Moving day at Rock Haven

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

— Outside, the sun shone on a courtyard full of tulips in full bloom.

Inside, Beulah Rudolph sang "Joy to the World."

Rudolph, a resident of the new Rock Haven Nursing Home, knew it was the wrong season for the carol, but she was feeling joyful, so she sang it anyway.

On Monday, Rudolph was one of 127 residents who moved into the new nursing home.

The move-in date for the project was moved several times. First scheduled for October 2012, the move was delayed until March and then to May.

The $31.4 million project was also an estimated $704,000 over budget.

Rudolph didn't mind the wait.

"Every day was a day closer," Rudolph said.

Nursing Home Administrator Sherry Gunderson said the moving process involved 122 additional volunteers and staff from other departments.

It started, informally, about six weeks ago, when the building was "released" to the county pending final changes.

Office furniture, pictures and other decorative items were moved and put into place in time for a Rock County Board tour two weeks ago.

Families began moving clothing and personal items, too.

Monday, residents were wheeled across the parking lot from the old building to the new one.

Inside, staff and family members helped residents settle into their rooms, while volunteers from the a local charter school, the Foresters and Home Depot plus workers from other county departments moved around the building with beds, boxes and linens being pushed, carried and lugged over the carefully protected carpet.

Workers from the county's information technology department hooked up computers while aides started setting tables for lunch in each of the building's eight households.

Gunderson, in the middle of it all, was peppered with questions:

Where should the trash cans for confidential material be placed in the social workers' offices? What time was lunch? Could she sign the repair of the carpet cleaner? What was the shortest way to the other side of the building that didn't require going through the physical therapy rooms?

Gunderson expected most of the move would be completed by the end of Monday. For the remainder of the week, staff would be collecting any odds and ends left in the old building.


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