons to abandon nests.
Mosquitoes show no mercy in Mercer
Recent rains in Rock County are leading one expert to suggest we might see swarms of mosquitoes. If they come, here's one gadget you'll want to keep handy.
Dial back negativity on Janesville Riverfront Amphitheater
We can sit and point to Beloit with envy and wonder why we can't progress like our smaller sister city to the south. Could that negativity, be one answer?
Rock County Porkfest proves to be about good food, family
A little slice of Midwestern culture played out again Wednesday evening during Porkfest at the Rock County 4-H Fairgrounds.
Janesville is anything but pedestrian friendly
I've written about this before, but two incidents in recent days suggest it bears repeating: Motorists in Janesville are not friendly to pedestrians.
Which fruits, veggies are in your produce bin?
In the past few days, I've read two new reports about the best types of fruits and vegetables to eat and that most of us don't gobble enough. How about you?
Cleaning up a sea of tree seeds in Janesville
I was doing yard work this weekend and decided those piles of tree seeds in our street gutters couldn't wait for a city sweeper.
An enjoyable ride on Janesville's bike trails
My wife and I finally got our tandem bicycle out last night for an enjoyable evening on the city's bike trails.