Milton Avenue Burger King getting face-lift

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Neil Johnson
Monday, October 1, 2012

What it is: A facelift to the Burger King at 2624 Milton Ave., Janesville. Crews are updating the building's dining area, restrooms and exterior fašade.

Construction crews should be wrapping up work by the end of this week on the renovation of the restaurant, said project supervisor Casey Burress of Westfield, Ind.,-based JRF Construction.

All of the changes are part of a plan by Burger King to give its restaurants a more modern appearance with cleaner, cube-like geometrics, Burress said.

"When it's all finished, it will have a more squared-off look," he said.

Burress said major renovations in the project include:

-- A new layout and new furnishings in the dining area, including two flat-screen televisions. Burress said the restaurant plans to keep in place its "freestyle" beverage machine, a computerized soft drink fountain that offers 120 drink flavors.

-- Remodeled restrooms with new fixtures. Plans are for the entire restaurant to be fully handicapped accessible, Burress said.

-- Removal of a sunroom dining area to make the building more energy efficient. That will shrink the dining room's size and bring the building's overall footprint back to its original 3,500 square feet, Burress said.

-- Updates to the exterior fašade. Construction plans call for towers on the street-side entryway.

The Burger King was built in 1977, according to city records.

It had a significant interior redesign in 1985, when crews built an atrium bump out. In 2008, crews relocated the restaurant's service counter, according to city records.

Burress said the restaurant's kitchen and drive-through have been open to customers during most of the project but will be closed four days this week while crews resurface the restaurant parking area.

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