Your Views: Gov. Walker made right choice in his Medicaid decision

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vivian McQuoid, in her May 28 letter, accused Gov. Walker of blocking Wisconsinites from getting health care coverage. A Kaiser Family Foundation study refutes that claim. It found that of the 26 states choosing not to expand Medicaid programs as part of Obamacare, Wisconsin is the only state that will not have a health care coverage gap.

Kaiser’s study confirms Walker helped Wisconsinites. For the first time in Wisconsin’s history, all adults living in poverty will have access to the same level of benefits through Wisconsin’s Medicaid program.

The federal funding that Walker turned down would eventually dry up, costing the state severely. Walker ensured long-term sustainability and predictability for the most needy in our state.

Contrast Walker’s sensible solutions to the ill-conceived notions of his opponent. I’m concerned with positions Mary Burke took in 2008 when she campaigned on behalf of Obama. She defended the lies that would become major provisions of Obamacare. Burke’s support of failed Obamacare mandates would hurt small businesses that employ over half of all private-sector employees.

While campaigning for Obama, Burke said, “It doesn’t mean that the government’s going to tell you which doctors to go to, or which plan to have, or that you have to leave your employer’s plan.” Tell that to the 5 million who received cancellation letters.

Seventy-eight percent of business leaders would argue with Burke. They blame Obamacare for raising rates, and 54 percent said Obamacare negatively impacted their employees.

Walker made the correct choices.



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