Investigators charge four in drug raids

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

— Word on the street was the house on Tyler Street was the newest and biggest source of heroin in Janesville.

That's what investigators were hearing from informants and arrested drug users, said Sgt. Jim Holford with the Janesville Police Department street crimes unit.

While they watched the house, investigators saw residents coming and going from an apartment on Kellogg Avenue. They suspected that was the "stash house," where suspects on occasion stored large amounts of heroin before selling it, Holford said.

The suspects were making weekly trips to Chicago or Rockford, Ill., and bringing back heroin, Holford said. They were meeting buyers in parking lots and residential neighborhoods around Janesville, according to court documents.

Police on Friday morning executed search warrants at both homes. They arrested four people involved in the Tyler Street/Kellogg Avenue heroin operation. Nine children were removed from one of the buildings and referred to Rock County Child Protective Services for care.

The suspects are accused of selling between 0.3 and 0.8 grams of heroin at a time for as much as $100 at a time, according to police reports.

Also on Friday morning, police executed a search warrant at a home on Spruce Street and arrested a man police think was regularly selling prescription painkillers to 50 or more people in Janesville. Dependence on opiate-based prescription medications often turns into heroin addiction, Holford has said.

Police also made a number of felony drug arrests as a result of the investigation.

Most of the people arrested appeared in court Monday afternoon.

Four were arrested and one is wanted as part of the Kellogg Avenue/Tyler Street investigation:

-- Charles J. Dees, 28, of 1414 Tyler, Janesville, four counts each of delivering heroin and felony bail jumping. His bond was set at $8,000. Police accuse Dees of selling heroin to confidential informants in January. The sales were made from a gray Dodge Avenger or a white Monte Carlo parked in residential neighborhoods. At the time of the reported sales, Dees was out of jail on bond in a case in which he is charged with fleeing police Nov. 5 in Janesville.

-- Spencer Parks Jr., 30, of 832 Kellogg Ave., No. 8, Janesville, two counts of delivering heroin. His bond was set at $5,000 cash. Police report they saw Parks bring heroin out of the Kellogg Avenue apartment building and sell it to informants or give it to Dees for sale.

-- Deshawn Reed, 36, of 205 Birch Ave., Beloit, three counts of delivering heroin. His bond was set at $15,000.

-- Jimmy R. Thomas, 32, of 115 Linn St., Janesville, two counts each of delivering heroin and maintaining a drug-trafficking place. His bond was set at $4,000.

-- Police are looking for a 19-year-old man as part of the investigation into the Tyler Street/Kellogg Avenue operation.

Other drug arrests that were a result of the investigation:

-- Paul Staples, 43, of 3321 Spruce St., Janesville, two counts of delivering Oxycodone, two counts of maintaining a drug-trafficking vehicle, three counts of felony bail jumping, misdemeanor marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $8,500.

An informant told police Staples had prescriptions for as many as 600 painkiller pills per month, according to the search warrant affidavit.

When they searched the home, police found a number of bottles of Oxycodone and Oxycontin prescribed to Staples and another person living in the home. The bottles were in a safe, according to court documents.

Staples is accused of selling pills for $25 to $30 each on at least two occasions at parking lots on Janesville's east side, according to court documents.

-- Dillion J. Schumacher, 19, of 309 Park Ave., No. 4, Janesville, deliver of marijuana and misdemeanor bail jumping. He is accused of selling marijuana to an informant in November in Janesville.

-- Jeffery D. Armi, 20, of 178 Brakefield Drive, Janesville, two counts each of delivering marijuana and maintaining a drug-trafficking place. He is accused of selling marijuana in November from his home.

-- Rachel L. Brandt, 30, Manitowoc, was arrested 12:55 a.m. Friday at the Rock County Jail on charges of delivering heroin and delivering narcotics. She has not been charged in court in this case. She was charged Jan. 21 in Rock County Court with narcotics possession and misappropriating identification.

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