Your Views: Mary Burke's past would show much about Wisconsin's future

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mary Burke's past gives us an idea what Wisconsin would look like if she were governor. Burke helped develop and endorsed Gov. Doyle's 2007-2009 budget, which Burke called a “smart, responsible budget” that is “fiscally responsible.” Fiscally responsible? That budget left the state with a $5.4 billion shortfall.

Under Burke-Doyle, Wisconsin lost over 133,000 jobs. Under Democrats, the “fiscally responsible” budget resulted in a raid of over a billion dollars from the state's Transportation Fund, and a raid of $200 million from the Patients Compensation Fund. They diverted more than $2.1 billion from segregated accounts to cover for their “smart, responsible budget.”

Why do Democrats, who hate the rich, support Burke, an out-of-touch Madison millionaire? Burke didn't pay taxes at several points in her career. Her family company hasn't paid corporate taxes in more than 30 years. Burke avoided paying state income taxes in the early 1990s. If she were a Republican, this would be in the news every day.

Burke brags about her leadership at Trek, but she doesn't mention she outsourced Wisconsin jobs. Burke made her millions by developing policies that expanded operations in places such as China.

Burke was quick to raise taxes on middle class families, both in the Doyle administration and on the Madison School Board. If she were elected governor, Burke would raise taxes across Wisconsin. We cannot afford to return to these policies.

Wisconsin is moving forward under Gov. Walker's leadership, and his sensible reforms are seeing positive results.



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