Newcomer leads field in Williams Bay school race

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Ted Sullivan
Wednesday, April 6, 2011
— The two people elected to the Williams Bay School Board said Tuesday the budget is the biggest challenge facing the school district.

Lynne E. Landgraf, 42, of 361 Forest Drive, Williams Bay, and incumbent Jim Pfeil, 42, of 5165 Bailey Road, Delavan, received the most votes in Tuesday’s election.

They beat Bill Myers, 55, of 514 Woodlawn Drive, Williams Bay, and Richard J. Chroust, 82, of 29 N. Cedar Point Drive, Williams Bay.

Board President Peter Miller didn’t seek another term.

The school district has a $600,000 deficit. A failed referendum asking permission to exceed the state revenue limit forced administrators to consider cuts to staff and services.

The referendum could return to the ballot next year, but the board still is examining other ways to cut the budget without harming educational services.

Landgraf said the biggest challenge would be the deficit and determining cuts that might be needed. She said a referendum might be considered for more revenue.

Other issues down the road include a need to improve the elementary school.

“My biggest goal really, and why I decided to run, is to try and get the community and parents involved in the process in making decisions for the future of our kids,” Landgraf said.

Landgraf said she looked forward to working with other board members, parents and community members.

Pfeil said budget cuts, staff reductions, a principal search and facility planning are all top priorities right now.

“We’ve got a lot of big tasks ahead of us,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working on all of them to move this district forward.”

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