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Janesville bar owner cancels Girls Gone Wild event

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Marcia Nelesen
Ted Sullivan
Thursday, April 7, 2011
— A Janesville business owner on Wednesday canceled a Girls Gone Wild event at his downtown bar after deciding it was a bad business decision.

Ryan Skinner of Milton had planned to have a Girls Gone Wild tour bus and film crew at Lava Lounge, 121 E. Milwaukee St., from 3 p.m. today until 2 a.m. Friday.

Skinner said he nixed the event after speaking with police, press, friends and family.

"I see the concerns in others, and it enlightened me a little bit. I had some moral concerns, as well," Skinner said. "I think it's a fun event, but the more I thought it through, it's not a good decision right now."

Skinner said there would not have been nudity in his bar, where the crew would have filmed.

Girls Gone Wild was scheduled to film for its reality TV show, "Girls Gone Wild Presents: Search for the Hottest Girl in America," which airs weekly on HDNet.

Girls Gone Wildówhich produces films associated with nudity on spring breakóclaimed it was auditioning young women for the reality show.

Skinner said he called Girls Gone Wild more than a week ago. The company was in the area, and Skinner booked them for $10,000.

Before he opened Lava Lounge, Skinner told city officials he planned to run an upscale martini bar at the site, which in the past has hosted bars that had reported problems with violence and drugs.

Skinner said he doesn't have those problems, but his "original target demographic honestly wasn't enough to keep the lights on."

George Brunner, a city council member, said some Janesville Alcohol License Advisory Committee members were taken aback when they learned of the planned event.

"This didn't match up with what he (Skinner) said he was going to operate as an establishment," Brunner said. "It's a matter of some trust and the fact that he said one thing as far as the type of operation he was going to have."

Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore said the event could have violated state statutes and city ordinances related to nudity, parking a tour bus, filming on public property for financial gain or operating a sex-oriented business.

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