Your Views: Mary Burke will build up Wisconsin, not tear things down

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mary Burke has my vote for governor.

Mary will restore Wisconsin's reputation across the country. Over the last four years, Wisconsin has been torn down and ripped apart. We have lost much of our manufacturing base, and our jobs numbers are pathetic. We rank 48th in new business startups, 35th in job creation, near the bottom in entrepreneurship and dead last in the country in short-term job growth.

Mary Burke will use her business background to bring jobs back to Wisconsin and to create new ones. She will promote Wisconsin manufacturing and invest in small businesses and new ideas. Mary respects Wisconsin's middle class workers and will bring back collective bargaining to teachers and state and local employees.

Mary knows that it's important to keep Wisconsin's best and brightest in the state, supporting the state's economy. That's why she will invest in Wisconsin's young people and increase the amount of the deduction middle-class families can take for college tuition and fees and make student loan payments deductible.

Mary Burke will be a great governor because she knows success lies in building things up, in investing and promoting the state, not in tearing things down and serving the interests of a handful of wealthy donors.





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