Web Views for Friday, June 6, 2014

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Friday, June 6, 2014


On Jay Winzenz leaving: Congratulations on your new job, and best wishes to you and your family on this new chapter in your lives. Thank you for your work for the city of Janesville. Eau Claire is lucky to have you.

-- wislady

-- I knew Jay Winzenz through a business relationship, at church and from our joint involvement on some volunteer committees. He is a man that values honesty and hard work. He was passionate about Janesville and making it a great place to live. He will be missed.

-- Dave Johnson

-- Jay's leaving is good for Jay and good for Janesville. I wish him the best, and let's move on.

-- new user

On United Alloy expansion: Another Janesville Proud story.

-- RetArmy

-- Great news, and more jobs for Janesville.

-- hdonlybob

On Blackhawk Tech sets referendum: I can save them the money of printing up the ballots. Call this one a big “no”! Why is it that administrators—whether educational or governmental—cannot grasp the concept of budgeting? … Do what every homeowner in the area has had to repeatedly do: Look at expenses, prioritize and cut the dead wood.

-- Northman

-- There are fewer high school students graduating, and the big boom from the GM closing is over. It's time to trim down some more administrators; it's not time to expand programs. Taxpayers are maxed out.

-- philosophyofliberty

-- The referendum is for $4 million annually/permanently. This means $4 million every year forever! I vote at every election, and my vote is “no.”

-- sleeponit

On food truck rules: If this licensing goes through with those ridiculous fees, then you best start the same thing for rummage sales, kids selling lemonade, organizations having people standing in streets collecting money, and so on.

-- hdonlybob

-- The fees seem high and designed to discourage. Where do they get $500?

-- new user

-- Limiting parking to one hour is absurdly short. … Not everyone takes lunch at the same time. Did the staff examine ordinances in Madison, Austin or Los Angeles? … Most cities allow many trucks with more liberal rules without creating nuisances.

-- Foodie57

-- The one hour is for residential and office areas that are also limited to noncooked items. … Apparently the idea is to keep an ice cream seller from parking all summer long in front of your house. The $500 about covers the staff time for a new application. Yes, the planning department spent time reviewing other cities.

-- Councilman Doug Marklein

On fire station petitions: The city attorney may well be right, but that's not the issue. This spending is highly contentious, particularly after the city spent $8 million on a bus garage and is going to come asking for another $8 million or so to fix the roads. This is after the city got a $10 wheel tax.

-- Northman

-- I hope they are saving up for when the parking plaza has to be taken down. Or will they just plant more of those money trees?

-- buyusa

-- I guess these residents would rather have the existing fire station and then insurance companies can raise our rates because of slower response times. … These dissenters probably came from the genes of citizens in the 1920s that didn't want indoor bathrooms in public buildings and schools because what was good for their parents was good enough for them.

-- Gliver18

-- A fast response time could be had for a fraction of the cost. We know that, they know that. The problem is they want a dream fire station that we can't afford. If we could afford it, we would not be having referendums to borrow money to fix our roads. This city manager and council know what the people want!

-- Truthtelller


To Janice Peterson: Excellent explanation, and excellent mnemonic device! All this time, I thought the people with cool-looking pots just had magical plants.

-- areuter

-- I'm currently trying container gardening with begonias. Is there risk in the containers being too small?

-- NewerTestament

Go big or go home—to the water pail very often, anyway, if you go small. Get the biggest pots you can. Smaller pots dry out fast. When it gets really hot you will need to water small pots two times a day. Use those little water moist pellets.

-- ms pacman

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