Conde Street sewer work completed before canning season

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Marcia Nelesen
Friday, June 7, 2013

— The city of Janesville has finished emergency repairs under East Conde Street after a collapse in the sanitary sewer pipes led to concerns the street would be blocked during Seneca Food’s busy canning season.

A sewer pipe collapse in late May required replacement of a short section of the main.

Another 660 feet of deteriorated concrete pipe was discovered at that time, said Jay Winzenz, acting city manager.

Winzenz was concerned about other failures along the line, especially as canning season ramps up. Conde Street has a single access point from Beloit Avenue, and the logistics of construction would have severely impacted traffic, Winzenz said.

Planned improvements to Conde Street normally are scheduled outside of canning season to mitigate traffic problems.

Winzenz OK’d emergency bidding, allowed under state statutes, so the pipe could be fixed quickly. Conventional bidding would have meant construction beginning in July.

Engineering staff recommended a faster process called pipe bursting, in which workers split the existing 12-inch diameter pipe by pulling through a large wedge.

Workers then pulled another 12-inch diameter pipe through the first pipe, said Mike Payne, city engineer.

The city avoided tearing up the entire length of the property, meaning less street repair.

The city sought quotes from four contractors, and three responded.

Speedway Sand and Gravel of Middleton completed the pipe bursting with the low bid of $109,665. That compares to a cost for a conventional fix of $129,705.

Crews started work Friday night, May 31, and worked through Sunday to fix the pipe. Final street repair is scheduled to be completed today.

Last updated: 7:55 am Monday, July 29, 2013

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