Rhymes for our times

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Rick Horowitz
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Ten quick ones from the boys at Limerick & Verse...

A chicken with stars in her eyes

Cut miscreant farms down to size.

"A journalist hen?!"

They giggledóbut then

She captured the Pullet Surprise.

* * *

A president speaking in front of a crowd

Should know when his microphone's hot,

Obama talks trash about GOP friendsó

A mistake? Or a pre-arranged shot?

* * *

A teabag afloat in a cup

Thinks spending must never go up,

He issues a threató

He'll vote "no" on the debtó

Is he playing with dynamite? Yup.

* * *

The man with a tan when it's not even May

Has an image he wants us to trust,

A man who's bright orange and cries all the time?

Are we sure it's a tan? (Could be rust.)

* * *

Said the Chamber of Commerce's tools,

"Who needs regulations or rules?

We'll just self-police,

(We'll look great in that fleece!)

Is it our fault consumers are fools?"

* * *

The rebels hang on and Gadhafi hangs on:

Away from Benghazi, now toward,

But the worst case is stalemate, a desert morass,

First the bullets run outóthen we're bored.

* * *

An oyster adrift and asquirm,

But eager to live out his term,

Arose from his bed,

Checked his wristwatch and said,

"It's the oily bird catches the worm."

* * *

The NBA playoffs are rolling again,

There's another game starting real soon,

Ev'ry shot is amazing, each pass and each dunkó

And it might be half over by June.

* * *

A rating from Standard & Poor's

Decided to rattle some doors,

She stayed Triple A

(At least for today),

But she's out there, and settling scores.

* * *

A billionaire loudmouth can say what he wants,

And if someone's upset, does he care?

Of course not! He's Trump, and he might even run,

But if notówell, just vote for his hair!

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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