Your Views: Writer takes another view on inequality in America

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Ted Kinnaman’s column May 24 is really not about saving democracy by eliminating inequality. Dressing up envy into a virtue by relabeling it inequality is really a hoax, especially with a Chicago politician in the White House who knows rent-seeking (or crony capitalism) works both ways.

None of it makes sense unless one is thinking about votes. Open borders and importing poverty from Mexico on top of a real unemployment rate around 20 percent amounts to economic nonsense.

Mr. Kinnaman forgot to mention that economist Thomas Piketty’s “too complex” argument includes an 80 percent tax rate. If someone is willing to work 12-15 hours a day seven days a week to start a business or become a success, how much of his income does someone deserve who thinks the world owes him a living or has been told it’s the fault of the 1 percent or the Koch brothers?

Mr. Kinnaman should really be supporting Sarah Palin for president. She took on the oil companies in Alaska. Barack Obama is more likely to play golf with them.



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