Footville trustee race sees tie for third spot

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
— The village board of canvass will meet at 10 a.m. today to determine the winner of the third trustee seat after Nate Beal and incumbent Chuck Hagmann tied at 92 votes, Clerk Chris Carlson said.

Officials recounted all the ballots Tuesday night and came up with the same results, she said.

State statutes say the winner “shall be chosen by lot,” meaning officials will draw straws or flip a coin, she said. Officials haven’t determined which method they’ll use to choose the winner, she said.

“Both candidates were contacted so they have the option of coming in,” she said.

Carlson and chief inspector Wanda Curry couldn’t remember another race this close, Carlson said.

David Butzler was the top vote-getter with 107, while incumbent William Case took a second seat with 95 votes.

While only three seats are available, the tight race continued to the fourth-place candidate, incumbent Donald W. Miller with 91 votes.

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