Word Badger: What happens in JanesVegas ...
Word Badger explores a bit of local whimsy. Read more >>
Published: Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
Greg Peck: Why do so many people insist on texting while driving?
I wonder what percentage of accidents today can be attributed to texting while driving. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Apr 13, 2015
Greg Peck: A tasty learning experience at Blackhawk Tech
I had lunch Thursday at Blackhawk Technical College. It proved to be a great meal and a great learning experience. Read more >>
Published: Friday, Apr 10, 2015
Greg Peck: Janesville is great place for a walk
Our beautiful weather Wednesday helped make Janesville a beautiful place for a walk. And many people were taking advantage of it. Read more >>
Published: Thursday, Apr 2, 2015
Greg Peck: Did you hear about this development?
Here's the editorial I might have written today if I wasn't so busy writing candidate endorsements. Read more >>
Published: Wednesday, Apr 1, 2015
Greg Peck: Judging from these data, ham should be on your Easter menu
If you're like many or most Wisconsinites, ham is a focal point of your Easter dinner menu, according to this data. Read more >>
Published: Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015
Greg Peck: Does Wisconsin have any hope against Kentucky?
Do I think the Wisconsin Badgers can beat the Kentucky Wildcats? Sure. Do I think they will? I'm not so sure. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Mar 30, 2015
Glen Loyd Videos: Pelicans, sandhill cranes returning to Wisconsin
The Mississippi River and its Rock River tributary are highways for birds returning to Wisconsin after wintering South, videographer Glen Loyd says. Read more >>
Published: Friday, Mar 27, 2015
Greg Peck: How much do you pay for baby-sitting?
We'd have no argument about minimum wage if burger flippers earned as much as the average baby sitter in the U.S. Read more >>
Published: Friday, Mar 27, 2015
Greg Peck: SWAG ag group brings good news for my hometown
Today, Gazette readers are learning more about my hometown than I ever imagined. An ag group that once planned a complex in Evansville will move to Marshall. Read more >>
Published: Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015
Greg Peck: Thinking about home improvements
If you're like me, you checked out the South Central Wisconsin Builders Association's 43rd annual Home Show over the weekend. Read more >>
Published: Monday, Mar 23, 2015
Glen Loyd Videos: These eagles mean a lot to each other
We have seen more eagles this winter than ever before, videographer Glen Loyd writes. But soon, we'll be seeing even more of these majestic creatures over Janesville. Read more >>
Published: Friday, Mar 20, 2015
Greg Peck: Recalling Janesville's Rax Restaurant
In my weekly series of blogs reflecting on former Janesville restaurants, today I'm focusing on Rax Restaurant. Read more >>
Published: Friday, Mar 20, 2015
Greg Peck: Are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day? How?
Do you have any plans to make today a festive St. Patrick's Day? Read more >>
Published: Tuesday, Mar 17, 2015
Greg Peck: Make 'em believe? Why wouldn't Badger fans?
The road to a second straight Final Four appearance might be tough for the UW men's basketball team. But after watching this weekend's games, why wouldn't fans believe? Read more >>
Published: Monday, Mar 16, 2015