Paul Ryan writing political autobiography

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Frank Schultz
Thursday, May 23, 2013

— Janesville congressman Paul Ryan is writing a book, the National Review reported Wednesday. Such books often are preludes to presidential runs, so this is sure to fuel the flames of speculation.

Ryan has said in recent months that running for president is the last thing on his mind. A Ryan spokesman could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.

The book is said to be a combination of autobiography, including his early years in Janesville, and political opinion.

“Behind the scenes, Ryan is worried that the GOP is losing its connection with working Americans, and he has been writing about how the party needs to speak more to those in poverty about empowerment and economic freedom,” the National Review’s Robert Costa wrote.

Ryan is not the only Wisconsinite about whom presidential talk revolves. Gov. Scott Walker also is working on a book, set for publication this fall, about his fight with the state’s public-employee unions.

On the Democratic side, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who also is being mentioned as a potential presidential candidate, recently signed a book deal, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Warren is represented in her book deal by attorney Robert Barnett, the same attorney Ryan reportedly employs.

Barnett is an ardent Democrat who has developed a lucrative business in representing high-profile politicians of both parties and celebrities in their book deals, according to a 2004 New York Times profile.

This would be Ryan’s second book. He co-authored “Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders” with Republican Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor in 2010. The book criticized Democrats and Republicans for failing to restrain government spending.

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