Your Views: Sheridan is proven leader for 15th Senate District

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The 15th Senate District race is as important as any in our area. I’m pleased that a primary will decide who will be our next senator.

Citizens of the 15th district should have the right to decide who will be their next senator, not an incumbent who handpicks his successor. A political position shouldn’t be a steppingstone to a new job unless the work in the last position warrants it. Issues we face in the 15th district are way too important to let this happen.

We have a clear choice. Who really has the skills, experience and talent to lead in the 15th district? Mike Sheridan is the leader who has always surrounded himself with talented individuals. He’s a leader who encouraged others to get involved in the community and who appreciates smart, talented people working with and for him.

Mike, as UAW Local 95 president, encouraged more women and minorities to get involved in union leadership and pushed for more members to get involved in our community than any other leader I ever worked for in my 34 years at the factory. As Janesville’s Assembly representative, Mike achieved the unbelievable election by peers to Assembly speaker in four short years—a crowning achievement for him and our community.

Please vote for the experience, proven record and leadership skills Mike brings to the Senate. I know Mike personally and assure you he’ll work hard to make the lives of all citizens of the 15th district better.



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