Sound Off for Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

On gay marriage: A front-page picture Tuesday of two women getting married? A picture of two men kissing? Does The Gazette know how utterly distasteful these pictures are to most of its readers? You couldn’t just print the story? That edition and my respect are in the garbage.

-- Do you not realize how offensive that picture of two men kissing is to a large portion of your readers? Why don’t you just show a picture with one of them on their knees or show something a little less disgusting?

-- In 2006 the people of Wisconsin voted to define marriage as one man and one woman. Now we have activist judges saying it’s unconstitutional, so the people’s vote doesn’t mean anything. How can one person change the will of the people?

-- Congratulations to Lafayette County for saying no to gay marriage. Wish more had done the same. What happened to the waiting period before issuing a license?

On gubernatorial race: Mary Burke promises a new direction (Page 8A, June 7). Gov. Walker has given Wisconsin a new direction that is working for us. I like this new direction, free of debt and higher taxes. Wisconsin is better with Walker in it.

On Traxler Park: The city had a tree cut down for the Aqua Jays. It was beautiful. Then they put extra bleachers up. The trunk wasn’t in the way. If they would have just cut the branches hanging over the bleachers, we still would have a beautiful tree. The city also isn’t taking care of the ice skating house. The guys mowing the grass could be painting the place.

On 15th Senate District: Austin Scieszinski came to my door and gave me a very thoughtful, well-reasoned argument in favor of equal pay in the workplace for women and women’s rights in general. I will be voting for Scieszinski.

-- I am a Republican, but I will not vote for Brian Fitzgerald because he thinks he’s above everybody else.

-- I am a teacher in Beloit and excited. I don’t think he knows it, but I marched with Mike Sheridan when Gov. Walker took our rights away. Last week, Sheridan reached out to teachers in Beloit. We are so excited that someone cares about our profession, restoring our funding and about the education of our youth.

-- Fitzgerald is running with the hope that Sheridan will win the primary. Sheridan is the only one vulnerable enough to lose to a Republican in a safe Democratic seat. Mike is a horrible choice for Senate.

On Middle East: Now that al Qaida is taking over, does everyone understand what Obama’s grand plan is?

-- After spending billions on Iraq and Afghanistan and losing thousands of American lives, Obama has managed to make both places more dangerous than when it started. Congratulations, Democrats.

On food carts: I really like the idea (page 1A, Tuesday), except why do they have to be open until 3 a.m.? All that will do is cause problems with drunks after bar time and robberies.

On teachers: This is in response to last Sunday’s Sound Off. Would you rather have teachers with several years’ experience who take as much time off as they can and have your kids taught with subs and movies? Young teachers want to work. Maybe we should look at this.

On new fire station: Our firefighters are local heroes. I’m sure they’re at work trying to trim the budget for the station. If we just give them time, they will prove again that they have our interests at heart.

On pedestrian: Regarding the “Act of kindness” Sound Off in Wednesday’s paper, in this city you’re lucky to find that. The woman was lucky she made it across the street alive. I’ve seen things on Janesville streets that are illegal, men in pickups especially. They’re rude and inconsiderate. The driving here is atrocious.

On drunken drivers: Regarding Page 1A Wednesday, how much did Rock County pay for this OWI court? If judges were hard enough on drunken drivers to begin with, they wouldn’t have to have special programs for them. I never heard of a celebration for something like this. The person should have been punished accordingly.

On referendum: I don’t understand why we must have a referendum for $1.2 million for street repair when we already pay city taxes (Page 1A, Wednesday).

On Porkfest: I feel sorry for those who live in that area, trying to get home after work, just trying to get to and from a point in that area. I understand it is a good event and a lot of people come out, but whoever is in charge needs to organize it better. It was ridiculous and total gridlock.

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