Spring 2014 Election

Four competing for two seats on Delavan City Council

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DELAVAN—The Delavan City Council has two contested seats in this spring's election.

The first represents District 2, where incumbent Bruce DeWitt, of 524 McDowell St., Delavan, faces Samuel Riggs, 201 N. 8th St., Delavan.

District 2 is made up of the north central side of the city and includes the area around Comus Lake.

In District 3, incumbent Jeff Johnson, 629 Madison St., Delavan, faces Ken Wargo, 1216 E. Wisconsin St., Delavan.

District 3 is made up of the southwestern part of the city.


DeWittt, who has served on the council off-and-on for more than a two decades, said debt reduction is one of his primary concerns. The council has reduced debt three years running and is doing all road and new equipment purchasing without borrowing.

“The city is doing what every other household is doing to make do with the cash flow we have,” DeWitt said.

Both DeWitt and his opponent are concerned about rising costs of water and sewer.

Riggs said city residents “pay twice”—once with a water bill from the city and another time with a bill for sewage treatment.

Riggs is concerned about the cost of empty developments.

The city continues to pay for marketing an unfilled industrial park, Riggs said, and many of the residential developments where the city already has put in streets and sewer and water hook-ups have not been developed.

“We should have a sunset clause on those building permits,” Riggs said.

Pulling the building permits might get developers “moving again” on those projects, he said.


Wargo has been active in restoring the Civil War monument and has spoken to the city council about the issue many times.

“In 26 months, I have done more to promote Delavan without having held office,” Wargo said.

Wargo calls himself a “consummate supporter” of veterans.

He believes his work on the war monument shows he can work with a variety of people.

Wargo said he hopes to do more to promote business development in the city and bring in jobs.

Johnson listed his three goals as “public safety, downtown revitalization and economic growth.”

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