Group renovates tennis courts at Riverside Park

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David Brazy
Monday, July 11, 2011
— Thousands of serves, volleys and aces coupled with harsh Wisconsin winters have taken their toll on the Riverside Park tennis courts.

The pavement has cracked in many places with grass shooting up onto the playing service. The boundary lines have faded and the lights on the courts were determined to be in unsafe locations.

Enter the Friends of Riverside Park. The group gathered volunteers to take down the lights and to raise money to repave the playing surface.

Friends Vice President Pam Van Brocklin said the group wanted to get the courts out of a blighted condition.

“Our goal is to upgrade and restore the recreation to what it once was here in the park,” Van Brocklin said. “If you build it they will come, or so they say.”

The group will not be replacing the old lights they took down Saturday morning, Van Brocklin said. The volunteers were having a trouble taking down and disassembling the lights because many of the bolts and other parts were rusted, but the group was making steady progress and expected to have them all down by the end of the day.

The courts do not get enough use at nighttime, Van Brocklin said, to justify putting up new lights.

Friends Board Member Art Boehning said they would be donating parts out of the lights to the city to reuse in other locations.

The renovations will end up costing the group around $15,000. Van Brocklin said they would have liked to redo the entire playing surface, but the price tag of $50,000 was too much.

“Until one of us wins the lottery these renovations will do,” Van Brocklin said with a smile.

Midwest Resurfacing will begin resurfacing early this week.

Van Brocklin said the resurfacing would take about a week to complete. The group also will be replacing the nets on all of the courts.

The renovations should be completed by the end of July, Van Brocklin said.

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