Sound Off for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On city spending: Thank you, Billy McCoy, for taking time to circulate fire station petitions. Now people who pay the bills can register their opinions about reckless spending. It’s time for our city manager to step up and control the council’s disrespect for taxpayers.

-- Our council didn’t get the message. Janesville’s money tree dried up years ago. We need an outside audit company to come in and see where our tax dollars are going. Wish lists are just that—wishes. Necessities first, and open meetings always.

-- There should be a recall for the entire council. I’m 82 and pay $6,000 a year in taxes. My water bill is about $140. I live alone and can’t afford to go to that theater at the old Marshall building. Why are they only paying $1 a year in rent (Page 2A, last Wednesday)? Somebody in City Hall has lost it.

-- I’m surprised the DOT hasn’t closed the South Jackson Street bridge the way it’s falling into the Rock River.

On stolen tricycle: How nice it would have been if you would have put youngster Dave Moore’s picture in the paper next to the story about him finding the stolen tricycle so he and his parents could revel in his proud moment.

On VA scandal: The overcrowded hospitals are direct results of 31,000 veterans injured in the Bush-Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan looking for weapons of mass destruction and, lest we forget, the deplorable conditions in Walter Reed Hospital during the Bush administration.

-- Gen. Eric Shinseki resigned, falling on his sword over one major scandal at the VA. Obama has six major scandals. If anybody needs to resign, it’s the president.

On Gazette: Thank you to The Gazette, I appreciate receiving my paper on time.

-- Scott Angus, I love the way your paper reports the true facts of the news and will continue to read it.

On 15th Senate District race: Debates would be a good idea. They should put the nine locations in a hat and have each candidate draw one at a time. For each city they draw, they’d pick the time, date and venue. It would be good to hear each one of them speak for themselves instead of others involved in their campaigns.

-- I’m sick of the way Madison operates. It’s all “he said, she said,” and the cause of the problem are the people we have sent there. We need new faces, and Austin Scieszinski is the person we need to send now.

-- I’ve met Scieszinski, and he has a fresh outlook and passion. Allow him the opportunity to change the norm that exists in the Capitol. With his energy and background, I’m confident he will make a difference for us.

On Milwaukee Brewers: A Sound Off last Wednesday said they’re coming back to Earth. Check the paper. The Brewers are in first place. The Brewers don’t have to win every game to win the World Series. They just have to win four out of seven.

On Milton bypass: All this complaining is too late. This was planned a long time ago. There were informational meetings. Previous councils and mayors were involved in the discussions. There were several alternatives. The city just didn’t fight hard enough.

On sexual assault: Oliva Bruha says Nicholas Ackerman assaulted her (Page 1A, Sunday). Maybe the second assault by Ackerman would have been prevented if the district attorney had stepped to the plate and charged him.

On code problems: What a pleasant surprise to read in the May 29 Gazette that Gale Price enforced the codes on the bar Someplace Else. It appears he actually went inside, saw the violations and took action. Could this be a result of a new person sitting in the city manager’s office?

On teacher pay: Regarding Page 3A Saturday, “Teacher base wage could get increase,”  considering what Act 10 has done to education, I am concerned that this district needs to work on its management style. Once again, too many quality Janesville teachers are leaving or retiring early.

On culture workshops: The Gazette on Sunday had an article titled “Rock County workshops enhance understanding of Hispanic culture.” How about workshops to enhance the understanding of our American culture?

On cutting trees: I was appalled to see all of the trees in front of the post office cut down (Page 1A, May 23). Trees are extremely beneficial. It’s understandable if the parking lot has to go in, but the trees in the terrace could have been left standing and treated for the ash borer infestation. The terrace won’t be used for the parking lot.

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