Your Views: Shame on cartoonist Phil Hands for illustration of gays

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I was appalled to see Phil Hands’ sketch of our state flag in the Wednesday, June 11, edition of The Gazette. It mockingly distorts Wisconsin’s flag to depict the two men holding hands, with the backdrop changed to the rainbow colors of those who wish to change the institution of marriage and mold it to their liking.

It also misleadingly states “marriage equality” as if that’s the only mis-value we promote.

Our state stands for so much more than a minority group of revolutionaries wishing to redefine marriage and the family, which is the foundation of our society. For Hands to remake our flag into that of a political prop for so-called “gay marriage”—even as a joke—is insulting to those of us Wisconsinites who promote and defend true marriage and true family life.

Shame on Hands!



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