Brother shot sister through closed door, thinking she was an intruder: Police

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Shelly Birkelo
Thursday, January 9, 2014

JANESVILLE—An Illinois man visiting his father's Janesville home Wednesday shot his teen sister through a closed bedroom door, thinking she was an intruder, police said.

Police responded just after 1 p.m. Wednesday to 3381 Spaulding Ave. after receiving a report of a juvenile female with a gunshot wound.

Officers found the 13-year-old had been shot once by her brother Sidney M. Johnson, 20, Huntley, Ill., with their father's 9 mm handgun, Deputy Chief Dan Davis said.

“The bullet hit her right tricep. There also was a flesh wound on the right side of her torso,” he said.

Davis said Johnson fired one shot.

"She yelled his name. He realized it was her, and he immediately took steps to render aid," Davis said.

The teen was taken to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, where she was treated and released, Davis said.

Johnson had arrived for a visit Monday, Davis said.

While at the east-side residence, Johnson heard what he thought was someone trying to get into the house through his sister's bedroom window. Not knowing his sister was home, he feared it was an intruder. He retrieved his father's handgun, inserted a magazine and chambered a cartridge, Davis said.

What he was hearing, Davis said, was his sister who had just gotten out of bed and was moving around in her bedroom.

The sister, who is home schooled, heard her brother, opened the bedroom door and looked into the hallway because she was going to go get some clothes. She saw her brother, but he didn't see her. She went back into her room and shut the door.

Johnson saw the door moving and believed the intruder was coming into the hallway. He shot through the door and struck his sister, Davis said.

“Shooting through a door at an unidentifiable target is reckless and unreasonable,” he said.

Johnson admitted firing the shot, Davis said.

“We haven't yet, but we plan on making an arrest for recklessly endangering safety,” which is a  felony, he said.

Johnson was in custody on an emergency detention at an area medical facility "because he is a danger to himself or someone else," Davis said.

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