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Friday, June 27, 2014


On ditching downtown festival fences: Wow, I’m shocked! I have been on this bandwagon for years and years. This is a huge step in the direction of becoming a normal city.

-- Nick Danger

-- The IDs are to get a bracelet to consume alcohol. No ID, no bracelet. No problem.

-- SamMadison

-- I don’t really have a pro or con opinion this; will see how it works. I am not against trying this. I am not a prude, and, yes, I drink alcohol, too. My only comment is that it is sad when you need to use alcohol to bring people back into the downtown, as was done recently in the parks.

-- hdonlybob

On city manager’s “all hands” meeting: I just hope the council is smart enough to listen to Mr. Freitag. He is certainly a breath of fresh air for this city.

-- *****

-- Communication is good.

-- Oldtimer

-- I enjoy very much working with Mr. Freitag with the restoration of the Oak Hill chapel and his vision for the city of Janesville. Many innovated changes are needed and will help Janesville in years to come. We the people need to work together and build a community we are all proud of, and the vision I see with Mr. Freitag is the right one.

-- Richard Snyder

-- In his first interview on WCLO, Mr. Freitag said one of Janesville’s biggest problems was “diversity.” My heart sank; oh no, another social engineer. It seems he has come to his senses and sees that problems are far beyond social engineering. Beloit has succeeded with cooperation between city government, business and civic groups. Will Mr. Freitag be able to move toward that type of cooperation in Janesville? I hope so!

-- Nick Danger

On Milton unlikely to welcome hot rods: I think it’s a small price for a event such as this.

-- Truthtelller

-- Milton is a nice, small town and all, but it’s not really a “destination city,” even for Janesville residents. Nor is it easily accessible from the Interstate. It’s definitely a cool idea, but I think Mr. Schuetz made the right call here.

-- Northman

-- Barely enough parking for the splash park, let alone a national event.

-- buyusa

On heroin consumed her life: Glad to read of your success in treating your illness, Maria. Thanks for sharing. Excellent story, Anna.

-- areuter

-- Excellent article. Hoping families affected can see there is hope!

-- SamMadison


To John Eyster: The investigation was meant to discredit Walker and to harass and intimidate his supporters. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office continually refused to investigate credible allegations of misconduct involving Democrats.

-- Proud Grandpa

-- JE, please stop, you are embarrassing yourself. An editorial is simply an opinion, it is not fact.

-- wislady

-- Excellent and very observant correct facts by you, Mr. Eyster. It was very informative, and only extreme right-wing un-Americans who want to destroy democracy and replace it with an oligarchy system would disagree.

-- Gliver18

-- I’m imagining this blogger bent over his old Macintosh with a nearby dartboard and Scott Walker’s photo as the bull’s-eye. At each paragraph break, he picks up a dart and throws it toward the face, then goes back to banging the keys.

-- philosophyofliberty

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